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So, Let Me Ask You…? :60 sec. [video]

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Okay, so let me ask you…
Are you unemployed right now?
Or maybe, under-employed?
Are you thinking about a career change?
Then I am talking directly to you…

There is a truck driver shortage in this country at the same time more freight is carried by truck than ever before. Carriers are hiring our students every week, and many are offering generous incentives to attract entry-level drivers.

Truck Driver Institute offers you professional truck driver training and job placement services. Our 15-day training program is designed for someone with no previous trucking experience, but who wants to get their Class A CDL and start to work in as little time as possible.

So, what are you waiting for?
Put Your Life in Gear … For a Better Paycheck!

Contact Us Right Now!
3 Weeks Really CAN CHANGE Your Life!

About Us: Our TDI Story…

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Half of Carriers Offer Sign-On Bonuses, says ATA Study

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American Trucking Associations has released its 2014 Driver Compensation Study, which is a comprehensive evaluation of the way fleets compensate their drivers. The study was first released in 2011.

This year’s study found that the average sign-on bonus for drivers is currently $2,300. Due to competition for drivers, as much as 50% of truckload carriers are now offering sign-on bonuses as a way to attract new drivers.

The study also found that the median driver pay in 2014 ranged from $46,000 for national, irregular route dry van truckload drivers to more than $73,000 for private fleet van drivers.

The ATA report also includes detailed information on base salary packages and bonuses to benefits like paid time off.

The survey covered 130 fleets and 135,000 employee drivers and independent contractors with data broken down by private, for-hire, TL, LTL and drayage carriers.

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How Does Truck Driver Pay Compare With Jobs In Other Industries?

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Image source: American Trucking Associations
According to a report issued December 15, 2014 by the American Trucking Associations, truck driver pay is on par with the U.S. median and the industry generally offers what are deemed competitive benefits, such as matching 401(k) contributions and paid holidays off.
Driver pay ‘wage race’ under way?

Bloomberg says a “wage race” is on among carriers, but survey results show not all company drivers and leased owner-operators are seeing the benefits:

Median truck driver pay in 2013 for national truckload van drivers was $46,000 — $7,000 lower than the U.S. median household income of $53,000, ATA says.
Private fleet drivers, however, pull in about 60 percent more than that: Their 2013 average was $73,000, ATA’s report says.
ATA surveyed more than 115,000 company truck drivers and about 17,000 owner-operators, spanning 130 fleets.
Truckload van drivers were at the bottom of the … Read More »

How Do I Get a Better Job and Make More Money in 2015?

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Okay, I know you are thinking the headline probably sounds too good to be true.  But our students consistently tell us they think we are one of the best kept secrets around.

If you are out of work, if you are dissatisfied with your current job, if you are looking for a new start, if you are just looking for a better paycheck, keep reading ….

Truck Driver Institute is the nation’s leader in Commercial Driver’s License training. We have been putting America to work since 1973. So that means we have over 40 years experience training America’s truck drivers, and over 40 years running one of the top ranked driver training programs in the country. We know you have a choice. There are lots of truck driving schools out there, but not many can tell you they have been in business as long … Read More »

Spotlight: Murfreesboro Tennessee CDL Training Center

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Did you know 50% of the U.S. population lives within 600 miles of this area? … and that 24 states are located within that 600-mile radius? … or that Tennessee shares a common border with eight of those states?

Murfreesboro Tennessee is located right in the heart of America’s trucking country. Interstate 40 runs 2,559 miles east and west — nearly coast-to-coast and right through the neighboring city of Nashville. Likewise, I-24 and I-65 also cross right through the heart of Music City, USA.

These location advantages translate into one-day and two-day truck delivery times to more than 75 percent of all U.S. markets. Major commercial carriers operate all over the country out of this major crossroads area.

There is a lot of trucking activity centered right here in middle Tennessee, and that’s the same reason why Truck Driver Institute chose to … Read More »

Veterans Find Good Jobs Waiting in Trucking Industry

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You don’t have to be a veteran to be a good truck driver, but returning service men and women might want to consider choosing the Truck Driver Institute’s CDL training program, like Derek Paul did after he left the U.S. Army. Our  students are given real world experience behind the wheel of a truck and assisted in finding a good paying job after graduation.

Sean Lenhan, a veteran’s employment program manager with the Department of Commerce, is worried that returning service men and women are not adequately being considered for available jobs, even though they possess many highly desirable skills.

“(Veterans) are one of the most undervalued and under-appreciated commodities that can be hired,” Lenhan said in a Driver Jobs article. “One of the things I believe that is different is that as a veteran, on active duty, you may have had a … Read More »

Buddy is Beating the Odds with Stevens Transport

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Truck Driver Institute works with the nation’s top carriers to ensure that students who graduate from TDI with a Class A CDL License are able to find jobs as quickly as possible. Truck Driver Institute and Stevens Transport have worked together to offer a valuable tuition reimbursement program for our truck driving school graduates.

Buddy Price completed his 2nd 1-year Alliance lease & he’s doing it again!

Buddy is on the yard this week picking up his lease completion bonus check of $3441.06 added to his re-sign bonus of $5220.00, giving him a GRAND TOTAL BONUS OF $8661.06! Buddy, has been employed at Stevens since 2012. He attended Truck Driver Institute in Forsyth, GA. After a short vacation Buddy is signing his 3rd Alliance lease.

We’d like to congratulate him for running a very successful business.
Stevens Transport Offers Excellent Tuition Reimbursement … Read More »

ATA Marks Annual Celebration of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week For 2014

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American Trucking Associations is taking this week, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, to honor the 3.2 million professional truck drivers that deliver America’s freight safely and securely, every day.

“I just wanted to take a moment to say ‘Thank you to the 3.2 million professionals, men and women, who safely move products for this country and provide for the quality of life that Americans have come to appreciate,” ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said in a video message kicking off National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

2014 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Celebrated this year the week of September 14-20, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week will feature celebrations hosted by motor carriers, shippers and other trucking-related industries, as well as with events hosted by ATA, its state affiliates and America’s Road Team Captains.

These groups routinely celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week with driver award … Read More »

Truck Driver Shortage, Other Woes May Spur Price Hikes

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According to a recent story written by Zlati Meyer for the Detroit Free Press and published in, America has a truck driver shortage. Factor in ripple effects from an extraordinarily harsh winter. Add in new federal trucking regulations, more items needing to be transported and higher fuel costs. They all combine to explain why some companies are having a tough time getting their deliveries on time and at a reasonable price.

Industries as diverse as beer distributors and auto parts manufacturers are facing a truck driver shortage. And that could mean increased prices for consumers.

With the U.S. economy turning around, the truck driver shortage could get worse, experts said. As people are spending more on consumer goods. There are more raw goods and merchandise to transport. And individuals who might otherwise drive trucks are opting for jobs in the … Read More »

Help Wanted: Jobs in Trucking Go Unfilled

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According to a recent story in the Wall Street Journal about jobs in trucking, what is happening in long-distance trucking today is also happening in other industries — many jobs in trucking that pay well and don’t require expensive degrees are going unfilled.

Businesses with openings are struggling to hire house cleaners, registered nurses, engineers, software developers, as well as truck drivers. Employers say suitable candidates aren’t coming forward in sufficient numbers. Individuals who do apply often lack the right skills and experience.
The economic downturn prodded some laid-off workers to re-train for new careers. Others turn to the off-the-books economy. Those with obsolete skills are sometimes marooned into long-term unemployment.
Retirements are draining the pool of long-haul truck drivers, whose average age is about 50.

The problem is especially acute in the trucking industry, where the worker shortage reflects not only a skills … Read More »

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