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Does this truck make you look twice, or what? Werner Operation Freedom

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A great big shout out to our friends at Werner Enterprises. In a recruiter visit with our students today they surprised us with their Operation Freedom truck. Take a look at the beautiful, hard-working road truck! This truck is currently one of two vehicles running with this custom graphic wrap.

Thank you to our military veterans who serve this country and to Werner for helping to recognize them.

Could You Use A Helpful Working Glossary of Common Trucking Jobs?

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With so many different types of trucking jobs to choose from, you may be wondering if professional truck driving is right for you.

We found a recent post on the ecapital blog, which does a pretty darn good job of describing several common types of trucking jobs that are available to professional drivers.

Some of the most common trucking jobs are:

Dry Van: This is the most common trucking type for new drivers, and usually refers to a 53-foot trailer that hauls dry or non-perishable goods. These jobs are generally more available and easier to get.

Editor’s Note:
Most recent truck driving school graduates start by driving dry van to gain experience and establish a safe driving history, then some drivers will choose to advance into these other, more specialized trucking jobs.

Auto Hauler: Auto haulers pull specialized trailers designed to haul all types of vehicles. … Read More »

Trucking Moves America Forward campaign aims to improve driver image [VIDEO]

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The mission of Trucking Moves America Forward is to ensure that policymakers and the public understand the importance of the trucking industry to the nation’s economy, and to strengthen and grow the industry in the future.

Every day, millions of trucks travel across the United States to help move America forward. Whether you are a student, mother, homeowner, doctor, business executive or politician, you depend on trucks to deliver essential foods, medicines, office supplies, computers, cribs, and other products that help you live every day.

Most Americans don’t realize how essential trucks are to their lives until there is a severe weather or adverse condition that prevents trucks from delivering. But the fact is trucks are critical to our national and global economy, to our families, to our businesses, and so much more. When they stop moving, the country stops moving.

America’s not … Read More »

There Are No Shortcuts for Getting Your CDL, But We Do Offer You an Express Lane

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Are you hoping for a shortcut to get your CDL? It just doesn’t work quite that way. Truck driving requires technical training and some effort on your part to qualify for your Class A Commercial Drivers License. But Truck Driver Institute can make it easier and quicker than you might think. We can help you every step of the way, and we have students every week who receive job offers from major carriers before they ever leave our training facility.

At TDI, we train and place over 200 students a month. One of our grads went on to win the Commercial Vehicle Training Association’s first ever “Rookie of the Year” award. You don’t produce that kind of quality by taking shortcuts. We have been putting America to work since 1973. So, we have 41 years of experience in training America’s truck … Read More »

Convenient CDL Training and 3rd-party Testing Solutions Are Available in Indiana

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Many states require that you have proof of in-state residency and a driver’s license issued by that state in order to train and test for your CDL license there.

For example, Illinois state law does not currently allow CDL holders to transfer their license into the state without having to re-take complete written and driving skills tests (for which you need access to a truck). In contrast, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will allow students from other states to complete their CDL training and licensing here if certain requirements are met (check with one of our Student Services representatives for complete details).

Truck Driver Institute operates 12 CDL training facilities in 8 states. Three of those locations are in the state of Indiana — South Bend, Indianapolis and Sellersburg (just across the river from Lousiville, KY). So, we can train drivers … Read More »

3 Excellent Reasons to Choose Truck Driver Institute for Your CDL Training

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Wondering which CDL school is right for you? Yes, we thought so….
1.  Truck Driver Institute has provided well-trained drivers to the industry since 1973.

How long a school has been in business speaks volumes about its character.  Unfortunately, too many CDL training schools have maybe only two trucks and a trailer for an office — and they come and go all the time:

Those schools generally don’t have a track record with their State Licensing Agency.
Frequently, they don’t have a history of graduation rates for you to look at.
Often, they have no relationships with the major trucking companies.
They may offer deeply discounted tuition, but (as the old saying goes), you get exactly what you pay for.
Equipment can be sub-par, behind the wheel instruction time is minimal – and most importantly,
They can’t really help you very much with job placement assistance.

Sadly, those schools are most … Read More »

Now Casting Nationwide: TRUCKING COUPLES!

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We get a chance to train a few trucking couples from time to time — husband and wife or committed partners who want to train together to get their CDL licenses and then work together as team drivers. This week, we received this notice for a nationwide casting call looking for real truck driving couples who will be featured in an upcoming television series. Complete details are below. If you are interested, or know someone, please pass the word.

Post by Truck Driver Institute.

Video: Dangers of the Distracted Mind, Seeing that You’re Driving Blind

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Did you know that a driver is four times more likely to get into an accident when talking on the phone? Or 23 times more likely to have an accident when texting?

Truck drivers might not know those exact statistics, but probably know the basic truth instinctively. It’s not that professional driving teaches you how to combine activities with driving, but that it teaches you how easy it is for things to go wrong on the road.

Anyone, pro or amateur, who doubts that inherent danger would do well to view this short, newly posted video about distracted driving. It simplifies the concept of “inattention blindness,” the “periods when we go blind to our environment.”

The results of one study found that “hands-free communications technology is just as distracting as hands-on” because of inattention blindness. Yet another study showed that seven out of 10 … Read More »

What Types of Truck Driving Jobs Are There For Professional Drivers?

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Most individual long haul truck drivers average from 100,000 miles to 110,000 miles a year, with an average daily run of about 500 miles a day. Regional and city truck drivers average about 48,000 miles behind the wheel annually. You do not need to buy or lease your own truck for most driver jobs. The vehicle is provided for you and usually maintained by the trucking company.

U.S. professional truck drivers are both men and women, vary in age, race and educational background, and live all over the United States.
There are different types of truck drivers, including:

Over the Road / Long-Haul Drivers operate heavy trucks and drive for long periods of time, either interstate (between states) or intrastate (within one state). Some over the road truck drivers travel a few hundred miles and return the same day; others are away from … Read More »

What is your favorite scenic road to travel?

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Sharing her talents with us, Catherine Millsaps, one of our graduates sent us these shots from the road. What is your favorite scenic road to travel?

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