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  • Despite Driver Shortage, Trucking Sets Revenue Record in 2014

Despite Driver Shortage, Trucking Sets Revenue Record in 2014

Even in the midst of a driver shortage in the industry, if you have any hesitation about the growing importance of truck drivers in the U.S. economy, this should catch your attention. The trucking industry brought in $700.4 billion in revenue in 2014, according to a report released this week by the American Trucking Associations.

  • CDL Truck Driver Training in Sanford Florida (Orlando area)

Is It Time for You to Stop Driving to Work and Start Working as a Driver?

Having a Class A Commercial Drivers License puts more money in your pocket. If you are dissatisfied with your current job, if you are out of work, if you are looking for a new start, if you are just looking for a better paycheck, why not start driving to work?... Do you like to travel?

  • Indianapolis CDL Training Center - Truck Driver Institute

Spotlight: Indianapolis CDL Training Center

About three years ago, Truck Driver Institute purchased an 18-acre, full-blown truck stop near Indianapolis. TDI proceeded to remove five 15,000-gallon fuel tanks, fuel pumps, a large cafeteria and a general store area. On September 2011, this old truck stop found new life as the fully remodeled Indianapolis CDL Training Center for Truck Driver Institute.

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  • Oil Workers Losing Jobs: Truck Driver Jobs Are Plentiful.

Thousands of Oil Workers Losing Jobs: Thousands of Truck Driver Jobs Are Available.

The OIL INDUSTRY is a great way to make a living and provide for your family UNTIL the price of a barrel of crude drops and you get LAID OFF. Recently thousands of hard working off-shore oil workers have been laid off. Do you know someone stuck in this situation? These are some of the

  • CDL Truck Driver Training in Sanford Florida (Orlando area)

Spotlight: Milton Florida CDL Training Center

Our Milton Florida campus location is located on the panhandle -- 26 miles from Pensacola, 37 miles from Fort Walton Beach and about 28 miles from the Alabama state line. Interstate 10 and other Gulf Coast beaches are conveniently nearby. Since 2002, Truck Driver Institute has been well-known as the most respected truck driving school in

What Do Truck Driving Jobs Pay? Maybe More Than You Think.

Alex Topolse, who drives a chemical tanker truck, was offered a 50% raise when he moved to another trucking company. Photo: Alyssa Schukar for the Wall Street Journal. Average pay is up 17% in less than two years, as freight haulers fight to meet hiring needs. According to a recently published story in the

  • How Does Truck Driver Pay Compare With Other Industries?

How Does Truck Driver Pay Compare With Jobs In Other Industries?

Image source: American Trucking Associations According to a recent report issued by the American Trucking Associations, truck driver pay is on par with the U.S. median and the industry generally offers what are deemed competitive benefits, such as matching 401(k) contributions and paid holidays off. Driver pay ‘wage race’ under way? Bloomberg says a "wage

  • A Glossary of Trucking Jobs

Looking For A Helpful Working Glossary of Common Trucking Jobs?

With so many different types of trucking jobs to choose from, you may be wondering if professional truck driving is right for you. We found a recent post on the ecapital blog, which does a pretty darn good job of describing several common types of trucking jobs that are available to professional drivers. Some of

  • What Types of Truck Driver Jobs Are There?

What Types of Truck Driver Jobs Are There?

Most individual long haul truck drivers average from 100,000 miles to 110,000 miles a year, with an average daily run of about 500 miles a day. Regional and city truck drivers average about 48,000 miles behind the wheel annually. You do not need to buy or lease your own truck for most truck driver jobs.

  • Top 10 questions you are probably asking about getting your commercial drivers license

Top 10 Questions You Are Probably Asking About Getting Your CDL

You may have heard demand for professional, qualified drivers is at an all time high. There is no unemployment in the trucking industry right now. If you are not sure whether it is worth it for you to train for your Class A Commercial Drivers License, you might be asking yourself some of these questions.