Driving Organization Encouraging More Women Truck Drivers

As the demand for professionally trained truck drivers continues to grow there is also a growing call for female drivers. Becoming a truck driver can be a great career for women and one organization is working hard to encourage more women to consider truck driving as a career.

The Women in Trucking organization was established in 2007 and seeks to encourage the employment of women as professional truck drivers. More women enter the field each year, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Women Drivers Find a Place in Trucking Industry

The Women in Trucking organization holds conferences and events each year to achieve its mission. Last year over 200 female professional truck drivers were honored at a “Salute to the Women Behind the Wheel” ceremony that was held in Kentucky and brought attention to some of the best women truck drivers in the nation. Rochelle Bartholomew, CEO of Cal-Ark Trucking, was also announced as the first recipient of the “Influential Woman of the Year” award.

In a statement announcing plans for 2012, Women in Trucking Association president Ellen Voie said the new year would bring with it new opportunities to highlight the growing role women play in the commercial trucking industry.

“The coming year will bring lots of new opportunities to create positive change for the trucking industry,” Voie said in a press release. “We are truly excited about the challenges we have addressed in the past year and are looking forward to a better environment for everyone in the trucking industry as we move into the new year.”

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