How Do I Get a Better Job and Make More Money?


Okay, I know you are thinking the headline probably sounds too good to be true.  But our CDL students have decided for themselves how to find a job that pays them more, and they consistently tell us they think we are one of the best kept secrets around.

The nation’s driver shortage is deepening. Competition among carriers to attract and hire qualified truck drivers with a current Class A CDL is tight. Trucking companies have driving jobs they are hungry to fill, and they are actively recruiting our CDL students every week.

If you are out of work, if you are dissatisfied with your current job, if you are looking for a new start, if you are just looking for a better paycheck, keep reading ….

Truck Driver Institute LogoTruck Driver Institute is the nation’s leader in Commercial Driver’s License training. We have been putting America to work since 1973. So that means we have over 40 years experience training America’s truck drivers, and over 40 years running one of the top ranked driver training programs in the country. We know you have a choice. There are lots of truck driving schools out there, but not many can tell you they have been in business as long as we have.

Truck Driver Institute has 12 CDL Training locations throughout the U.S. You will train under our professional instructors who have years of experience teaching people just like you. You will get lots of practice time in our late-model trucks and trailers, both on the driving range and on the highway.

And most importantly, you will learn to drive big trucks with confidence in only 3 weeks!

So how much does a truck driving job pay?

Well, like any job … it depends on your qualifications and experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the “average” earning of a professional driver is about $42,000/year.  But with most truck lines paying by the mile, your earnings can be significantly higher with effort. The top 10% of truck drivers make more than $61,000 per year.

Even in a weak U.S. economy where many companies are too scared to hire new people and add new jobs, we have connections with major trucking companies who are hiring our student graduates as fast as they can right now to meet their rapidly growing demand for qualified drivers.

If you are looking for a good paying job with excellent job security, there has never been a better time to start your new career as a professional truck driver.
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3 Weeks Can Change Your Life!

Our job training program offers you these benefits:

  • Professional CDL Training that Employers Respect
  • CDL Training You Can Afford
  • Convenient, Modern Facilities
  • Hands On Truck Driver Training
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Accelerated 3-Week Program
  • Pre-Hire Job Screening
  • We Assist All Our Students With Job Placement During Training and Post Graduation
Who's Hiring TDI Graduates? Job Placement is Part of Our Skill Set

Get a Truck Driving Job With One of These Great Companies!

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Did we mention you can earn excellent pay and benefits as a professional truck driver? You can get your Class A CDL License in only 3 weeks and start to work immediately!
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