Best Practices When Studying for CDL Exam

Getting your CDL license is an exciting new experience, but you may not know the best practices when studying for CDL exam. Whether it’s been a while since you’ve taken a test, or you’re a test taking pro, it can still be stressful going into the exam room. Anxiety and nerves can play a big role in your test taking and you want to eliminate all outside stressors. Before taking any test you should make sure you eat a good breakfast, and get a good amount of sleep the night before. Along with that, here are best practices when studying for a CDL exam. 

Best Practices When Studying for CDL Exam

What To Do When Studying for CDL Exam

The CDL exam has two sections, a written knowledge test, and a skills test. There are 7 knowledge tests, 1 covers general knowledge, 5 cover specific endorsements, and the last covers air brakes. Each test is scored separately and the amount of knowledge test you’ll take depends on the kind of vehicle you’ll be driving. Some CDL exam rules and regulations may differ depending on the state you reside in. However, not to worry because Truck Driver Institute will ensure that you have all the skills and knowledge that you need to pass the CDL in the state you reside in. The skills test is performed in front of an examiner and is split into three parts. You must pass all three parts to get your license. 

Take a Practice Test

One of the most important things you can do when studying for your CDL exam is to take practice tests. Practice tests will help you better understand what you know and what you don’t. There are many different online resources out there to help you test your knowledge. Once you’ve taken the practice test, and you’re aware of what you need to work on, create a study guide. This test will also give you a feel for what the actual written test will look like. 

When taking a practice test, you should also take this a few days before the test is scheduled. Taking the practice test a day before the actual exam is likely to add more stress to you and cause you to forget important information. Planning ahead when studying for the CDL exam is likely to get you more optimal results on your test because you won’t be cramming information at the last minute. Once you’ve taken the test and have an understanding of what you need to work on you can collect or create your study materials. 

Collect Study Materials

Study guides can be very helpful tools if you use them correctly. It’s best not to cram them full of everything in a random order but instead organize them. Group relevant content together to make the studying process easier. You can create your own flashcards or slideshows to help you study or you can purchase study guides and videos. There are many sources online that provide valuable information about the test. Though these resources are available, you should create your own study materials. Writing down the information will help you retain the material better than if you read it from a book. The most important resource you can use to study from is the CDL manual. The CDL manual has everything you need to know about getting your CDL. 

In addition to creating your own study materials, you can also explain what you’ve learned to a friend. By speaking out loud you retain the information and you become more confident in the material you’ve gone over. If you create your own materials and study in advance for the CDL exam, you are sure to be more than prepared.

Study in an Optimal Environment

One of the most important parts of studying for the CDL exam is your environment. When you are studying, make sure that you are in the best environment possible. Try to avoid places that are full of distractions. In this digital age, we’re always being distracted by a cell phone notification or an email, which makes it hard to pay attention to the task at hand. Turn off your notifications and give yourself time to focus. If you find yourself continually distracted, set a timer on your phone. This will give you a set amount of time to study and when the timer goes off that is when you can check your phone. You’ll get to study and you’ll always get screen time as a reward.

Talk to Others

Talk to other people who have taken the exam. By talking to people who have already taken the test, you’ll get first-hand experience and information about what the test is like. When you’re a truck driver, you’re a part of a large community and everyone wants to help each other out. Taking this test is something that every truck driver has had to go through and there are many forums and chat rooms full of people willing to help. There are also your TDI instructors. When you get your CDL from Truck Driver Institute, you are being taught by long-time industry professionals. These individuals have been in the trucking industry for a while and they know how to best help you prepare when studying for the CDL exam. 

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