Over 80% of TDI graduates choose a career in the transportation industry.

With an over 80% success rate, TDI’s job placement program yields impressive results because your success is our number one priority. At TDI, you can have a brand new career with great pay and benefits in only three weeks. To understand how TDI offers the best CDL training and job placement in the industry, you first need to know how our program works and what we offer our students.

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TDI has 10 campuses across the United States so you’re never too far away from top quality CDL training and job placement. We also offer lodging at each campus so you don’t have to make those long commutes in between sessions.


Because we’ve been in the industry since 1973, we understand that there is no shortage of poor training out there. Some truck driving schools are essentially captive shops and routinely direct nearly all their students to the same one or two trucking companies. That is just not the case at Truck Driver Institute. With us, you have real options with the best carriers and transportation companies in the country.

Over the decades, our reputation as one of the best schools for CDL training and job placement has allowed us to partner with some amazing carriers. We work directly with 20+ carriers that offer the best salaries and benefits for new drivers nationwide. These companies regularly hire TDI grads because they know they have the skills and confidence to jump right into the driver’s seat. Some students even get job offers before they graduate from TDI!

For a list of a few of the companies that we work with, see the bottom of this page.

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CDL Training and Job Placement: How Does Our Job Placement Program Work?

In order to give you the best chance of securing a job through TDI, our job placement program takes place over three phases. Over the course of these three phases, we get to know you personally so we can pair you with the perfect company for your skillset, goals, and personal situation. This is why TDI’s CDL training and job placement gives many people the opportunity of their dreams on such a regular basis.


Here at Truck Driver Institute, we begin the job placement process before you even begin your training. Every student is pre-screened based on our employment partners requirements, ensuring that you qualify to work in the trucking industry.

We do this so you can begin your time at TDI with the highest confidence level possible, and it’s a testament to the time and energy we invest in each and every TDI student.


During your training, you’ll be working with one of our staff to identify the most ideal employer for your situation and career goals. Nearly all of our graduates have accepted one of the many CDL job offers they receive before they even graduate from our program, which allows them to start earning a paycheck very soon after graduation.


If you haven’t received an offer by the time you graduate, TDI continues to work for you. Our graduates are just as important to us as our students. That’s why we offer free, ongoing placement services for all TDI graduates.

This policy is also beneficial if you decide to change carriers down the road. In this case, we can help you find the right position for your career goals no matter when you graduated from TDI.

The Country Needs Drivers Today

There’s a nationwide shortage of qualified CDL drivers. In fact, there are over 30,000 positions available today. With billions of dollars worth of freight being transported across the country by truck drivers every year, analysts and experts have predicted that the need for drivers will only increase as does the amount of cargo that needs transporting.

Because there’s such a high demand, carriers and companies are offering competitive salaries and incredible benefits to new drivers. These days, truck driving is one of the most lucrative jobs for people who are brand new to the workforce. When you graduate from TDI, you could potentially make anywhere between $40,000-$60,000 starting out.

Additionally, major carriers have been granting these amazing opportunities to people with poor driving records, criminal records, people with bad credit, people with no diploma, and even people with DUIs.

Now has never been a better time to get CDL training and job placement, and we at TDI are very proud to be able to act as the primary stepping stone between you and this life changing opportunity.


Truck Driver Institute offers a comprehensive 3-week program that helps prepare students to pass their CDL test and acquire Class A or Class B CDL jobs at the end of their training. Carriers continue to hire our graduates because they have grown to trust our program and the truck drivers we train. In fact, several nationwide carriers actively recruit on our campuses.

With the market growing and the need for drivers increasing, CDL training and job placement at TDI can be the next move you’ve been searching for.

You’ll never know until you ask, so contact us online or give us a call today if you’re interested in a rewarding new career or you’d like to learn more about our CDL training and job placement.


After your CDL training and job placement at TDI, you have the opportunity to work with one of our great carrier partners. For other CDL jobs, you can look at the many resources online.

Werner Enterprises – They take good care of their drivers at Werner Enterprises. Along with a great starting salary and benefits, your home time, personal needs, and route preferences are all taken into consideration when you work with them.

SchneiderSchneider National is a great option if you’re looking to continue your CDL training before you jump on the road. There are also many types of career options with Schneider, including regional, over-the-road, tanker, or team driving opportunities.

TMC TransportationAlthough many of our partners offer certain degrees of tuition reimbursement to TDI graduates, TMC is one of the few that offers pay during training. That’s right—TMC is an on-the-job training carrier.

U.S. Xpress Much like TDI, U.S. Xpress offers tuition assistance and various other forms of financial aid. Even though they’re one of the largest carriers in the United States, they offer that personal, small business feel when you work for them.

TransAm Trucking At TransAm, you’ll likely work in temperature-controlled trucking. TransAm offers benefits such as paid time off, health and dental coverage, a 401k retirement plan, one of the best tuition reimbursement programs, and much more to new drivers.

Amazon – From its inception in 1994, Amazon has changed the way we think about goods, services, and the means by which we acquire them. Now that Amazon has become most people’s first choice in online shopping, they’ve created a huge demand for CDL drivers to deliver the goods that flow through their platform.

H.O. WoldingH.O. Wolding’s priorities revolve around customer service, efficiency, and logistics. That’s why they’re recognized as one of the best carriers in the nation. Entry level pay increases within the first year, and it only improves the longer you stay with them.

KLLM TransportKLLM Transport offers several options for new drivers. Once upgraded to having an assigned truck, you have the option of working in many different fields within CDL driving so you can perform the role that’s best suited to your wants and needs.

Cypress Truck Lines Cypress Truck Lines has been in business just one year longer than TDI. With their origins in 1972, they have no shortage of positions and options that help you meet your mileage goals and earn a competitive salary.

Stevens Transport Stevens Transport is dedicated to helping you find a Class A CDL job as quickly as possible after you graduate. In order to attract high quality drivers, they pay the first loan payment, and if you stay with them for two years, they offer to pay the entire loan off.

DOT Transportation DOT is recognized by Forbes as one of the nation’s largest companies. For this reason, DOT employs some of the best CDL drivers on the road, and new drivers are compensated each week during their post-hire training.

McElroy Truck Lines – McElroy was founded in the 1960s when J.C. McElroy Jr. purchased a single pulpwood truck to start his own business. Over 50 years later, McElroy has become one of the nation’s leading flatbed carriers. 

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