TransAm Trucking Jobs After Truck Driver Institute

TransAm Trucking is one of the leading carriers specializing in temperature-controlled transport. Founded in 1987, TransAm started out with fewer than 100 tractor-trailers. The TransAm headquarters in Olathe, KS has grown in size exponentially and now operates a much larger fleet consisting of over 2,000 tractor-trailers. TransAm provides excellent service to all of their clients, which surpasses client expectations in the temperature-controlled transport industry. In addition to the headquarters in Kansas, TransAm also has a terminal in Rockwall, TX with facilities allocated to drivers as well as maintenance. Similar to the other major carriers in the U.S., there are a lot of TransAm trucking jobs to be had. This is mainly due to the large demand for CDL drivers across the country.

With such an impressive track record and two large headquarters, you may be wondering what it’s like to work at TransAm. This article will break it down by answering any questions you may have about TransAm, TDI, and the transport industry at large.

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Why Choose TransAm Trucking Jobs?

At its core, TransAm strives to understand what each of its customers value in a transportation company. This commitment to their customers’ needs enables them to be a business partner that can be counted on for on-time, safe delivery.

Part of TransAm’s founding philosophy is to treat people fairly and do what’s right. TransAm drivers respect these rules and recommend TransAm to other drivers looking for a company where they can have a successful driving career. Independent contractors and company drivers alike recommend TransAm as a company with a staff that appreciates their drivers and cares about their success.

Because TransAm has such a strong reputation, many drivers have been referred by other drivers or personnel. As a trusted carrier with such a strong founding philosophy, TransAm strives to provide their drivers with new opportunities

Accelerate Your Future

Sign-on Bonus

TransAm Trucking cares about its drivers. That’s why TransAm Trucking jobs are some of the most coveted driver positions in the trucking industry.

When you sign up for TransAm Trucking jobs you are eligible for a sign-on bonus. New drivers can receive up to $5,000 dollars paid in installments of $1,250. After working 30 days you’ll receive your first bonus, after 60, you’ll receive the second. At 90 days you’ll receive the third payment and at 120 days you’ll receive your 4th and final payment.

In addition to a sign-on bonus, drivers will also receive a driver retention bonus for every month they continue to be employed with TransAm Trucking. Drivers will receive 200 extra dollars for every month after their sign-on bonus installment. Independent contractors also receive a driver retention bonus of $250 dollars for every month they continue to be employed with TransAm Trucking.

Tuition Reimbursement Program

As previously mentioned, TransAm greatly cares about its clients and drivers. When you make the choice to drive for TransAm, you begin to see those core values come through right off the bat in the form of a generous tuition reimbursement.

TransAm Trucking offers a tuition reimbursement program to our student drivers. They frequently hire graduates of TDI and reimburse them up to $6,000.

Generous tuition reimbursement is one of the many ways major carriers across the country incentivize new drivers to get their CDLs. This big push in the industry is in direct response to the current nationwide shortage of truck drivers. There’s a lot of freight that needs to be moved, and there simply aren’t enough qualified drivers who can do it. There are over 30,000 job openings!

Truck Driver Institute recognizes this gap in the market, and we already offer our students some great financial aid options. However, our carrier partners like TransAm take it a step further and make it that much easier to get your CDL at a low price. So, if cost is one of the issues you have in regards to getting your CDL, TDI and great companies like TransAm are here to solve those issues.

In order to be eligible to apply for TransAm Trucking jobs you must meet the following requirements:

  • Valid CDL-A
  • Minimum 21-years-old
  • No DUI convictions in last 2 years
  • No more than 1 preventable accident in the last 6-month period
  • No more than 2 preventable accidents in the last 12-month period
  • No more than 3 moving violations in 3-year period
  • No reckless driving violations in the last 5 years
  • DOT physical & drug screen required
  • Required to take the tractor and trailer home during home time and must have secure place to park the equipment at home location


You can get TransAm Trucking jobs practically anywhere. TransAm Trucking is hiring along the entire east coast and most of the central United States which makes them the perfect carrier for you to apply to after you get your CDL with Truck Driver Institute. TransAm Trucking jobs that are currently hiring are located near several TDI schools. Some of them are even looking for recently graduated drivers!

TransAm Offers One of the Industry’s Best Benefit Packages

Tuition reimbursement aside, TransAm also gives their drivers great benefits and post-CDL training.

TransAm is pleased to offer its company drivers:

  • Paid vacation time
  • Health and dental coverage for employees, spouses, and children
  • A no-cost life insurance policy
  • TransAm’s 401(k) Plan
  • Cafeteria 125 Plan (The Cafeteria 125 Plan allows you to choose the health benefits you wish to receive.)

Starting benefits like these are rare in other industries, and TransAm is proud to provide them to both new and seasoned drivers because their company has that strong foundation of values.

There are more TransAm trucking jobs than just one. A good example is the difference between independent contractors and the classic long-haul driver.

TransAm’s independent contractors are provided with free base plates and permits, free TransFlo remote paperwork processing, access to a fuel discount network, a fuel surcharge program, paid reefer fuel, and free tolls. Best of all, independent contractors enjoy the freedom and control that comes with being independent business owners! Being an independent contractor is a great way to be your own boss and work on your own terms. So, whether you want more home time or more time on the road, you have the power to make the calls.

TransAm’s Post-CDL Training

After graduating from TDI, all TransAm drivers have access to classroom training and can obtain personalized instruction when needed. TransAm student drivers acquire their knowledge from a professional staff of trainers who instruct them in over-the-road procedures, backing maneuvers, paperwork requirements, and safety.

When you attend Truck Driver Institute, you’re getting some of the best CDL training in the country. TDI uses long-time industry professionals to teach their students and that’s what makes them the best of the best. TDI instructors work with you so that you can complete each week of learning successfully and graduate with your Class A CDL efficiently.

Safety is the number one priority at TransAm, and they know their fleet is no good without confident and competent drivers. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons they routinely hire TDI grads. TDI CDL drivers are regarded as some of the best trained new drivers in the country, and the additional training they receive at their respective carriers is designed to strengthen the new skills they’ve already acquired.

Find TransAm Trucking Jobs: Learn More About Truck Driver Institute’s CDL Training Program!

TDI is widely regarded as one of the best truck driving schools in the nation. We’ve been in the game since 1973, and our humble operation has since grown into a national institution with campuses spread all across the east coast. Our CDL program only takes 3 weeks to complete, and could potentially cost you as little as $225.

TDI also participates in many of the GI Bill ®programs. These programs’ benefits can help veterans lower the cost of their tuition for CDL training. Appropriate staff members can help you figure out what benefits apply to you and get you started in your truck driving career.

To find out what the TDI difference really is, take a look at our job placement program. It has a success rate of over 86% because carriers like TransAm trust TDI grads to move billions of dollars worth of freight each year.

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