Truck Driver Institute has been enriching the Nashville community for over 40 years by providing its residents with access to viable professions in the transportation industry. Give us three weeks, and we’ll give you an exciting, in-demand career.


Truck Driver Institute has been enriching the Nashville community for over 40 years by providing its residents with access to viable professions in the transportation industry. Give us three weeks, and we’ll give you an exciting, in-demand career.

Our Nashville area truck driving school is a hands-on, comprehensive training center. Situated on over 20+ acres, our facility provides spacious classrooms, modern technology, and a variety of training vehicles.

When you complete our program, you’ll be ready to take the Class A CDL license test. Our certified truck driving school in Tennessee offers Class A CDL License testing on-site.




Need to brush up on your truck driving skills? Are you having a hard time finding employment because you have been out of a truck for too long? Has your CDL expired? Do you need more training before you start a new career?

TDI offers a CDL refresher course for those that need more experience behind the wheel. Train on Class A and Class B vehicles (automatic and manual), and prepare for a variety of jobs in the trucking industry. Get your knowledge up to speed and get your career on the road.

Accelerate Your Future

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Why Truck Driver Institute?

Our certified truck driving school in Tennessee pairs the latest equipment with the most comprehensive training. Truck Driver Institute’s instructors are industry leaders who adapt our respected truck driving course material to personally reach your learning style. 

We won’t waste your time or your money. We pre-screen all of our students based on our partner companies’ requirements to make sure they qualify for a career in the truck driving industry before they invest in training. 

 You come to us to earn a professional Class A CDL License, not to be a professional student–which is why Truck Driver Institute doesn’t delay career planning until after graduation. When you start our program, you’ll be assigned to a staff member who will work with you to determine which carriers meet your career goals. 

We make sure you get placed where you want because we have no contractual obligations. At Truck Driver Institute, we’re proud to be the largest Class A CDL school East of the Rockies not controlled by a trucking company. Rather than being a carrier’s hiring mill cleverly disguised as a truck driving school, Truck Driver Institute provides comprehensive training and uses the connections we’ve built over the last 47 years to place you with the carriers you choose.  

Our staff has a 90% success rate in placing our graduates in the careers they want. Most of our graduates receive a competitive CDL job offer before they’ve completed our program. When you leave Truck Driver Institute, you dive into your career and start earning a steady paycheck. The average starting salary for truck drivers ranges from $700-$1000 a week.    

Truck Driver Institute’s free hiring services are always available to our graduates. If your regional interests or career goals change, just give us a call. We’ll match you to a company that meets your needs. We love reconnecting with our students and helping them continue to advance in the transportation industry.  

Given our expansive and modern facilities, trusted training material, and effective hiring services, it’s easy to see why TDI Murfreesboro is chosen by more students and carriers than any other Tennessee truck driving school.

Want a convenient place to take your CDL exam?

Truck Driver Institute offers outside CDL testing at this location for all students, regardless of their affiliation with TDI.

What to Expect from Our Certified Truck Driving School in Tennessee

You arrive at our Tennessee truck driving school a novice, and after just three weeks in our immersive program, you leave an expert.

Each of our instructors has logged millions of miles while driving in the transportation industry, and we are constantly looking to them for input. Because Truck Driver Institute actively reassesses and updates our program, our information is never out-of-date, and our methods always reflect our industries’ best practices. Tuition to attend our certified truck driving school in Tennessee is $5,995.  

Jon and Tammy Walker

Tennessee truck driving schoolTruck Driver Institute was the best choice for us. TDI allowed us to explore all carriers opportunities. The instructors were top notch, caring supportive and patient. We would recommend TDI to anyone interested in a career in the trucking industry.

Partner With the Best. A Few of Our Carrier Partners:

Our Tennessee Truck Driving School Offers Class A and B CDL Training

Although we focus more on the Class A CDL here at TDI, we also offer training for the Class B CDL. Here’s a rundown for each license and what types of vehicles they allow you to operate:

Class A CDL

This Class A CDL is the most advanced CDL you can obtain. That’s because it allows you to drive everything up to a truck capable of towing a trailer with a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of 10,000 pounds and over. The standard 18 wheeler requires a Class A commercial drivers license.

Note that a Class A CDL allows you to drive everything up to a full-sized semi-truck. That means you’re cleared to drive every vehicle that Class B and C drivers can operate. That’s why we recommend that new drivers go for the Class A license even if they’re not interested in long-haul trucking with a full-sized truck. Also, a Class A CDL is required to drive over state lines with that large cargo.

Class B CDL

This Class B CDL allows you to drive a vehicle which can carry less than 10,000 pounds GVWR and has a single-axle trailer. This means Class B drivers can drive all kinds of busses, box trucks, deliver trucks, dump trucks, tilt beds, tour busses, passenger vans, and more!

It’s worth mentioning that the Class B CDL is restricted to the state in which it was issued, meaning you can’t drive between states to work long-haul jobs. On the other hand, it’s perfect for professionals who are seeking regional driving careers.

Our 15-day Intensive Class Has Three Sections: 

Week 1: Classroom: You’ll begin learning the technical aspects of truck driving in our Tennessee truck driving school’s classrooms. Our instructors work with you until you’re confident in the written CDL permit’s subject matter, such as:

  • Trip planning 
  • Recording your driver’s log
  • Surveying maps
  • Smith systems 
  • Weight scales legal requirements
  • Cargo Claims
  • Fundamental Mechanic Abilities 

At the end of the week, you’ll have the chance to showcase what you’ve learned on the written CDL permit test. 

Week 2:  Hands-on Training: Now that you have your written CDL permit, you’ll begin your hands-on training. Under the guidance of an instructor, you’ll operate a full-sized 18-wheeler on our expansive off-road driving range, practicing straight line and offset backing. We’ll also make sure you’re capable of performing pre-trip inspections to assess the operational safety of your vehicle. As week two comes to a close, you’ll transition to driving on the road. We ease you into this next phase by introducing you to low-traffic driving scenarios. 

Week 3: Advanced Skills, Testing, and Graduation: Now that you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to build on what you’ve learned and acquire advanced skills. You’ll be given a chance to hone your technique on both the driving range and highway. Additionally, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and confident operating your vehicle in the nighttime driving environment. Once you’ve added the highest difficulty skill sets to your driving repertoire, you’re ready to take your CDL Driving Skills Test-Highway/Street Testing. Truck Driver Institute’s certified truck driving school in Tennessee offers testing on-site. Once you’ve taken and passed your exams, you’ll graduate from Truck Driver Institute’s Nashville area campus, and begin your career. 

Tennessee Truck Driving School

Life After Graduating from Our Certified Truck Driving School in Tennessee

Your Commercial Drivers License and TDI diploma make you sought after by employers for a career that offers a solid pay structure and benefits. Most carrier companies provide drivers with medical insurance, dental insurance, and a 401K retirement plan. We have established partnerships with the following carriers:     

  • Werner Enterprises offers Truck Driver Institute graduates up to $6,000 in tuition reimbursement. 
  • Dot Transportation has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America’s largest Private Companies. They are known for their high employee satisfaction and they have one of the lowest driver turnover rates in the industry.
  • Schneider National seeks TDI graduates and offers them tuition reimbursement up to $7,000 when our graduates take a job with them within 12 months of graduating from our program.  
  • Stevens Transport will pay 100% of your monthly loan note if you sign with them after or before graduating from TDI. To bolster employee satisfaction and loyalty, Stevens Transport pays their drivers loan in its entirety when they remain at the company for two years. 
  • TMC Transportation offers a performance-based pay rather than seniority-based pay program, allowing new graduates to obtain $60,0000 within their first year at the company.  
  • Cypress Truck Lines prides themselves on being a large enough institution to provide their drivers with year-round freight opportunities to 48 states, and small enough treat each driver as a valuable employee, not a number. 
  • U.S. Xpress Enterprises provides TDI graduates with $200 monthly for Tuition Assistance. This offer is effective as soon as our graduates sign with U.S. Xpress. Additionally, they provide $500 towards their employees’ loans every six months. 
  • KLLM Transport helps their drivers specialize their careers. Each driver attends KLLM’s orientation and is trained in the companies’ practices before being upgraded and assigned to a truck. Drivers have the opportunity to choose their specialization, deciding between Lease Purchase Operator, Over the Road Driver, and Regional Driver. 
  • TransAm Trucking has a competitive tuition reimbursement program, offering TDI graduates $125 monthly reimbursement up to $6,000.
  • H.O. Wolding offers its recent hires from TDI three pay growth opportunities within their first year. At the end of their 24th month with the company, drivers are given a reduced health care insurance benefit premium. 

Don’t Live In The Christiana, TN Area?

You don’t have to be a resident of Tennessee to earn your CDL License here. Our Tennessee truck driving school’s respected coursework and established partnerships with major carriers across the country attracts students from neighboring states and beyond. At Truck Driver Institute, we work to help you succeed in every way we can, which is why we provide our out-of-town students with comfortable lodging within a short commute to our Tennessee truck driving school campus. 

Check out Richard’s testimonial of the TDI program after graduating from the Murfreesboro campus!

Important Information

Truck Driver Institute, Inc. is authorized for operation as a postsecondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. In order to view detailed job placement and graduation information on programs offered by Truck Driver Institute, Inc. please visit www.tn.gov/thec/ and click on the Authorized Institutions Data button.

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Tuition for attendance at the Murfreesboro campus is five thousand, nine hundred and ninety-five dollars.


National Truck Driver Shortage Supplements Growing Industry

If you’re reading this page, you’re likely aware of the sky-high demand for truck drivers in the United States. To put it into perspective, the American Trucking Association predicts the industry will need around 1.1 million new drivers over the next 10 years to keep up with this rising demand. That’s about 110,000 hires per year!

One of the largest causes for this shortage is the high number of new retirees. The average age for an American truck driver falls in the early 50s, and the younger generations represent an untapped talent pool. Along with that, there are also very few female truck drivers.

The best carriers in the country are offering incredible starting salaries, paid training, competitive benefits, and tuition reimbursement for truck driving schools to attract these new drivers. Similarly, programs that allow team driving, guaranteed home time, and ample vacation time help couples earn more together and maintain the perfect work-life balance.

Policies and benefits like these mean beginning a career in truck driving is a real investment in your future. For young prospects, truck driving allows you to join the workforce without building up thousands in student loan debt. In that regard, there’s a push to lower the minimum age to obtain a CDL from 21 to 18.

Additionally, in an economic climate where retirement seems more and more difficult to achieve, truck driving is a stellar option. For experienced workers who are looking for a career change truck driving’s numerous benefits offer a great opportunity. The short training time and low costs mean you can transition into a higher salary much more quickly than would be required in other industries.

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