5 Reasons Schneider Trucking Jobs Stand Out from the Rest

Like our many other major carrier partners, Schneider National offers training, support, and stability for recent TDI graduates. TDI and Schneider are two examples of truck driving institutions with great track records. Over the years, both companies have moved the trucking industry forward and helped countless people get their lives on track with a new and exciting career. Our partnership has yielded great results for TDI grads, and our job placement program’s over 86% success rate is a strong example of that. On this page, we’ll discuss Schneider trucking jobs. Learn more about our partnership with Schneider National, and the benefits for driving with this carrier.

5 Advantages of Schneider Trucking Jobs

Although the prospect of a brand new career that you could jump into in just 3 weeks is extremely attractive, there’s more that goes into driving for Schneider than just that.

When you drive for Schneider National, you get a starting salary and benefits that are impossible to get in other industries. That’s because there aren’t enough truck drivers in America today. This national shortage has been recognized by the large carriers, and Schneider has taken the initiative to attract more drivers by treating new and seasoned drivers exceptionally well.

Listed below are the various benefits you enjoy when you work with Schneider. Although it’s easy to break them down in list form, the off-page benefits make working at Schneider are almost immeasurable. New drivers get the stability and security that few professionals are able to attain even within 5 years in their respective industries.

  1. Tuition Reimbursement

    • Join Schneider within 12 months of graduation to qualify for up to $7,000 in tuition reimbursement. When you’re preparing to get your CDL, this removes a large amount of stress from the equation. Cost is a hangup for a lot of learners, and when you combine Schneider’s tuition reimbursement program with TDI’s financing options, getting your CDL is extremely affordable.
  2. Continual Training

    • Schneider builds on your truck driving school training to make sure you are prepared, safe and comfortable before you hit the road. Confidence and composure are what turn inexperienced drivers into great drivers, and Schneider makes sure you have what it takes to hit the road like a true professional. After you graduate from TDI, your new skills are compounded and strengthened with Schneider.
  3. More Options

    • Graduates can choose from a variety of driving options at Schneider—Regional, Dedicated, Over-the-Road, Tanker, or Team. This is because Schneider is dedicated to giving you the job that best fits your lifestyle. It’s important to love the job you’re doing, and whether you’d like to spend more time on the road or more time at home, Schneider has you covered.
  4. Pay and Benefits

    • Schneider National offers some of the best pay and benefits in the industry for truck driving school graduates, including medical plans, 401(k) options, paid time off, and performance-based bonuses. Schneider also offers a “Passenger Program”, allowing you to take a friend or family member along for the ride. These are the benefits that have an immeasurable impact on your life outside of work. Schneider drivers enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they don’t have to worry about their future preparations and leisure time.
  5. Military Apprenticeship and Credit for Military Experience Programs

    • As a current or former military member, you can earn an additional education benefit check from the VA. Up to 100% of your time served will be used as driving experience credit towards pay. Just as Schneider is dedicated to their drivers and clients, they’re also dedicated to the individuals who serve in the military.

As you can plainly see, Schneider National treats their drivers very well. That’s why we at TDI direct our graduates toward them and our other carrier partners that we’ve befriended over the decades. At TDI, we know the tools to get you into a brand new and fulfilling career, and Schneider trucking jobs are one of the best ways to get started.


Schneider Trucking Jobs: Get Your Journey Started at TDI

Although the main focus of this piece was directed towards new drivers, Schneider also welcomes experienced drivers and treats them just as well. Schneider National is a great way to change the trajectory of your current career and explore opportunities you may be missing out on at your current carrier.

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