Truck Driver Institute offers CDL classes at 10 convenient locations across the country to make it easy for you to enroll in a truck driving school, no matter where you are located.

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With 10 campuses serving 7 states, you’re always able to find a local CDL training school close by. Each of our truck driving school locations offers a spacious, modern center staffed with professional, seasoned instructors. TDI’s experienced team members are committed to providing excellent truck driver training.

Since 1973, Truck Driver Institute has offered professional CDL training and the best truck driving schools in the industry. Our schools have a reputation for graduating safe CDL drivers, and many employers recruit directly from us for that reason.

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Truck Driving Schools Near Me: The Regions We Serve

Below is the complete list of TDI campuses around the country. Students flock to our network of local truck driving schools because they’re conveniently located, offer lodging to out-of-town students, and provide learners with the skills and confidence they need to jump into a new career and begin earning fast.

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100 Industrial Park Drive
Forsyth, GA 31029
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4939 U.S. 78
Oxford, AL 36203
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20214 Highway 49
Saucier, MS 39574
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3542 East 500 North
Whiteland, IN 46184
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6201 Epps Mill Road
Christiana, TN 37037
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3700 St Johns Pkwy
SanfordFL 32771
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5750 E. Milton Road
Milton, FL 32583
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3425 Lancaster Highway
Richburg, SC 29729
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24645 S.R. 23
South Bend, IN 46614
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341 East Franklin Street
Tupelo, MS 38802
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Not Every CDL Truck Driving School Is The Same.

Know the Facts.

As you can see, we’ve been in the industry for decades, and our consistent and high quality training methods have attracted the attention of the nation’s leading carriers. Since there’s a shortage of able drivers and the trucking industry continues to grow each day, top-tier CDL drivers are hard to come by—and the biggest companies in the industry gladly scoop up TDI graduates because they have that edge over other new drivers.

At some truck driving schools, you learn to drive through video games. At Truck Driver Institute, we know the importance of teaching you using the same equipment you’ll be using on the job.

In addition, you won’t be stuck in the classroom when you can be learning on the road.

The equipment you will train on in our CDL training schools will be the same design utilized at the motor carriers such as TMC, Werner, and Schneider.

Our method of splitting your learning time evenly between in-class and on-the-road sessions helps you understand the complete scope of what it takes to be a professional CDL driver.

In class, our students learn the more technical aspects of the job, which include:

  • Updating log books
  • Reading maps
  • Servicing your vehicle
  • Planning long-haul trips
  • Weight scales
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Other mechanical knowledge that you can’t learn elsewhere

When you’re behind the wheel on our expansive private driving courses, our students learn how to:

  • Perform backing, straight line, and offset backing maneuvers
  • Safely operate air brakes
  • Operate a wide range of vehicles, such as combination trucks, carriers, and vans
  • … And much much more!

With this knowledge, TDI grads are head-and-shoulders above the rest when it comes to technical knowhow, driving skills, and confidence. That’s why the nation’s top carriers seek out TDI graduates.

After you complete our lessons, each student is tested with a CDL driving skills test on the highway and the street. Once you pass, you’re free to enter a brand new career with plenty of mobility.

Major Earning Potential After Graduation

Earning potential is a major consideration for commercial truck drivers. In the first year of a CDL driver job the average driver will make approximately $40,000. Many trucking drivers also get bonuses for safety records, distances traveled, and more. Usually, the longer you stay with a company, the more your salary increases.

On top of the competitive salary, new drivers receive incredible benefits. Depending on which carrier you choose to work with, these benefits include:

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • A 401k retirement plan
  • Paid time off
  • And other assorted performance based benefits

In fact, truck driving is one of the highest paying new careers. This is mainly because of the high demand in the industry. There’s already billions of tons of cargo that gets shipped across the country each year, and this multi-billion dollar transportation industry is only projected to continue growing.

There’s a country wide shortage of professional CDL drivers, and carriers are struggling to fill over 30,000 vacant positions. To do this, these companies are looking for skilled drivers, no matter how much experience they have or what their background is.

Drivers with poor driving records, criminal records, no diplomas, and even DUIs are getting hired each day by the best companies in the business. So, whether you’re entering the job market for the first time, have student loans that need paying, or you’re looking for a fresh start, truck driving could be the opportunity you need.

People from all walks of life walk through our doors, and in the spirit of fresh starts, TDI is proud to offer this new opportunity to get your great new career on the road.

Truck Driving School Near Me: How Much Does It Cost?

Another major reason our student’s love TDI is because it’s among the most affordable ways to get a CDL.

TDI happily offers a wide variety of financial aid options such as scholarships, grants, and compliance with military and GI Bills ®. You could potentially get your Class A or Class B CDL with as little as $225 out of pocket!

Across the country, other truck driving schools offer “discounted tuition.” In broad strokes, these other schools are owned by carrier companies themselves. This practice is called contract training, and once you complete their program, you have no choice but to work for the carrier that owns the school. Although these students save money up front, they could potentially lose out on major earnings in the future because they have no choice in who they work for.

TDI isn’t a contract training school, and we’re a private company. This means you have the freedom to choose from up to 20 of the top carriers that we work with. If you’re a new driver, this is the best option because you can choose the company that fits your skills, goals, and personal situation the most.

A good number of our carrier partners also offer tuition reimbursement options. If you choose to work with one of these companies, they will pay a portion of the cost of your tuition at TDI, which means you can save while working at the best carrier for you.

Is There A Truck Driving School Near Me with Job Placement?

The biggest advantage that not participating in contract training is the variety our students enjoy when choosing their employers.

TDI’s job placement program works in three stages, and each stage is designed to partner you with the company that fits you best.

In the first stage, we screen your application to get an early start in your placement process. This helps to orient you with the companies before your training begins.

Next, you work closely with one of our placement specialists during your training. Over this period of time, we take your interests, goals, and individual situation into account to find you a good match.

Lastly, if you don’t receive an offer before your graduate, we continue to work with you during the post-graduation phase. This is especially useful for people who consider changing carriers down the line.

Our hands-on job placement program has a success rate of 82%, and, while TDI cannot guarantee placement, our program has worked wonderfully for thousands of new drivers over the decades.

To top it all off, several of our carrier partners will give you additional training after they hire you. A handful of our partners do offer paid training, which means you begin earning almost immediately after you finish your training at TDI.

Learn More About Our Truck Driving School

Course Objectives

After graduation from our course, the student will be:

  • Qualified to secure an entry level tractor trailer job with your Class A CDL.
  • Aware of safety procedures & laws applicable to the professional driver.
  • Skillful in safe driving techniques.
  • Knowledgeable in map reading, log book, cargo documentation, dispatch procedures, emergency responsibilities and regulations of transportation agencies.

Course Info

Our trucking schools operate as full-time courses that run Monday-Friday 7:00am – 5:30pm for 3 weeks, with 4 additional evening hours of training in week three.

  • Course includes classroom, range driving, and on the road training.
  • Full time Student Services Department.
  • Cost includes DOT physical, drug screen and all books and supplies.

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