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For more than fifty years, TDI has played a crucial role in creating new career paths within the transportation industry for the Clarksville community and beyond. In three weeks, we promise to equip you with the skills for an engaging and sought-after profession. We are dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about being a truck driver and presenting numerous career opportunities to help you get started as soon as you graduate.

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TDI has opened countless pathways to rewarding careers in the transportation sector at our Clarksville campus and beyond. Commit just three weeks to us, and we’ll set you up with a recession-proof career and support you throughout your trucking journey.

Our CDL training Clarksville TN program is designed for immersive, hands-on learning. Our campus, which occupies more than 20 acres, is equipped with classrooms for informational instruction, state-of-the-art technology, and a diverse fleet of training vehicles for behind-the-wheel training. At TDI, you’ll have ample room for technical knowledge and practical driving experience under the guidance of our seasoned instructors.

Upon completing our program, you’ll be prepared to pass the Class A CDL license examination, which you can also do on our campus, ensuring you can hit the road immediately after your final training day.



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Choose Our Premier Clarksville Truck Driving School

At our Clarksville truck driving school, we understand the quality education aspiring truck drivers seek. Truck Driver Institute is a premier certified institution in Tennessee, delivering cutting-edge mechanical and operational training alongside innovative, in-depth educational programs. Completing our program ensures that you emerge as a proficient driver and an expert in vehicle and cargo management. Our CDL training Clarksville TN program is recognized nationwide for its up-to-date curriculum and commitment to excellence. Supported by a team of dedicated educators, who are all former truck drivers, they focus on unlocking your potential.

Investing Wisely in Your Future with Clarksville Truck Driving School

Our CDL training Clarksville TN program combines half a century of industry dedication with unmatched expertise and organizational structure. We recognize the worth of our educators and the resources at our disposal, striving daily to ensure you receive outstanding education and the most current industry insights. With a rigorous pre-screening process, we proceed with candidates who are genuinely invested in their future, aligning with the standards of our partner companies known for their insights into building successful trucking careers.

Understanding the significance of both time and money, you can get started at TDI with as little as $225 out of pocket. Making a career choice involves careful financial consideration, and a career in trucking offers promising returns. Choosing TDI for your CDL training is an investment in a future where education transforms into financial stability. Our comprehensive curriculum covers mechanical knowledge, inspection procedures, and more, ensuring you’re fully equipped for the CDL exam. In our classrooms, practical lessons on weight scales, cargo claims, and essential CDL exam preparation set you up for success beyond just passing the test.

TDI vs. Vocational School

TDI Vocational School
ELDT training X
Ongoing job placement X
Comprehensive 3-week program X
Hands-on training (no simulators) X
On-site training and testing X
Established since 1973 X
80% job placement with the carrier of your choice X
Freedom to choose your employer X
Contract requirements with carriers X
Lower pay right out of graduation X
Simulator training X

Off the Road Time in Clarksville

Undergoing intense training necessitates self-care to prevent burnout. While Nashville is famed for its vibrant dining and music scene, Clarksville has its unique charm and a plethora of options for unwinding. After a day’s rigorous training, mingling with fellow aspiring truck drivers in the local downtown area can foster a sense of community and provide much-needed relaxation.

In Clarksville, the opportunity to decompress is ample, especially if you’re gearing up for future long hauls. The city might not be the country music capital like Nashville, but it boasts a rich cultural scene with live music, quaint cafes, and engaging community events that capture the essence of local life.

The city’s venues, some with rooftop views that overlook the historic downtown, provide a perfect setting to relax and enjoy the company of friends and fellow trainees. Exploring Clarksville’s cultural offerings enriches your downtime and connects you with this vibrant community’s heart and soul.

Moreover, Clarksville’s proximity to Nashville offers the best of both worlds for those seeking a blend of tranquil downtime and the exhilarating buzz of a big city. Just a short drive away, you have access to Nashville’s legendary music scene, including the Honky Tonk Highway’s array of bars and live music venues where icons like Willie Nelson have performed. This accessibility allows for easy exploration of Nashville’s rich musical heritage, from country to indie and beyond, without having to forgo the peaceful, community-oriented atmosphere back in Clarksville. Whether you’re craving the high-energy nightlife of Nashville or the cozy charm of downtown Clarksville, your time off from training can be as diverse and fulfilling as you wish.

Building Enduring Connections During Our CDL Training Clarksville TN Program

At our Clarksville Truck Driving School, the faculty’s commitment to student success is evidenced by an impressive job placement rate exceeding 80%. Our instructors tailor their teaching strategies to accommodate individual learning styles, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of theory and practical skills essential for a flourishing career in trucking. This personalized approach sets our Clarksville location apart as a premier institution for CDL training. Our team offers unwavering support and guidance from the moment students engage with our detailed curriculum to completing their CDL exams and beyond into their professional journey. Our dedication to employing only the most seasoned educators in Tennessee underlines our commitment to enriching your education and facilitating meaningful, lifelong connections within the industry.

Navigating Your Career Path Post-Graduation

Ensuring robust job placement outcomes is a cornerstone of our program in Clarksville. Truck Driver Institute’s robust hiring services are extended to all graduates, boasting alliances with nearly 30 leading carriers eager to employ our alumni, recognizing their high-caliber training. This commitment to student support continues post-graduation, with our team ready to assist alumni in navigating career transitions or changes in regional preferences. Our ongoing support system is designed to align our drivers with opportunities that best suit their evolving career aspirations, underpinning our role in launching careers and fostering their growth. The extensive resources, from modern facilities to trusted training methodologies and effective hiring strategies, highlight why our Clarksville school is a top choice for aspiring truck drivers and esteemed carriers alike.

Transforming Beginners into Experts in Clarksville

Embark on your journey at our Clarksville truck driving school with little to no experience, and in merely three weeks of intensive training, graduate as a skilled professional ready to navigate the roads confidently.

Our faculty comprises veteran drivers who collectively have millions of miles under their belts, offering invaluable insights that constantly enrich our curriculum. Truck Driver Institute is committed to excellence, ensuring our training materials and methodologies are always cutting-edge and align with the latest best practices in the transportation industry.

Jon and Tammy Walker

Tennessee truck driving schoolTruck Driver Institute was the best choice for us. TDI allowed us to explore all carriers opportunities. The instructors were top notch, caring supportive and patient. We would recommend TDI to anyone interested in a career in the trucking industry.

Explore Class A CDL Training at Our Clarksville Truck Driving School

At TDI, our primary focus is on Class A CDL training, though we acknowledge the importance of understanding all CDL types. Here’s an overview of each license class and the vehicles they authorize you to operate.

Class A CDL

Regarded as the pinnacle of commercial driving licenses, the Class A CDL qualifies you to operate vehicles towing trailers with a GVWR of over 10,000 pounds, including the standard 18-wheeler. It essentially grants you the ability to drive a broad range of vehicles, covering those permissible for Class B and C license holders. We advise newcomers to pursue a Class A CDL for its versatility and the opportunity it presents for interstate cargo transportation.

Class B CDL

This license is for operating vehicles with a GVWR under 10,000 pounds and may include a single-axle trailer. Holders can operate buses, box trucks, delivery vehicles, and dump trucks. However, a Class B CDL is generally state-restricted and suits those looking into regional driving professions.

Class C CDL

Designed for operating lighter vehicles — those with GVWRs under 26,001 pounds or towing vehicles under 10,000 pounds — and vehicles carrying 16 or more passengers, including the driver. It’s suitable for driving tank trucks, small trailers, passenger vans, and hazmat vehicles with the appropriate endorsements. The Class C CDL caters to specific needs, often outside the primary scope of commercial truck driving.

Should you have questions about our courses at TDI or need assistance determining the most suitable CDL for your aspirations, we’re here to help. Contact us anytime for guidance and support on your path to becoming a certified commercial driver.

Our Accelerated 15-Day CDL Clarksville Program

From your initial step into our Clarksville Truck Driving School to the moment you embark on your career journey, our commitment is to provide you with the top-tier instruction and career support you deserve. Throughout your training, you’ll receive the latest in truck driving education and, upon graduation, extensive assistance in securing employment. We aim to ensure a perfect fit between you and your future employer, setting the stage for a successful driving career.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect during your intensive 15-day course at our Clarksville campus:

Week 1: Classroom Learning: Your journey begins with mastering the theoretical aspects of truck driving. Our dedicated instructors will guide you through crucial topics needed for the written CDL permit exam, including trip planning, log keeping, map reading, Smith system principles, legalities around weight scales, cargo claims, and basic mechanical knowledge. The week concludes with the written CDL permit test, demonstrating your newfound understanding. 

Week 2: Practical Hands-on Training: With your written permit in hand, you’ll progress to practical driving skills. Under expert supervision, you’ll navigate a full-sized 18-wheeler across our extensive training grounds, focusing on maneuvers like straight-line and offset backing. Pre-trip inspections to ensure vehicle safety are also a key component of this week’s curriculum, gradually transitioning you to real-world driving in low-traffic conditions.

Week 3: Advancing Your Skills and Certification: Building on the foundational skills, this week is dedicated to advanced driving techniques, including highway driving and nighttime operation, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any driving scenario. The culmination of your hard work is the CDL Driving Skills Test, conducted on-site. Passing this test signifies your readiness to graduate and start your professional driving career.

Navigating Your Post-Graduation Career

Earning your CDL and diploma from TDI positions you as a prime candidate for numerous carriers, promising a career with a robust salary and comprehensive benefits. These benefits often include medical and dental insurance, along with retirement plans like a 401K. We have cultivated strategic partnerships with several prestigious carriers, each offering unique advantages to our graduates:

  • Werner Enterprises acknowledges the value of our training by offering TDI graduates up to $6,000 in tuition reimbursement.
  • Dot Transportation stands out as a top private company by Forbes Magazine, lauded for high employee satisfaction and one of the industry’s lowest turnover rates.
  • Schneider National actively recruits TDI graduates, proposing up to $7,000 in tuition reimbursement for those joining their team within a year of completing our program.
  • Stevens Transport commits to covering 100% of monthly loan payments for TDI alumni who join them, promising to pay off the loan completely after two years of service.
  • TMC Transportation innovates with a performance-based, not seniority-based, pay structure, enabling new drivers to potentially earn $60,000 in their first year.
  • Cypress Truck Lines balances their scale to offer consistent, nationwide freight opportunities while maintaining a personal, valued relationship with each driver.
  • U.S. Xpress Enterprises supports TDI graduates with a $200 monthly tuition assistance from the moment they sign on, plus a bi-annual $500 contribution towards loan payments.
  • KLLM Transport tailors driver careers through comprehensive initial orientation and training, with options for specialization in their fleet.
  • TransAm Trucking competes with a generous tuition reimbursement program, offering $125 monthly up to a total of $6,000.
  • H.O. Wolding provides escalating pay opportunities within the first year and reduced health insurance premiums after two years for TDI graduates.

Don’t Live in the Clarksville Area?

Many of our students live out of the area but still choose one of Tennessee’s most respected CDL training schools because of the quality training and partnerships with major carriers throughout the U.S.

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Tuition for attendance at the Murfreesboro area campus is $6,995. If you have any questions about tuition or the transfer of credits, please reach out to us to clear up any confusion.

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