CDL Hazmat Endorsement Salary: How Much More Can You Make

Are you considering your next move in the logistics industry and curious about the CDL hazmat endorsement salary? Generally, gaining extra certifications and education can help catapult your career to the next level and increase the number of opportunities afforded to you. The CDL hazmat endorsement test is a great way to do this- read on to learn more about the CDL hazmat endorsement salary.

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How to Obtain the CDL Hazmat Endorsement Salary

If you want to gain the ability to transport hazardous materials as a part of your professional driving career, you need to obtain the classification necessary to do so. Obtaining the CDL hazmat endorsement may differ depending on where you’re located.

Generally, anyone with a CDL interested in getting the endorsement can complete an online application to begin the process. If you reside in Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, or Wisconsin, however, you must visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles to begin the application process.

Obtaining Your CDL

If you want to benefit from the CDL hazmat endorsement salary, you first need to obtain your commercial driver’s license or CDL. Just as the hazmat endorsement allows you to transport hazardous materials, a CDL is the base requirement for hauling loads within certain weight limits. 

There are three primary types of CDL: classes A, B, and C. The most popular class- and the one that Truck Driver Institute focuses on- is class A. Obtaining a class A CDL allows you to operate vehicles whose requirements lie within the B and C classifications, making this type the most well-rounded and sound investment for a student.

What is the CDL Hazmat Endorsement Salary?

Here’s the answer you’ve all been waiting for: how much is the CDL hazmat endorsement salary, exactly? According to Indeed, you can earn salaries of over $100,000 with a CDL hazmat endorsement. This seems like a lot- and it is! Earning a CDL endorsement is an excellent way to increase your value to potential employers and secure a better-paying job with benefits and opportunities for growth.

While the hazmat endorsement is an excellent choice if you’re interested in growing in your trucking career, there are many different CDL endorsements that, once earned, significantly increase your value as a trucker.

Other Endorsements that May Increase Your Salary

After looking into the H (hazmat) endorsement and learning about the CDL hazmat endorsement salary, you may be motivated to look into other endorsements and how they can benefit your career. Read on to learn about several other popular CDL endorsements.

  • N Endorsement: The N endorsement allows CDL drivers to haul tanks or otherwise operate a vehicle containing a large tank of gaseous or liquid material.
  • P Endorsement: The P endorsement is required if you want to drive various passenger vehicles during your career as a professional driver. This endorsement allows CDL owners to lawfully operate vehicles that seat 16 or more people.
  • S Endorsement: The S endorsement can only be earned after obtaining the P endorsement. This endorsement allows CDL owners to operate a school bus. Due to the nature of the job, special requirements such as a background check and various tests must be passed before you can earn an S endorsement.
  • T Endorsement: A T endorsement allows drivers to operate a vehicle while towing a double or triple trailer.
  • X Endorsement: The X endorsement can be viewed as a combination of the N and H endorsements. This allows CDL owners to operate a vehicle that holds hazardous materials, is hauling a tank, or any combination of the two.

Other Ways to Grow in the Industry

You shouldn’t stop at collecting CDL endorsements. They’re a great way to grow as a professional and will likely increase your chances of having a successful career, but there are still plenty of ways for you to change things up and grow within the logistics field.

  • Start your own company: If you’ve been a truck driver for a long time, chances are you’re well-versed in the industry, how it operates, and how to be successful within it. If that’s the case, then you might be best off starting your own company. Doing so will allow you the agency to make your own decisions, grant you greater control over the value you create as a driver, and could prove to be a more fruitful career.
  • Become a truck driver dispatcher: Do you find yourself more comfortable working behind the scenes, or in an administrative role rather than in the field? Consider becoming a truck driver dispatcher. Truck driver dispatchers handle a large portion of the administrative tasks related to truck driving, including assigning routes, communicating with distributors, and being the first contact with drivers currently on hauls. If you already have experience on the road, chances are you would find success as a truck driver dispatcher.
  • Become a private driver or chauffeur: If you’re a truck driver, you already have thousands of hours of experience driving expensive vehicles, and doing so under high-pressure situations. Becoming a chauffeur can be a more relaxing and slower-paced position for previous truck drivers, and could be a change of pace that revitalizes your career. 
  • Become a truck driving instructor: In an industry that’s always looking for drivers, instructors are always needed to train them. Becoming an instructor is a popular choice for drivers that want to step away from the open road for a bit or those that find a passion in helping others ignite a career. If you find this to be the next step in your career, contact us at Truck Driver Institute.

If you’re looking to learn more about other truck driving careers, check out our blog post on the subject. Transitioning away from the road can be tough, but there are plenty of careers out there for truckers looking to find their next step.

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