Finding CDL Class A Local Jobs in Florida

Finding CDL Class A local jobs in Florida doesn’t always look like falling right into a job after you graduate with your CDL. Many truck drivers look around for the right job for their needs, and that can take some time. If you’re looking for truck driving jobs in Florida, just obtained your Class A CDL,, or are researching the job prospects in your area, we’ve broken down the process for you. Go into your new career with a plan!

CDL Class A Local Jobs in Florida

What is Local Driving?

A local driver stays within a specified area and often drives similar routes every day. Very often, these kinds of drivers work for one specific company, but this isn’t always the case. This allows you to develop professional relationships both with your company as well as the local dispatchers. Those connections can be really helpful, especially for truck drivers in their first few years of driving.

A local driver differs from regional and OTR (over the road) drivers in that they stay close to their specific city every day. They don’t do overnight trips. And local drivers usually sleep in their own homes every night. Increasing in distance, both regional and OTR drivers are on the road for much longer and don’t get to come home every night.

Is Local Driving Right For You?

Local driving isn’t for everybody, but is it the right job for you? Especially for newer drivers, local driving can be very advantageous depending on your stage of life and needs. Do you have a family that needs you around? Are you raising kids? Are you interested in a specific job in your area that needs experience you don’t have yet? Local driving could be a great choice for you.

Local driving is often considered to be more difficult than regional and OTR driving. This is because you spend less time driving and more time loading and unloading. You also may have to navigate smaller, local streets rather than staying on the highway. If you’re able to find a local configuration job, this can really help you continue to work on and improve your technical skills.

A desire to be home every night might be a good indication that driving locally will be better for you than regional or OTR driving. Local driving often pays slightly less than trucking jobs that have to travel longer distances, but the benefits of sleeping in your own bed and being around your family might make this tradeoff worth it for you.

Florida Is One of the Best States To Find a CDL Job In

Florida is one of the best places to find a truck driving job. The terrain is almost entirely flat, which makes driving a much smoother experience. The weather is also favorable year-round. Winter driving requires different equipment and training, but Florida stays at a pleasing temperature all year. This can make local configurations very desirable in Florida.

Additionally, Florida has very desirable routes for regional and OTR drivers. Quite a few trucking companies are headquartered in Florida, but major shipping hubs in a large state mean that there needs to be a lot of local shipping to help disperse goods.

Where to Find Local Trucking Jobs in Florida

For finding trucking jobs, a great place to start is by looking at the trucking companies headquartered near your city. With many major cities in the state, you might want to look specifically at your location for finding a good trucking job that will work for where you live. We’ve included a list of a few major companies spread out across Florida.


There are quite a few trucking companies stationed in Miami. Many of these companies will focus on drayage services for the ports across the coast due to the many ports in the area.

Go Freight Hub is one of these companies that focuses on drayage services. GFH owns many different shipping businesses in the city, has a high-income potential for local drivers, monthly bonuses, and an advanced transportation management system (TMS) that they boast has an “uber-like experience.” 

East Florida Hauling is another company located in Miami. EFH also offers full freight carrier services from their direct port access and has lots of local trucking routes due to Miami’s location and access.


Atlantic Truck Lines routinely hires local truck drivers. ATL primarily serves the southeast region, and they have been locally owned and operated in Jacksonville for 30 years. They’re a veteran in the industry with a modern fleet that drives supplies many local routes.

Florida Rock & Tank Lines Inc. ships both liquid and dry bulk across the southeast, but they are based in Jacksonville. With terminals all over the southeast, you could find a job in multiple cities with FR&TL.

With a major airport and coastal access, Jacksonville is a desirable Florida location for many Florida truck drivers looking to drive for a local fleet.


Inland Transport Inc. is based in Orlando, Florida, and has been in the business for over two decades. Inland Transport also hires local, regional, and OTR drivers, which may be desirable if you foresee yourself wanting to move away from local driving at some point in the future. Additionally, Orlando is a great location and place to raise kids.

Go With TDI to Help You Find CDL Class A Local Jobs in Florida

The Truck Driver Institute offers Class A CDL training classes for future truck drivers. TDI is full service, which means we do the training, testing, and networking when it comes to truck driving. With school locations all over the southeast, you’ll be able to find a TDI location near you and complete your CDL training in just three weeks. Our Florida locations are in Orlando and Pensacola.

After completing your training, you can sign up to take your CDL test at your TDI location. Upon passing, TDI graduates enjoy an 80% job placement, which means you can quickly move through the process and begin a new career with a short turnaround. With TDI, you won’t have any issues finding CDL Class A local jobs in Florida!

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