How Coronavirus Affects Trucking and Other Industries

If you’re thinking about beginning your trucking career and are wondering whether it’s the right career path for you, you’re probably curious about how coronavirus affects trucking and other similar industries. We’ll go over some of the ways that the current global pandemic has impacted the trucking industry, its drivers, and other related career fields so that you can understand how the industry is handling this current situation.

How Coronavirus Affects Trucking and Other Industries

How Coronavirus Affects Trucking

Over 3.5 million truck drivers across America are currently handling the changes that the coronavirus has brought to their industry. Trucking has become such an important industry during the COVID-19 situation that the hashtag #ThankATrucker began trending on Twitter just last week. There are many ways that trucking has been impacted by this pandemic:


Increased Shipping Volumes

Keeping the shelves consistently stocked at essential businesses has been crucial for maintaining the health and well-being of everyone during this pandemic. This has led to an overall increase in shipping volumes for trucking companies over the past three months. As more products need more frequent replenishment on store shelves, manufacturers rely on freight truckers to deliver their goods to the appropriate storefronts on time and efficiently.


Truck Driving Job Availability 

It is estimated that the current demand for truckers will only increase over the next few years. There will be an estimated 5% increase in the demand for working truckers between the years 2018 and 2028, a percentage that is expected to grow larger as more and more office-based workplaces announce plans to shut down their in-person work facilities through the next year. Not only will more people be on the hunt for job opportunities outside of traditional fields, there will also be more people working entirely from home. Both of these factors will play an important role in the increased availability of truck driving jobs in America and across the globe.


How Coronavirus Affects Trucking-Related Industries


The shipping industry has taken on increased demands for faster product movement, a process that truck driving helps make possible. Once overseas products make it to land, it is up to truckers to deliver those goods efficiently. Crude oil shippers are currently experiencing an especially high surge in demand through this crisis, making crude oil trucking an opportune career path for anyone looking to enter into the trucking world during coronavirus.  



Recent surveys have suggested that over 50% of manufacturing companies expect large-scale changes to their normal operating processes due to coronavirus, including logistics of shipping out products. These changes may decrease the speed at which manufacturers can produce their goods, making truck driving more vital to the manufacturing process than ever. As manufacturers experience slower production times, there will be an emphasis on truck drivers needing to deliver goods on tighter deadlines. 


What Potential Drivers Should Consider About How Coronavirus Affects Trucking

How the Trucking Lifestyle Can Keep Drivers Safe

Truck driving is an extremely unique career path that requires drivers to adapt their lifestyle to the needs of the job. Though truck drivers make frequent trips across many regions and even the entire country, social distancing measures are fairly easy to maintain in this career. Many hours on the road mean that truckers can travel to many different places while remaining safe in a solitary environment. 

Many trucking companies also do not require their drivers to unload their own vehicles upon delivery, instead relying on either store or warehouse employees to unload the trucks. This also helps keep truck drivers away from unnecessary exposure to others while on the job. Before applying to a truck driving company, try to research whether the company requires its drivers to load and unload their freight. If so, there are still many precautionary measures you can take as a trucker to protect yourself and those around you from exposure to coronavirus. The CDC has also created a truck driving guide to help truckers new and old to remain healthy while on the road. 


Safety Tips for Trucking During Coronavirus

Though many truckers are already able to maintain social distance on a regular basis, there are still other precautionary measures that truckers should take to prevent the spread of coronavirus:

  • Keep all hand sanitizers and disinfectants in a cool, dry area when not in use.
  • Regularly clean out and disinfect the entire cabin.
  • Wear personal protective equipment whenever outside the cabin and in situations where social distancing measures will be difficult to maintain (gas stations, stores, rest stops, during unloading, etc.)
    • Since washable masks should be cleaned daily to ensure their effectiveness, having multiple cloth masks is recommended for truckers. The CDC also offers guidelines on how to make your own cloth face coverings.

Along with these basic health and safety tips, trucking companies have begun instituting policies and protocols for their drivers to follow during this pandemic. Many companies will list a link to their COVID-19 resources on their official website’s homepage, giving you access to which trucking companies are taking the measures you need to stay healthy and safe. Visit our job placement page to review some of the best trucking companies in the industry. 


How Truck Driver Institute Can Help You Jumpstart Your Career During the Coronavirus

While many traditional career paths have been put to a halt by these trying times, the trucking industry is looking to grow and bring necessary products to cities and communities everywhere. If your career has been negatively impacted by the coronavirus situation and you’re looking to work in a unique, growing industry, Truck Driver Institute is here to guide you through the process of becoming a licensed commercial truck driver. 

For nearly 50 years, TDI has been dedicated to getting our students prepared for a career on the road. Through our vocational programs and partnerships with the best commercial trucking companies in the business, your career as a prepared and professional truck driver begins with us.

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