How Does Team Truck Driving Work?

For truck drivers looking to make a little more money, you may think to yourself, “Exactly how does team truck driving work?” Team truck driving involves two licensed people taking turns operating a semi-truck while overseeing different tow loads. Often team drivers can earn more money than their individual counterparts because they can cover more ground with their partner.

How Does Team Truck Driving Work?

The truck driving industry has various job opportunities for drivers to choose from. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned driver, these opportunities never expire for drivers. 

Spouse teams are popular amongst team drivers, but major carriers offer incentives for drivers to join a team. Many people don’t have the ability to drive with their spouse, however, team truck driving has multiple advantages. You will spend more time away from your family and with your teammate, so it’s important to consider every aspect of the cooperation before you fully commit yourself to the arrangement. 

If you are interested in team truck driving, here is some helpful information to take into consideration. 

How Does Team Truck Driving Work? 

Most people think that a career in the truck driving industry is a lonely occupation. Did you know that you don’t have to work alone? 

Team truck driving allows two drivers to cooperate in delivering various tow loads. When you drive as a team, each driver shares the same responsibilities, driving time, and truck. This allows the team to operate more efficiently. As one team member is driving, the other can be giving directions or resting and preparing themselves for their shift. 

Most companies prefer team drivers because they can cover more miles in a shorter amount of time—creating a quicker turnaround. This way companies meet the demand expectations of today’s shipping services. 

Team Truck Driving Has Great Benefits

Consumers are increasingly demanding faster shipping, which increases the demand for team truck drivers. The benefits of team truck driving go far beyond the outcomes that it produces for major carriers and consumers. 

Earn better compensation 

Because team drivers are able to operate their truck for longer hours and miles, they receive more pay per mile. Many large carriers and companies will offer sign-on bonuses for team truck drivers. Even though your earnings are split, team drivers will earn more since they can deliver freights in half the time it would normally take a solo driver. Rates vary with team drivers depending on the carrier, but they can earn at least $500 more a week than solo drivers. 

Drive with your spouse

Of course, you both will need to acquire a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and become owner-operators. Numerous drivers utilize this benefit to their advantage. Spouse drivers don’t split the earnings, meaning that all earnings stay within one household. Enjoy the comfort of knowing how your teammate lives and works—establishing a consistent teamwork foundation from the beginning. Instead of one going weeks or months without seeing the other, spouse teams allow for plenty of quality time together.

Improved safety

Drivers want to meet their deadlines, but long hours on the road present fewer opportunities to rest. Team truck driving reduces fatigue and prevents drivers from falling asleep at the wheel because as one driver is operating the truck, the other driver is resting before their shift. Illnesses and injuries can be properly taken care of when you drive within a team. 

Receive help with deliveries

The responsibilities of operating a truck is split between two drivers, making the arrangement more efficient. You don’t have to back up into tight spaces alone when you’re loading and unloading cargo. Pre-trip inspections can be performed more quickly with two people, as well. 

While these are the main benefits of team truck driving, major carriers have more extensive benefits available. 

Is Team Truck Driving for You?

There’s no denying the fact that team truck driving comes with significant benefits. Yet, these benefits shouldn’t be your only considerations for the job. 

Without actually driving as a team, it may be difficult to know if it’s the right career choice for you. However, just think about it. 

Do you think that you can spend a large amount of time with someone in a confined space? Would you want to? A lot of people enjoy their personal space, even married couples. With another driver in the cab, you have to be considerate of how they live and work because you will be with them for weeks at a time. It’s important to realize that team truck driving is a serious commitment.

Become a Team Truck Driver at Truck Driver Institute

Now you’re probably wondering “how do I become a team truck driver?”

Usually, you will have two options. For drivers who already obtain their CDL, you can find a recruiter or job board to become a team truck driver. If you are an inexperienced truck driver, you will need to attend a truck driving school to acquire a CDL. 

Lucky for you, you can get started at Truck Driver Institute (TDI) for as little as $225 upfront!

Truck Driver Institute is a smart and affordable option. Applying to TDI is simple because we don’t require our applicants to sign lengthy contracts that restrict your career choices. We boast an over 80% CDL job placement rate. Our teachers and professionals at our institution will work with students individually to help students acquire necessary team driving skills. 

The curriculum for team driving and individual driving is essentially the same. Our instructors and professionals at TDI want you to meet your driving goals with our three-week program. Most of the significant team truck driving skills are social in nature, so TDI is focused on developing relationships between experienced drivers and students seeking to start a rewarding career in truck driving. Every TDI instructor values safety, quality, and longevity to instill in the training program. 

TDI works with over 20 professional carriers who actively recruit TDI graduates so that you can find a job upon graduation! Once you’re accepted to TDI, you will be pre-screened based on our employment partners’ requirements so companies will know that you are qualified to work in the trucking industry beforehand. Although most of our program participants accept job offers before they finish their training, we offer continuing placement services to all TDI graduates if you don’t accept a job offer.

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