How to Know if a Trucking Career Is For You

Pursuing a trucking career is a considerably major career choice for anyone to make. While the job is uniquely rewarding, allowing truck drivers to travel the country and meet new people, not everyone can manage its somewhat demanding aspects. There are numerous reasons why people decide to become a truck driver, but it’s when they receive their commercial driver’s license (CDL) that they begin to question if a trucking career is right for them.

Some people knew they wanted to become a truck driver before even starting CDL training. However, it takes time for many people to determine whether or not taking the big leap into the trucking industry will be worthwhile. Luckily, experts at Truck Driver Institute have an immense amount of knowledge about the industry to help you figure out once and for all if trucking is the right career path you should take. 

How to Know if a Trucking Career Is For You

6 Signs That a Trucking Career Is In Your Future

With the latest driver shortage, a trucking career can offer bountiful job security and the opportunity for growth in the industry. If consumers continue to purchase goods online, truck drivers will remain essential and necessary. 

Whether you’re looking for employment or want to make a career change, there are few things you should consider before you decide to get behind the wheel for the long haul.

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1. You Want More Freedom

There aren’t many other jobs that offer you as much freedom as the trucking industry. With every mile, your work ahead of you changes. From mountain tops to lush green fields, you’ll never have to stare at your computer screen or the same four walls of your office ever again when you become a truck driver.

If you dislike the idea of sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day, a trucking career could be a valuable option for you. As a truck driver, you take different routes with every delivery, which allows you to see new places, meet new people, and indulge in different cultures. Truck driving might be a considerable career for you if you want a career with no limits on adventure.

2. You Like Driving

When you become a truck driver, you sign up to do just that on a daily basis. Not only will you be driving everyday, but you’ll most likely be driving an eighteen-wheeler carrying tons of components such as tangible goods, heavy machinery, and chemicals or gas.

In order for a trucking career to be a fruitful career path for you, you need to be comfortable with having the responsibility to drive safely with precious cargo attached to your rig. You’ll understand if you can achieve the latter when you begin the driving portion of your CDL training.

3. You Enjoy Being Alone

Even though truck drivers can become part of a team, driving for long hours at a time can get blissfully lonely. This part of the job is inevitable, no matter how often you speak with your family and friends or listen to your favorite podcast.

Some days you’ll get very minimal human interaction, so it’ll be up to you to compensate for that loss of contact. You don’t have to be an introvert to enjoy a trucking career, but you do have to come to terms with the fact that you’ll have a lot of downtime by yourself.

4. You Are Accountable

You will have numerous responsibilities that you will be held accountable for as a truck driver. The moment you buckle into your rig, you become accountable for the actions you take on the road. You must watch for other drivers as well as yourself because you are ultimately the trucking company’s representation.

The DOT and other law enforcement agencies make it stringent for truck drivers to perform their duties safely. However, if you can hold yourself accountable and comply with DOT regulations and take on the high level of responsibility, then a trucking career is the answer.

5. You Are Organized

Believe it or not, truck drivers deal with a large amount of paperwork. While some carriers have gone digital in terms of storing their truckers’ delivery data, others maintain the good old “pen and paper” method. However, both methods require drivers to have exceptional organizational skills.

If you can’t properly allocate your time, manage a tight schedule, and store your important DOT documents for weigh station attendants, law enforcement officers, and your trucking company, then you should consider a career other than trucking.

6. You Can Compromise

As a truck driver, you get to travel while getting paid, but you miss out on moments and memories that could be made at home. Compromise is an inherent part of being a truck driver. Before you make your career decision, make sure that you and your family will be able to effectively deal with your absence.

Consider how your family feels about your trucking career and create new forms of communication and involvement with your family to maintain your relationship at home. If you are willing to compromise and you have the support of your family to become a truck driver, a trucking career could be for you. 

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