Tips For How Truck Drivers Stay Connected to Family

Driving long hours and being away from home for days at time makes it essential that truck drivers stay connected to family. A life on the road can be difficult, especially when your family and friends are all together celebrating holidays and special events while you’re behind the wheel of a rig. When you’re on the road for most of your day, your favorite podcast or radio network can’t replace the feelings you get from the presence of your family.

While you might not be able to be with your family, technology and business developments have made it possible for truck drivers to stay connected to family and combat the loneliness of the open road and through thoughtful interactions.

Tips For How Truck Drivers Stay Connected to Family

5 Quick Tips for How Truck Drivers Stay Connected to Family

It’s important for truck drivers to communicate and interact with their families while away from home because without that sense of connection, the job can get challenging quickly. Staying connected to family allows truck drivers to maintain their mental health as they are consistently up-to-date with what’s going on at home, which makes them feel closer to home.

There are many ways that truck drivers can utilize the technology they have at their disposal to maintain their bond with their family. However, there are far more ways in which truck drivers stay connected to family.

1. Plan Times to Video Chat

If you and your family have a smartphone, mobile device, or laptop, there’s a high chance that you have access to video chat. Video chats are a convenient way for truck drivers to see the faces of their family members and hear their voices, as well. Whether you want to congratulate your daughter after her dance recital or miss your family more than usual, video chats are the best option.

To ensure that you have ample amount of time to talk with your family, plan your video chats in advance. Remember that your schedule, and sometimes time zone, is different from your families. You don’t want to randomly try to video chat with them and get disappointed because they’re sleeping or unavailable.

2. Send Personalized Gifts

Gifts are another great way for truck drivers to stay connected to family. They don’t just have to be birthday gifts either. Many companies specialize in creating personalized boxes to gift to someone for a special occasion or just because. For example, if your son just started shaving, you can send him a shaving gift box like the one from Harry’s, an online men’s shaving company.

You can also gift games, snacks, clothes, really anything you can think of. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sending gifts from remote areas. By simply searching online for the gift you would like to send to your loved ones, you can find numerous organizations that have extensive options for you to make an impact on your family’s day and bring a smile to their faces.

3. Maintain Communication on Facebook

Facebook is the hub for connecting families no matter how extensive they may be. You can easily share what you’re doing with pictures, videos, and live chats without having to coordinate a time. Once your family has a chance to check their Facebook, they’ll see your posts and comments and cherish those moments you shared.

The integration of Facebook Live has made moments become more intimate as your family and friends are able to see and hear you in real time. If they aren’t able to witness it right away, the live video will save to your profile for your family to view at a later time so they’ll never miss out on seeing you.

4. Get Creative

Some of the most memorable moments can be made when you get creative with how you connect with your family while on the road. Send your family on a scavenger hunt to find a valuable prize that includes an experience, not a tangible item. Experiences will leave a longer lasting impact on your family than gifts even though experiences can be gifted.

You can even let your creativity shine with handwritten letters to your family. Handwritten letters are outdated and rarely used as a form of communication, but their reduced use has made the method much more intimate and personal because of the time it takes to write them. Your family will be surprised and delighted to receive such a thoughtful gesture that expresses your feelings and gives advice for your kids to cherish.

5. Be There Whenever You Can Be

Truck drivers stay connected to family best when they’re actually with their family. With a demanding schedule, you’re not always able to be present in your family, but when your schedule allows it, make your best effort to show up. No matter how much you’d rather unwind and relax after getting home from work, play games with your kids, throw the football with your son, or cook dinner with your significant other.

In order to build an irresistibly strong connection with your family, try to schedule your home time to align with special occasions and holidays. These times are the ones truck drivers regret missing the most, as they hold a plethora of memories that will last a lifetime. While it may be difficult to do, you’ll be glad you took the time to make the change and be there for your family.

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Now that you know how truck drivers stay connected to family, implement our helpful tips in your everyday life to create a successful future for your family while maintaining a strong, healthy bond.

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