Top 5 Job Interview Tips for Truck Drivers

We’ve created a list of the 5 best job interview tips for truck drivers to follow. With so many different companies to choose from, knowing how to prepare yourself for the trucking job market can be difficult—read more to make your next interview a success and make the next step in your career.

Top 5 Job Interview Tips for Truck Drivers

1. Recognize the Questions & Match Them to Your Experience

This is the best job interview tip for truck drivers and many other careers for a reason. The more familiar you are with common questions asked in trucking interviews, the more prepared you can be to answer them thoughtfully, thoroughly, and with regards to your previous experience. Here are some interview questions specifically related to truck driving that you should reflect upon when practicing for your next interview:

  • Where have you travelled to in your trucking career? Are you more familiar with certain areas and regions than others?
  • How do you plan out your trucking routes in advance? What are the steps you take to travel the most efficient routes possible?
  • What is the longest haul you have had to make as a truck driver? How did you manage to keep your focus while also fulfilling your duties on time?
  • What identification, paperwork, or time logs do you keep on-hand while trucking?
  • Have you ever had an accident while on the road? If so, how were you able to handle the situation calmly and effectively?

Though these are far from the only questions you’ll be expected to answer, they are a great starting point for knowing what to expect from your next truck driving interview. 


2. Be Familiar With Unexpected Trucking Scenarios

Reflecting on your experience in the truck driving industry can help you respond to tough situations that may come up while on the road. In truck driving interviews, you’ll likely be asked how you have handled unexpected scenarios in a fast and efficient manner. Some example scenarios that you can use to begin reflecting on your own experience include:

  • Imagine a situation where you were running late on a delivery due to a traffic jam or a mistake in your route. How could you maintain safe and legal driving standards while preserving your quality customer service?
  • What would you do in a scenario where you were involved in an accident caused by another driver?
  • In a situation where your truck needed maintenance while on the road, what forms of basic maintenance could you provide? What are maintenance problems that you would need to contact outside help for?

If you are new to the world of truck driving, it may be difficult for you to think of what you may do in an unexpected scenario while in the field. This is why it is important to do additional research on the truck driving lifestyle and the many experiences of more seasoned veterans in the trucking industry. You can visit our blog to read more about the kinds of situations you may encounter on the road, as well as lifestyle tips for truckers new and old.


3. Know Your Truck Driving Record and How to Discuss It

Though there are some companies willing to take newly licensed drivers on the road, many trucking companies are looking to hire drivers with at least some field experience. Interviewers like to interview candidates with consistently successful driving records, including no previous accidents and an accurate record of on-time deliveries. However, even if you have some less positive marks on your driving record, you can still speak to your experience in becoming a better driver through the difficult scenarios you have faced. If you need help learning about how to talk about your truck driving experience, consider how you demonstrate the top qualities of a good truck driver so you can speak confidently about your professional record in your next interview.


4. Research the Trucking Company — Know Their Cargo

To excel in a trucking interview, you want to demonstrate to your interviewer that you have carefully considered their company and are familiar with what your specific role as a driver would be like for their company. Depending on the breadth of your experience in the trucking field, you may be looking for a company that specializes in shipping a specific type of cargo with policies and general protocols that you’re already familiar with. If you’re looking into a company whose cargo is less related to your previous experience, you’ll want to do additional research on any certificates or training you may need to carry certain cargo. Check out our list of partnered trucking companies to get a head start on the many company options you have to continue your career on the road.


5. Ask Questions About Trucking for the Company

Just as the company you’re interviewing with wants to know if you’re the right candidate for the job, you want to ensure that the company you’re interviewing with can meet your needs and expectations as a truck driver. Though you won’t want to ask equally as many questions as you are given, there are some key questions for you to keep in mind as you consider your future career:

  • What is your home time policy for your company’s drivers?
  • Does your company pay the commercial truck insurance required for my work vehicle?
  • What is your company-’s fueling policy? 
  • Does your company pay drivers on an hourly basis, or per-mile?
  • As a driver for your company, how and when will my performance and progress be measured?
  • Are your company’s truckers also responsible for the loading and unloading of cargo?


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