Top Female Owned Trucking Companies

Top Female Owned Trucking Companies

Trucking may seem male dominated but there are actually several highly valued, women owned trucking companies. Women continue to make their way in every industry, from science to medicine to education to transportation. These female owned trucking companies are open and dedicated to getting more women into the trucking industry. Trucking has a long history of being a male dominated industry, and while men do make up a large percentage of the trucking industry, there is always room for women to join the ranks. Moreover, with the truck driver shortage, women and new drivers are needed more than ever. 

Everyday, women are starting their truck driving careers, causing the industry to change lanes. Truck driving is a career anyone can do with the proper training and education. You don’t need to have been doing it or studying it your entire life to be able to become a truck driver. However, some men and truck driving companies still cling to old and outdated ways of thinking. Some women, despite being lawfully licensed and with ample experience, are still denied the opportunity to drive for certain companies solely based on their gender. Recently, multiple women came forward and put forth a lawsuit against the companies that denied them employment based on their gender. Even now, despite the passing of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972 and the continued national shortage of truck drivers, women continue to face issues surrounding jobs and receiving the same opportunities as male truck drivers and men in other fields as well. 

If you’ve ever considered being a woman in trucking, check out these frequently asked questions. The truck driving industry is making a change and more female truck drivers are being hired every year. Truck driving is hard and dirty which makes people believe that it’s best for men; however, these top 5 women owned trucking companies are here to show that those stereotypes are wrong.

Top 5 Women Owned Trucking Companies

Veriha Trucking

Veriha Trucking was founded in Wisconsin 1978 by John Veriha. Now owned by John’s daughter, Karen, Veriha Trucking is a bustling trucking company that once had small beginnings but now provides services in 48 states and some parts of Canada. They have a fleet of over 250 drivers and are mainly located in the Northeast region of the United States. They haul things like paper and produce and everything in between. Although long-hauls can be intimidating, women all over the nation can complete these jobs that transport necessary goods such as these.

Being a family owned business, they treat their drivers well and prioritize their safety as well as extensive benefits. With Karen leading the helm, too, women are welcomed with open arms into the company and will receive the same benefits as their male counterparts. Recently, two of their staff members were featured in the Women in Trucking “Women to Watch 2020” list. This women owned trucking company is dedicated to providing affordable, safety conscious transportation services. They aren’t satisfied until you are–just like TDI. 

AGT Global Logistics

The founder of All Girls Transportation (AGT), Angela Eliacostas has more than 25 years of experience in the trucking industry. Angela has worked her way into this industry from the ground up, just like many male truck drivers claim and do as well.  Eliacostas got her start in this industry as a young girl. When she first began working in trucking, she helped her father fuel, wash and park the trucks he owned at his trucking company. Talk about hands-on experience! Later, she became a billing clerk and after that an industry leader. She started from the bottom and worked her way up the industry ladder, and founded one of the most well-known and experienced trucking companies.

Having worked in the industry for so long, Angela saw a need in the trucking industry and decided to fill it with the knowledge she’s acquired over the years. AGT has more to offer than cargo vans and trucks, their company also offers temperature controlled transportation and they are regulated to pull hazardous materials. Although much of the US economy is made up of non-hazardous materials like the products you see in your local grocery store or corner store, the government and other businesses have hazardous materials that must be transported safely and efficiently. AGT Global Logistics is here to provide high quality service for your valuable freight.

Knichel Logistics

Knichel Logistics is located just north of Pittsburgh, and is a woman owned and operated 3rd party logistics provider. They are family owned and provide intermodal, less than truckload, full truckload, and specialty services. Knichel Logistic was first a railroad company that was founded in 1974 but later transitioned into a trucking transportation company. As industry and transportation changed in the United States, and more and more nations used trucks rather than trains to transport goods, Knichel Logistics pivoted to follow the nation’s needs. The new Knichel Logistics was founded in 2003 with the founder, William Knichel and current CEO and president Kristy.  This female owned trucking company is family oriented, passed on from father to daughter and Kristy’s brother sits as vice president and that’s part of what drives their success. This family-led truck driving company keeps family in mind daily for themselves and their employees, many of whom are women truck drivers, dispatchers, and more. Their goal is to be the best third party logistics provider they can and they work hard every day to make sure that happens.

Rihm Family Companies

Rihm Family Companies is owned and operated by Kari Rihm. Unlike other CEOs and founders on the list of women-owned truck driving companies, Kari did not set out with the intention to run this company, as she was planning to retire in 2010 but a sudden tragedy changed her plans. Before she took over, the business, then called Rihm Kenworth, was ready to be sold. When Kari came into the picture she had to convince many people that she was the right person to take over the truck dealership and parts supplier. Despite being owned by the Rihm family, Kari still had to convince them that she was the right person to take over the company and lead it into the future. After all this, she eventually took on the role and exceeded expectations, winning the 2015 Influential Women in Trucking award. Initially founded in 1932, their business spans over 4 generations of family and their first business. Rhim Kenworth one of the oldest and largest trucking dealers in the United States. Their goal is to grow their business and this female owned trucking company works to treat others as they would like to be treated.

Aria Logistics

Aria Logistics was founded in 2013 by Arelis Gutierrez. The goal when starting the business was to simplify transportation management from coast to coast. Truck driving can become complicated with the many factors involved, truck drivers, and other employees. Aria Logistics works to connect companies to businesses that need to ship their products quickly and efficiently. Especially in this 2-day and overnight shipping era, this niche part of the transportation industry is becoming more and more vital. They understand that the needs of their customers and the customers of their clients are growing and changing and they must change to fit those needs. Aria Logistics is a family owned business and they are proud to be reliable and offer quality services. Their mission is to deliver 100 percent satisfaction to their customers, to keep them happy and coming back. Aria Logistics is a proud member of the Women in Trucking Association, and they also partner with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and other disaster relief funds. Not only are they caring for their employees, but they are putting their money where their mouth is! This female owned trucking company not only works to provide you with the best transportation services but also gives back to the community in as many ways as possible.

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