What is Truck Driving School Really Like? 5 Myths Debunked

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new, rewarding career opportunity, truck driving school may be the answer. Trucking schools help prepare people to take their CDL test and obtain their class A license. In a matter of just a few weeks, students are able to go through a trucking school program, take their CDL test, and potentially begin a new career.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about what truck driving school is like. Many people are misinformed about what the schooling involves, where they can find one, how much it costs and what opportunities may come from attending a truck driving school.

In this article, we’re debunking some of the most common myths around trucking schools to help set the record straight. Explore the real facts and become informed about the incredible opportunity these schools offer today.

What is Truck Driving School?

First, let’s cover what truck driving school is. A trucking school is a program that teaches people how to become a professional truck driver and prepares them to pass the commercial driver’s license (CDL) test. The CDL test is required to drive a large commercial truck in the U.S.

A truck driving school, such as Truck Driver Institute, is an affordable, immersive program that covers both the written material on the CDL test, as well as the components of the road test. The program is led by experienced truck drivers who can properly answer students’ questions and provide helpful feedback along the way.

Additionally, some truck driving schools help their graduates after they’ve finished school, as well. TDI helps their graduates find a job in the trucking industry. In fact, they currently have an over 80% placement rate for their graduating students! TDI’s experienced team of advisors will help you figure out exactly what to expect after you graduate the program.

Myth #1: Trucking Schools Don’t Exist

Although you may not have seen advertisements for truck driving schools on television or hear them on the radio in your area, they do exist. A truck driving school is not a scam or a made-up program. They are real, valuable schools that successfully prepare students for the CDL test.

Trucking schools come in all sizes and are offered in many states. It’s important to thoroughly research a truck driving school before enrolling, to ensure they’re offering a reputable and high-quality program. Read their online reviews, study their program’s curriculum and scope out their job placement rate for their graduates.

The Reality: Truck Driving Schools are Available in Several States

TDI has 11 trucking schools across eight states, to ensure there are local truck driving schools in your area. For more than 45 years, Truck Driver Institute has offered professional CDL training in the industry. TDI’s trucking schools have a reputation for graduating safe CDL drivers, and connecting graduates with the top trucking carriers in the business.

Explore our 11 locations to find local truck driving schools near you today.

Myth #2: You Don’t Need a Trucking School to Get Your CDL License

One of the best ways someone can prepare themselves for the CDL test is enrolling in a reputable truck driving school. A trucking school will cover every aspect of the written test as well as the road test, so you know exactly what to expect and are not caught off guard.

Additionally, a trucking school has a team of experienced truck driving professionals who are available for any questions or to assist students with their concerns. Program advisors are also available to consult with students on topics such as program cost, and job placement after graduation.

Trucking schools teach students more than how to take the written portion of the CDL test, they teach them road safety, highway driving, how to properly back up, how to maneuver a large truck, how to prepare for a trip, and much, much more. These are things that are very difficult to learn on your own, without the help of a trucking school.

Give yourself the best possible chance at passing the CDL exam and being properly prepared to enter the trucking industry by enrolling in a truck driving school such as TDI.

The Reality: There are Many Benefits of Truck Driving Schools

There are numerous benefits to enrolling in truck driving school at TDI. Explore some of the biggest reasons to enroll today:

  • Excellent financial aid options including military benefits, carrier-paid tuition, student financing, and scholarship options for self-paying students.
  • The opportunity to train on trucks and not simulators on a safe, off-road, multi-acre driving range.
  • Individualized student support, every step of the way from enrollment through graduation.
  • Job placement with top carriers in the trucking industry, with great pay and benefits.

Myth #3: Trucking Schools are for Long-haul Truckers Only

To put it simply, truck driving school is not just for long-haul truck drivers. This is a huge misconception that is incredibly inaccurate. There are numerous job opportunities for someone who wants to pass their CDL test, which is what trucking schools help you do.

It’s important to note that while most people with their CDL opt to drive a large truck of some kind, that isn’t always the case. Perhaps you love working with large trucks but are not interested in driving one? By getting your class A license, you have the opportunity to work as a dispatcher for a truck carrier in an office setting, or to teach at a truck driving school.

The Reality: There are Numerous Truck Driving Opportunities

Once someone has their CDL, they are able to explore many truck driving career opportunities. Here are just a few:

  • School bus drivers
  • City transit drivers
  • Package delivery carriers, such as UPS and FedEx
  • Truck driving school instructors
  • Dispatchers

Explore even more opportunities in our recent blog post on the many truck driving jobs available.

Myth #4: You’re on Your Own After You Graduate to Find a Job

By choosing a high-quality, reputable truck driving school, you won’t be on your own after graduation when it comes time to find a job. The best schools in the industry help walk you through the job finding process, from start to finish. At TDI, the caring admissions representatives specialize in job placement for our graduates.

TDI understands that the goal of graduating from trucking school is to begin an exciting, new career, start making great money and having the ability to receive fantastic benefits. The experienced staff is on-hand to answer students’ questions, help with tuition concerns, assist with the job application process and more. At TDI, rest assured you will never be left to figure things out on your own when it comes to finding a job.

The Reality: TDI Supports You during the Job Placement Process

At TDI, the team has been working with some of the best trucking carriers for more than 45 years. These carrier partners rely on TDI to provide them with the best truck drivers possible, so they’re able to meet their never-ending needs. As a TDI graduate, you will have your Commercial Driver’s License and job opportunities with good pay and amazing benefits such as medical insurance, dental insurance, 401K retirement, and more.

Truck Driver Institute works hard to be your gateway to a new career and we pride ourselves on our over 80% job placement rate.

Myth #5: Truck Driving School is Too Expensive

The myth that truck driving school is too expensive couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are very few costs associated with trucking schools. Additionally, when compared to the costs of college, a truck driving school is incredibly affordable.

Costs Associated with a Truck Driving School

  • $200-$300 (general) out of pocket program cost
  • Travel expenses if you attend a school out of state
  • Lodging costs
  • Meals for 3 weeks

The Reality: There Are Several Ways You Can Save Money

TDI offers several career education funding opportunities to ensure the cost of the program is as affordable as possible for students. Additionally, TDI also works with several carriers to offer tuition assistance programs.

Career Education Funding

TDI’s Student Services Department is available to assist in coordinating and implementing the best funding option for you. This includes working with you to secure several financial assistance options. Contact the TDI team today to learn more about these opportunities.

Employer Tuition Assistance

Many of the trucking companies that TDI works with are willing to invest in your education through Tuition Assistance Programs, once hired after graduation. This incentive is above and beyond a very attractive pay package. The TDI team can let you know which carriers offer this benefit.

Where Can I Find the Right Truck Driving School for Me?

Truck Driver Institute offers an all-encompassing, 3-week truck driving school that successfully prepares students to pass their CDL test and get their Class A license.

The TDI team has trained tens of thousands of students over the years. We’ve been in business for 46 years and have locations located in 8 states, for the students’ convenience. We also work with 20+ carriers to help our students get hired after graduating. Get started with Truck Driver Institute today.

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