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Truck Driver Institute has been providing career access in central Indiana since 2004. We recently relocated and are able to accommodate more students than ever before. With over 18-acres, modern classrooms, and state-of-the-art training centers, our truck driving school near Anderson, Indiana is the most respected and admired in the state. When you enroll in our program, you’ll be equipped to earn your Indiana Class A or Class B CDL License in just three weeks!

Courses are led by dedicated instructors who engage you in the technical aspects of responsibly operating a semi-truck, bus, or other large commercial vehicles. You’ll leave the classroom portion of Truck Driver Institute’s training program with the ability to plan trips, keep a driver’s log, survey maps, and expertly assess the operational safety of your vehicle before starting a trip. 

Our classrooms provide tools; our driving ranges provide experience. Once you understand how to safely operate a semi-truck, you’ll receive hands-on training to apply your knowledge. Truck Driver Institute turns over the keys to a full-sized 18 wheeler. Our instructors work with you until you can shift, turn, and reverse with total confidence. At the conclusion of your comprehensive training, Truck Driver Institute offers Indiana Class A CDL License testing on-site at our truck driving school near Anderson, Indiana!  

Truck Driver Institute provides more than career preparedness, we facilitate career access with an over 86% job placement success rate. Over the last 47 years, companies have come to trust and respect our graduates. Truck Driver Institute is the largest Class A CDL School East of the Rockies not owned by a trucking company. As such, our graduates aren’t locked into one company–we have partnerships with over 20 carriers.

Unlike training programs that just want to fulfill positions, Truck Driver Institute wants to provide long-term careers. Simultaneous to your training, you’ll partner with our placement specialists to target employers that meet your needs. Truck Driver Institute understands that your career aspirations may evolve over time, which is why our free placement services are always available to our graduates should they decide to change carriers.


Our Truck Driving School In Anderson, IN

Our state-of-the-art, Indianapolis truck driving training center is just 56 miles from Anderson, Indiana. It’s easily accessible location south of Greenwood Municipal Airport off I-65 allows for a seamless daily commute. For our students’ convenience, Truck Driver Institute has built each of our 10 campuses in central locations. 


Don’t Live In Central Indiana?

You don’t have to be a resident of Indiana to earn your CDL license in our state! Our truck driving school near Anderson, Indiana offers a modern facility, comprehensive training, and successful job placement attracts career seekers from across the country! We’re dedicated to facilitating your success, which is why Truck Driver Institute offers lodging for our out-of-town students while they complete their coursework. 


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Upon graduating from Truck Driver Institute, you’ll have access to a career with real earning potential. Truck drivers’ starting salaries range from $700-$1000 per week. Beyond the financial benefits, truck driving careers provide opportunities to travel, experience new things, and make unforgettable memories. Give us three weeks, and we’ll give you a career you’ll love for life. Truck Driver Institute gets your career on the road.


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