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Our CDL School Crestview FL location is your pathway to a successful truck driving career.

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A Premier CDL Training Hub in Crestview FL

Our CDL school Crestview FL location, offers an outstanding CDL training experience at one of the nation’s best truck driving schools. Our comprehensive, 3-week program is designed to equip students with all the technical skills and practical knowledge they will need while on the road. Our graduates are sought after by leading carriers, thanks to the quality of our training and our carrier partnerships.

Unlock Your Future in Trucking

Our curriculum blends classroom instruction with extensive behind-the-wheel training. We ensure that every student leaves our campus ready to meet and exceed the expectations of major transportation companies. We also ensure that they are able to adapt while on the road to anything they may encounter while on the road while keeping safety as a top priority. Our approach provides the tools necessary for a promising, safe, and prosperous career as a truck driver.



Accelerate Your Future

Why Choose Our CDL Training in Crestview?

Choosing to become a truck driver is a big decision, and it’s crucial to pick the right training program. Our CDL school stands out in Florida for its commitment to excellence and comprehensive training. We provide an education that prepares you as thoroughly as possible to pass your CDL exam, partner with a carrier, and begin a successful, recession-proof career.

TDI vs. Vocational School

TDI Vocational School
ELDT training X
Ongoing job placement X
Comprehensive 3-week program X
Hands-on training (no simulators) X
On-site training and testing X
Established since 1973 X
80% job placement with thecarrier of your choice X
Freedom to choose your employer X
Contract requirements with carriers X
Lower pay right out of graduation X
Simulator training X

Applied Learning Experience

At TDi, we immerse you in real-world driving scenarios using a commercial vehicle to master driving techniques such as off-road and night driving. Our expansive, 10-acre training grounds allow for a safe learning environment, ensuring you gain the confidence and skills of an experienced truck driver.

Expert Instructors

Our faculty combines hands-on training with theoretical knowledge, covering all necessary aspects to ensure you are fully prepared for your CDL exam. From mechanical knowledge to regulatory compliance, our instructions are dedicated to your success. Additionally, all of our instructors are former truck drivers, so they will provide you with unique insights to help you succeed on the road. And if you are struggling in a certain area, they will gladly work with you individually to find a way that best works for you to understand the information and successfully apply it behind the wheel.

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Begin Your Trucking Career Now

Learn essential skills such as map reading, trip planning, and vehicle safety inspection with our team. Plus, all TDI students participate in the Truckers Against Trafficking program to further educate them on the importance of remaining alert while on the road.
Our hands-on training includes driving 18-wheelers, teaching you maneuvers crucial for safe and efficient driving, and answering any questions you have before getting behind the wheel of your new career.

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Easy Access Location in Crestview

Located conveniently with easy access for daily commutes, our CDL school Crestview FL location is ideal for local and out-of-town students alike. We offer high-quality training that attracts students nationwide due to our established partnerships with major carriers.

Job Placement

In addition to receiving top-of-the-line CDL training at TDI, all of our students work with our job placement team to secure a position before graduation so that they can begin participating in this dynamic industry right when they pass their CDL exam.

The Advantages of Being a Truck Driver in Crestview

The trucking industry is booming, and Crestview is at the heart of this growth, which makes it an excellent place for your CDL training. With diverse routes and a significant and constantly increasing need for truck drivers, our school provides a gateway to a thriving career filled with advancement opportunities. Enjoy the perks of local routes and the option for long-haul trips, all beginning with your first day at our CDL school Crestview FL location.

Jon and Tammy Walker

Tennessee truck driving schoolTruck Driver Institute was the best choice for us. TDI allowed us to explore all carriers opportunities. The instructors were top notch, caring supportive and patient. We would recommend TDI to anyone interested in a career in the trucking industry.

Life as a Truck Driver in Florida

Florida offers a unique backdrop for truck drivers, from beautiful beaches to vibrant cities. With flexible work schedules and the opportunity for significant downtime, you can enjoy all that Florida has to offer. 

Florida is an excellent location to get your CDL and embark on your truck driving career because there are plenty of routes within the state if you don’t want to be a long-haul driver. The state is 53,624 square miles big, and deliveries need to be made by someone!  Florida is one of the most populated states in the U.S., with over 22 million residents and is continuing to grow after the COVID-19 pandemic. The state has some of the largest cities, including Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Pensacola, Milton, Crestview, Destin, and more. Plus, you can’t forget about the influx of tourists the state brings in each year with its beaches, amusement parks, and 12-month sunshine. If you are preparing to embark on your CDL journey, Crestview is the best place to start to ensure excellent career opportunities and limitless activities when you aren’t behind the wheel. 

Start your trucking career confidently by choosing our CDL school Crestview FL program. At TDI, we set students up for success and instill in them the knowledge to succeed on the road, the confidence to thrive in the industry, and the ability to easily take on challenges and opportunities. 

If you want to be a truck driver, the only answer to where should I get my CDL is Truck Driver Institute. Contact us to get started and prepare to embark on a career that lets you be your own boss, see tourist destinations across the country, join a thriving community that makes up the backbone of our country, and ensure your career is safe when facing a recession. 

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