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If you’re searching for the best outside CDL testing Indianapolis has to offer, look for the trusted professionals at Truck Driver Institute. With Indiana as the leading producer of truck drivers, Truck Driver Institute offers high-quality outside CDL testing for aspiring drivers at our modern and spacious testing center in Indianapolis.

We have provided impeccable truck driving educational training for almost 50 years, while maintaining notable partnerships with major carriers like FedEx and Schneider. During that time we have also made our outside CDL testing Indianapolis facility available to truck driving students across the state. Truck Driver Institute’s outside CDL testing facilities allow people to effortlessly test their training comprehension with our qualified examiners and testing vehicles.

Get Trucking with Outside CDL Testing in Indianapolis

At Truck Driver Institute’s outside CDL testing Indianapolis facility, we give Class A and Class B CDL students the chance to use our vast training field to perform the driving segment of their commercial driver’s license test. Student drivers have access to our Class A and Class B vehicles as well as our industry-adept examiners at this location to take their CDL test.

FedEx’s second-largest air hub in the world is located in Indiana, allowing the state to generate the highest volume of truck driving jobs in the industry. Truck Driver Institute is proud to have a valued partnership with FedEx and other leading carriers. Our partnerships have granted us the ability to give student drivers a chance to perform outside CDL testing Indianapolis drivers trust with skillful examiners that have the industry knowledge to get them on the road faster.

What Is Outside CDL Testing?

Even though we administer truck driving training classes, Truck Driver Institute also provides outside CDL testing at our locations across the country for students and drivers to easily complete the CDL Driving Skills Test

Outside CDL testing is a service provided by a third-party testing facility, like Truck Driver Institute, that permits students and drivers to use their facility and its examiners to perform one of the last steps of their CDL test. 

Students and drivers from Indiana and surrounding states are invited to take advantage of Truck Driver Institute’s outside CDL testing Indianapolis job candidates trust to get them tested and behind the wheel with a rewarding truck driving career.

Accelerate Your Future

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About Our Outside CDL Testing Facility

Our outside CDL testing centers have the necessary equipment and industry-professional examiners to administer high-caliber testing. However, each of our outside CDL testing locations obtain different testing equipment.

It’s as simple as one phone call for students and drivers to schedule their CDL test with one of our accomplished examiners and confidently execute their CDL test. Truck Driver Institute welcomes everyone, meaning you don’t have to be enrolled in our school to utilize our outside CDL testing facilities.

After your testing appointment is scheduled, all that’s left for you to do is prepare and show up on your testing date to perform your CDL test. Our outside CDL testing Indianapolis facility has automatic and 10-speed manual Class A and Class B vehicles for you to rent and operate during your CDL test.

Truck Driver Institute’s outside CDL testing Indianapolis location provides the bus test and passenger test, as well. Since Indiana is the leading producer of transportation jobs, we designed our outside CDL testing Indianapolis facility to be highly-versatile in the services that we offer aspiring drivers.

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Find Outside CDL Testing Indianapolis Drivers Trust at TDI

Truck driving schools that have the space and equipment to become a third-party testing facility will usually provide outside CDL testing. Schools like TDI have the ability to give applicants a chance to undoubtedly test their learned CDL knowledge. 

Efficient and professional outside CDL testing Indianapolis drivers recommend to their ambitious friends seeking a career in the trucking industry can be found at Truck Driver Institute.

No Wait Lines

Although government organizations like the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) administer the CDL test, you can expect to wait in line for a long period of time before you can take your test. This is because the DMV typically does not keep a CDL examiner on-site. Examiners at the DMV also don’t acquire the same experienced techniques and skills that TDI’s examiners acquire to thoroughly test drivers.

Truck Driver Institute completely eliminates your wait time and our outside CDL testing Indianapolis facility can get candidates quickly scheduled and skillfully tested for their commercial driver’s license.

Professional Industry Examiners

When you perform your CDL test at our outside CDL testing Indianapolis facility, you get the chance to operate your qualified truck with examiners that have had multiple years of experience in the truck driving industry. Therefore, they can assess your training comprehension on the knowledge they have about the industry’s leading standards.

Contact Truck Driver Institute Today

Are you ready to get behind the wheel with outside CDL testing Indianapolis drivers trust? Contact us today to schedule your testing appointment with our expert examiners and prepare for a career in the long haul.

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