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Truck Driver Institute (TDI) has three campuses spread conveniently across Indiana. We’ve been in the business since 1973, and we’ve proudly served the Midwest for more than four decades.

If you’re looking for your first career or you need a career change, transportation and trucking are great options. When you get your CDL, otherwise known as a commercial driver’s license, it’s imperative that you get the best quality education possible.

At TDI, we provide the best instruction money can buy. We achieved and maintain our impressive track record because our instructors are industry veterans. Our commitment to our students’ success combined with our great reputation is the reason why TDI is your Midwest truck driving school.


Your Midwest Truck Driving School: The Nation Needs CDL Drivers Immediately!

Few people know that there’s a nationwide shortage of qualified CDL drivers. The need for drivers is so high that trucking has become one of the highest paying careers for brand new workers. In fact, newer drivers could earn anywhere between $40,000 and $60,000 right out of school!

When you pair this competitive starting salary with great retirement plans and healthcare benefits, truck driving is a great option for new members to the workforce and seasoned veterans alike.

There are over 30,000 CDL jobs open. Are you ready to claim yours?


What Makes TDI Your Midwest Truck Driving School?

TDI is your Midwest truck driving school for several reasons. Here are the three main factors that draw CDL students to TDI from across the Midwest each year.

TDI is affordable. At TDI, our students can qualify for the best financing options in the industry. We provide scholarships, grants, and discounts as well.

TDI’s job placement program is unrivaled. At TDI, we begin the job placement process before you step through our door. Our specialists’ main goal is to pair you with the carrier that matches your unique needs best, and it’s an ongoing process that continues even after you graduate. There’s a reason why we boast over 80% job placement for our TDI grads.

You learn on the equipment that you’ll be driving. At TDI, we believe that time spent behind the wheel is just as important as the technical knowledge you receive in the classroom. Driving a big truck is all about skill, feeling, and instinct, and the nation’s top carriers are constantly looking for new drivers that possess these qualities.


Our Midwest Truck Driving School Locations

Our Midwest truck driving schools are spread across Indiana. This way, we can serve the entire state as well as southern Michigan, northern Kentucky, western Ohio, and eastern Illinois. 


Don’t Live In Indiana?

When you’re in the Midwest, our truck driving schools are never too far away. No matter which part of the country you’re coming from, we offer lodging to all TDI students if the distance is an issue. However, the majority of our out-of-state students gladly flock to our Midwestern truck driving school locations for the quality and affordability of our programs.

Interested in the TDI difference? Learn more about our comprehensive CDL course offerings here.

Your search for the best Midwest truck driving school is over! At TDI, it’s never been easier or simpler to get our Class A or Class B CDL. 

Contact us online today to get your new career on the road!


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