Looking for outside CDL testing Orlando truck drivers can count on? At Truck Driver Institute, our Sanford facility, right outside Orlando, is home to multiple classrooms and a sprawling range where students can get tested for their commercial driver’s license.

Truck Driver Institute is a family-run business with 10 locations across 8 states. During nearly 50 years in the business, we have tested tens of thousands of students at our schools. Our outside CDL testing Orlando location is home to Class A vehicles available for rent and all the equipment you need to get your career on the road.

Get on the Road with Outside CDL Testing in Orlando

Truck Driver Institute’s outside CDL testing Orlando location provides a variety of vehicle options for those interested in obtaining their Class A CDL license. There are many different steps in getting your CDL, including both classroom and range driving experience. However, you can’t actually receive your CDL until you pass the written and driving tests.

Because your school (if you didn’t attend TDI) may not have outside CDL testing available, you would have to resort to going to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which could cause added time and stress. Truck Driver Institute is set up to meet the needs of all drivers and our onside testing center makes getting your Class A CDL quick and simple.

What Is Outside CDL Testing in Orlando Like?

Truck Driver Institute is a fully functioning commercial driving school. Here, students train on Class A and Class B vehicles to prepare for countless jobs in the driving industry. Aside from our normal classes, we also offer outside CDL testing Orlando residents can trust so that people can conveniently execute the CDL Driving Skills Test.

Outside CDL testing is when a driving student uses a third-party testing site (like TDI) instead of a state-sponsored site to complete their CDL skills test.

Our facility is staffed and equipped with all of the necessary materials to get students in and out as smoothly and efficiently as possible so they can start working in the trucking industry.

Accelerate Your Future

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About Our Outside CDL Testing Facility

The most important thing about our Outside CDL testing Orlando location is that it has all of the transportation equipment students need to get tested. The whole purpose of our facility is to save you a long and difficult trip to the DMV, so we make sure we have every possible thing you could need, as well as examiners with years of expertise under their belts. 

When CDL testing candidates are prepared and ready to take the test, simply call up our facility and schedule a time to come by. You don’t have to be a TDI student to take your CDL test at our location. 

Once you schedule your testing appointment, you can either bring and use your own truck or rent a truck from Truck Driver Institute to perform your CDL test. All of our facilities have automatic and 10-speed manual Class A vehicles that can be tested in so you’ll know what it’s like to drive one once you get your first job on the road. 

Curious what you can do with a Class A CDL? This one license opens up a whole wealth of opportunities for drivers, including the ability to operate Semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, flatbeds, and much more. The Class A CDL is one of the most versatile commercial licenses you can own.

Class B CDL testing is also available for students that bring their own vehicle. This location does not have Class B vehicles for rent. 


Payment of fees to the Third Party Administrator (Truck Driver Institute, Inc.) will not affect fees payable by the applicant to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) for issuance of a drivers license.

The DHSMV may retest any applicant presenting a waiver form from Truck Driver Institute, Inc. in the process of obtaining a drivers license without regard to results indicated on that form.

Truck Driver Institute, Inc. does not issue drivers licenses and cannot guarantee issuance of a drivers license nor in any way influence the DHSMV in issuance of a drivers license.

Outside CDL Testing Orlando

Find Outside CDL Testing Orlando Drivers Trust at TDI

Truck Driver Institute is not the only school to offer outside cdl testing at our facility. However, we know the caliber of both our examiners and equipment is far above the competition, leading other licensed drivers to recommend our testing center to their friends and future colleagues. 

Here are just a couple of reasons why we stand out. 

No Wait Lines

The DMV is practically known for long wait lines and frustrated customers. Wait lines can be even longer for your CDL as they search for qualified on-site examiners, and once they find an examiner, it’s possible they don’t have extensive practical truck driving experience. 

At TDI, our examiners have been on the roads for decades, know what to look for, and know how to properly test you for your CDL. Better yet, there’s no unnecessary waiting like there is at the DMV, so you can be in and out in no time. 

Professional Industry Examiners 

At Truck Driver Institute, our examiners aren’t just testers–they’re industry experts who know what the recruiters at major carriers need out of their drivers. They have the professional experience to guide you in the right direction while following strict CDL codes and guidelines. 


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