TDI has a reputation of excellence in truck driver training

Thousands of commercial truck drivers are needed to help carriers meet demand and the demand for professionally trained drivers is especially high.

Some carriers are hiring any driver they can get their hands on, often overlooking quality and experience just to get a driver behind the wheel of the next big shipment. But the best trucking carriers understand that this method leads to high turnover rates, increased risk of accidents and, overtime, is much more costly than investing a higher salary in a driver that has the expertise and training to last for the long-haul.

The nation’s best trucking carriers are those that hire the best drivers, which is why many respectable carriers look to the Truck Driver Institute to help meet their hiring demands. The Truck Driver Institute’s CDL truck driver training program is one of the best in the nation and the school has a close relationship with some of the best carriers in the nation that can offer the highest starting pay and great job stability.

Carriers are looking for more than just a driver that passed his or her CDL test. They want drivers who come from a reputable truck driver training program.

Over 200 students are trained at TDI each month and some have gone on to win industry awards, such as the 2011 “Rookie of the Year” award. It’s yet another example of the type of high quality driver that TDI produces and the reason the best carriers in the nation desire graduates of the program to help meet their growing demand.

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