Be Thankful for Thanksgiving Truckers

When it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving, truckers are generally not at the forefront of most people’s minds. With the holiday season being upon us, and the prospect of the first proper Thanksgiving break since before the pandemic, few of us take time to consider the men and women who work on the long haul, delivering goods and parts up and down the country. In the time up to Thanksgiving, truckers are typically even busier than usual as the demand for presents, foods, and last-minute holiday supplies mean that the supply chain is stretched even tighter than usual. 

Although companies like Amazon make it feel as though the things which we order are appearing on our doorsteps and through our mailboxes with minimal effort, there is in fact a busy and hard-working industry behind our convenience. As we congregate with friends and family, preparing to tuck into a turkey and catch up with loved ones who we haven’t seen for a while, it has never been more important that we take the time to be thankful for Thanksgiving truckers, without which none of the holiday’s bounty would be possible, and whose hard work and long hours we all benefit from. 

Why Thanksgiving Is Busy For Truckers

Although if you work in an office it can feel as though the whole world is winding down to take a break over the Thanksgiving period, the reality is that it is the busiest time of the year for millions of people who work in a broad range of sectors and industries. With so many people traveling, such extravagant meals being cooked, and gifts being given in the majority of American households, it is an extremely busy time of year for anybody who works in travel, transport, or trucking. 

From port workers who inspect shipping contains for customs to commercial pilots, if you work in an industry connected to moving people or things around the world or the country, then from November through to January you’re bound to be snowed under, with overtime and busy days ahead. As for truckers, Thanksgiving is the one time of year when more cargo and products are being shipped and demanded than any other time. Sales events like Black Friday make this pressure even more intense, and as a result, the three and a half million people who make a living driving long haul trucks are likely to be working long hours, with few breaks or days off in the final two months of the year. 

If You Know a Trucker, Let Them Know How Grateful You Are

Nobody working long hours and tough conditions should feel under-appreciated, but with increasing ease of purchase, and contactless delivery bringing the things we buy directly our door, there is a real risk that the truck drivers and other logistics workers go unappreciated. Truckers make up a substantial portion of the workforce, and indeed the population, so the chances are that you know at least one person who makes their living by driving the long haul. 

Whether it’s your uncle or aunt, one of your neighbors, or an old friend, it is definitely worthwhile to go out of your way and let them know that you’re personally grateful for the work they’re putting in. Everybody likes to be appreciated now and again, and nobody likes to feel invisible, so if you know a trucker, even only distantly, be sure to get in touch with them in person, via social media, or over the phone to express your gratitude for the work they do.  

This Thanksgiving Truckers Have Something to Look Forward To

The nation’s truckers, with plenty to look forward to as well. While it seems as though everybody else is off on their holidays, and only long-haul truck drivers are working, there are a lot of benefits for drivers hitting the roads during the holiday season. For one thing, the roads are busy up until the holiday period, but once Thanksgiving proper hits, there’s much less traffic on the road, and driving conditions are congestion-free and typically make for much more pleasant driving. 

Most truckers are paid per mile, too, so all of the distances they’re clocking mean bigger paychecks at the end of the month. Some truckers will have the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones, too, as some trucking companies are family-run and orientated, placing a greater emphasis on allowing employees to spend as much time as possible with their close families. 

Give Thanksgiving Truckers the Respect They Deserve 

As another year draws to a close and the holiday season rolls around, the nation’s truckers will be out on the roads, driving for long hours and covering cast distances in large rigs. It is essential that we make our appreciation well known, and that the trucks in our lives understand exactly how grateful we are for the long hours and hard work which they put in. Whether you have friends, family, or other acquaintances who make a living driving across America, conveying goods and parts to where they’re required, make sure that Thanksgiving truckers are the people to who you’re giving thanks. 

With supply chain problems creating issues and challenges all over the world, the usually concealed realities of how things are moved from the manufacturer to the end-user are in the press, and more and more people are taking time to consider the human involvement in shipping and logistics. As well as giving thanks to truckers and other drivers, consider the despatchers, weigh station clerks, loading employees, and other truck industry workers whose hard work we all really on in the contemporary economy. 

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