Best Career Change Jobs In The Trucking Industry

Are you interested in seeking a career change but aren’t aware of the best career change jobs that are available? The trucking industry is one of the fastest growing industries today as consumers continue to shop online instead of in-store. As the e-commerce industry advances, the trucking industry will follow suit, making trucking one of the best career change jobs for people discovering new interests. 

Best Career Change Jobs In The Trucking Industry

The truck driving industry offers something that other industries don’t—demand for drivers. While other industries maintain their amount of workers, the trucking industry falls short every year leaving hundreds of thousands of jobs unfulfilled.

Whether your career goals and values have changed, you discovered new interests, want better pay or got laid off, the best career change jobs can be found in the truck driving industry.


The Trucking Industry Offers a Career Change

The average person is expected to change their career at least once in their lifetime. People change careers because their life is different compared to when they started their career or they feel burnt out, bored, stressed, and underpaid. Whether one or all of these encourage you to make a career change, consider what you enjoy doing and what you want out of a career before jumping into a new one. 

If you’re thinking about making a career change, the best career change jobs are on the road ahead of you. Unlike many other industry careers, the truck driving industry will always be in demand for drivers as long as consumers continue to buy goods. 

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), roughly 71.4% of the nation’s total freight is transported and delivered by trucks each year. This statistic includes primary shipments of medical supplies, food, gas, and plant-grade equipment. Without the trucking industry, the nation wouldn’t be able to receive the essential materials needed to properly operate. 

The truck driving industry is a vital part of the economy, yet there is still a shortage of drivers today. People looking for a career change can find a career in the trucking industry suitable for their lifestyle and quite advantageous. 


5 Reasons Why the Best Career Change Jobs Are in Truck Driving 

Making a career change can be thought provoking as you’re probably uncertain which route you would like to take and whether the career choice you make will be beneficial for your way of life. Some of the best career change jobs are in the trucking industry due to the industry’s versatility and numerous benefits. 

Not sure if the trucking industry is for you? Explore our list below to learn how the trucking industry is where the best career change jobs can be found. 


1. Income Potential

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that truck drivers make a median annual salary of $45,260 as of May 2019. Drivers get paid by the mile, not by the number of hours worked so the more you drive the more you get paid. Many freight carriers will give new drivers sign-on bonuses and reward drivers with bonuses for mileage milestones or referrals. 

If you choose not to sign with a carrier, your earning potential increases when you consider becoming a team driver. Working in a team means that you get to clock longer distances with the help of another driver. Teams have a greater earning potential because both drivers are compensated for the combined mileage.

Check out our blog, How Does Team Truck Driving Work if you’re interested in team driving.  

2. Travel 

Every day as a truck driver may bring you to places you’ve never been before. If you love to travel, truck driving may be one of the best career change jobs for you. Truck drivers have the front row seat to the beauty and diversity of the country all while being paid. 

Some truck drivers stay in a new part of the country each night. Not many careers will pay you for travelling the country and allow you to see the natural landscapes of the United States from the comfort of a vehicle.

3. Flexibility

The trucking industry offers a level of flexibility that no other industry can offer. With a trucking career, you can be your own boss, meet new people, and see new things almost every day. You can even make your own schedule if you comply with the hours of service regulations. 

Many drivers enjoy the time that the industry allows them to spend time with their family between deliveries, creating a sound work-life balance.

4. Valuable Benefits

Did you know that a trucking career offers more than just a steady paycheck? Truck drivers can receive an employee benefits package through their employer or carrier. While many major carriers provide health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and 401K, some carriers offer paid vacation and holiday, as well.

5. Accessible Training

Becoming a truck driver is simple and convenient. With a commercial driver’s license (CDL) from an accredited truck driving school, people can find the best career change jobs in the trucking industry. Some truck driving schools, like Truck Driver Institute (TDI), can get you behind the wheel of a new career in just 15 days. 

We have 11 locations across the country to make it easy for you to enroll in truck driving school and begin taking your CDL classes no matter where you’re located. Our experience in the trucking industry and the consistency of our training program has attracted the attention of some of the nation’s leading carriers. 

Upon graduation, you can have a contract with a major carrier ready to be fulfilled with benefits and tuition reimbursement available. At TDI, we offer our students numerous financial aid opportunities to make your career change that much easier. 

Learn more about why TDI makes getting into the best career change jobs in the trucking industry convenient and easy!


Discover The Best Career Change Jobs at Truck Driver Institute 

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