How to Find the Best Truck Stop on the Road

If there’s one thing a good trucker needs, it’s a good truck stop. When you’re out on the road, trucking across this great nation, you need to know exactly where your resources are. There’s quite a few hotspots for truckers, but how do you really find the best truck stop on the road? The truth is it takes time and experience to scope out the best spots, but don’t worry. Here’s a useful guide when you find yourself asking, “How do I find the best truck stop on the road?” 

How to Find the Best Truck Stop on the Road

Best Truck Stop on the Road

The first thing you need to do when evaluating a good truck stop is look for things that matter most on your on-the-road adventure. Are you looking for the cleanest bathroom? The yummiest or healthiest snacks? Do you want a truck stop that doesn’t get a lot of action and has the friendliest  customer service? There are so many things to consider. While this article isn’t quite ready to crown anyplace the best truck stop on the road, here’s a few that have met the requirements to be placed among the best of the best. 


Long gone are the days where you pull into a truck stop and they have to offer is some gas and a pack of Twizzlers. Truck drivers expect more out of their truck stops and want places that can suit their needs as they travel to their destination. These days, there’s some great places on the road to vie for that spot on the top as the best truck stop. Here are a few amenities that have every truck driver stopping for a peek:


Any trucker knows that staying clean is important, but also difficult on the road. There are many great benefits to regular showers for distance drivers: relieving tension, easing headaches and stress, and a nice shower has a way of uplifting anyone’s spirit. This is vital as sometimes truckers spend long periods of time on the road away from their families and away from a proper bathroom. Below are a few locations that offer showers at their facilities.  

  • Pilot and Flying J – Pilot and Flying J’s bathroom facilities were recently updated with luxury materials to offer their customers a special experience while traveling. With their reward program, Shower Power, customers can earn credits towards free showers with every purchase of fuel. 
  • Love’s Travel Stops – Check out Love’s automated showers that can be purchased via the smartphone app or in line at the cashier when you purchase gas. These showers are accessible through a code.
  • TravelCenters of America – Boasting a “Hospital Grade Clean,” TA provides showers that feature five different streams. They offer booking and payment for their showers through the TruckSmart app and customers can earn showering points through the company’s UltraOne reward membership. 

Laundry Services

Clean bodies and clean clothes are vital when distance driving on the road. That’s why available laundry services make the criteria for the best truck stop on the road. Nothing’s worse than a laundry buildup in your big truck. Scope out laundry facilities that are well-maintained with bigger machines to make doing your laundry the easiest. Some of these rooms will have TVs and WiFi to occupy your mind while you wait and make the time pass quickly.When you’re on the road for hours and hours, you want to feel that refreshing sense of cleanliness that only a nice shower and fresh laundry can bring.  


If you’re a foodie, this section is just for you. Another aspect to look for in the best truck stop on the road is which restaurants are available. For truckers, a truck stop with a restaurant that’s open 24 hours a day and offers healthy food choices could make or break their journey. Some truck stops have your favorite chains and offer the food you’re accustomed to eating no matter which state you’re in. This will help bring a bit of home with you while you’re on the road. 

Fuel Prices

Competitive fuel prices should also be a factor when deciding the best truck stop on the road. When on the road for as long as most truck drivers, fuel is the biggest expense. It takes a lot of gas to fill up a semi truck. While you want to skimp on the cost of fuel, you also want the best quality fuel. It’s good to compare prices of truck stops in your vicinity to find the best one. As mentioned above, some truck stops offer access to amenities in tandem with your fuel purchase. Investing in a rewards program for a truck stop that you enjoy visiting could save you money in the long run. 

Honorable Mentions

This goes without saying, but the best truck stop on the road will be the most well-maintained. A clean truck stop adds to the success of your experience. The truck stop should have phenomenal customer service with staffers who can not only provide you with a friendly demeanor, but also offer help with directions, or if you have any questions about your surroundings while traveling. Another factor to consider is the availability of WiFi. When driving in your truck for hours at a time, it’s possible to feel cut off from the world. Access to the internet can keep you up to date on current events and in contact with your friends and family members. There are so many great things to look for when looking for the best truck stop. Sometimes, it;s hit or miss, but truckers know that the fun is in the adventure.  


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