Best Ways to Find Long Haul Driving Jobs

You did the training, you got the license, and now you’re ready to hit the ground running looking for long haul driving jobs. You’d think it would be a piece of cake, but there’s a lot of research and jargon to sort through. How do you tell the real jobs apart from fake listings intent on wasting your time? Where should you start looking? Applications are stressful enough and we are going to take out some of the guesswork. Look below to find the best ways to find the latest long haul driving jobs. 

Long Haul Driving Jobs

Where to Find Long Haul Driving Jobs

1. Job Boards

Our industry has evolved alongside the age of technology and like most careers, many drivers find positions through online job boards on websites like Indeed, Monster, or Glassdoor. As long as you have your Class A CDL license, you can get any number of jobs hauling all over the country. Pay can be different depending on the state and who you’re driving with. Some companies pay hourly, some by the mile, and others offer salaried positions. Benefits vary, but this is one of the most direct ways to see what kind of carrier you will strive to work for. Apply to any hauling jobs you feel qualified for, and don’t be afraid to apply to the notable carriers to gain experience when you first start. 

Alongside general career sites, there are specialized job boards dedicated to trucking jobs! These can be easily found through a quick Google search, but a few are,, and Many of these can separate jobs into categories by state, as well as freight or driver type, so you can get to your specialty quicker.

2. Local Newspapers

With the current world state, truck drivers are in such high demand that you’ll see ads for them everywhere, including the old-fashioned want-ads. Flip to the classifieds section of your local newspaper and scan the listings for openings in your area. Being closer to home will mean being closer to your loved ones and the sooner you’ll be back telling them all your stories from the road. 

3. Through Forum Groups

Trucking forums and social media platforms are some of the main places driver’s connect. Whether you’re looking for friends, advice, support, or just recommendations where to stop and fill up, these forums are treasure troves of information ripe for the picking. Staying connected in these groups can keep you up to date on jobs and alert you to opportunities even if you’re not looking for them.

Popular forums like Women in Trucking and Truckers Report are some of the best places to find the latest information on jobs. These forums are also great places to research where you don’t want to apply, as plenty of them have a section dedicated to discussing bad employment experiences. Group forums are a great way to meet fellow truckers who share your interests. Keeping those social links going will not only do wonders for your mental health, but could also lead to some exciting opportunities in the future. 

4.Word of Mouth

Even though most trips involve hours alone, the truck driving community is vast, and if you can make the right connections, a new buddy could lead to exciting opportunities. As light-speed as the internet is, networking is one of the best ways to find reliable people for the job. Word gets around fast in this business, and you’ll want to be one of the first in the know about new positions that come up. If you get in early, you’re more likely to be picked, even more so if you’ve got someone to vouch for you. Prove you do good work and one of your connections may come through with your next job at a moment you’re in a pinch. 

5. Directly from Companies

Skip the middleman of a job site and go directly to the source. Most companies will announce job openings right on their website, if not also on their social media pages. If you don’t already have one, consider making a Facebook. Twitter, or LinkedIn account and follow some of the top CDL companies. Take a few minutes each day to scroll through their posts and scan their website directly to see if they’re taking on new drivers. Checking every day, or even multiple times a day may seem tedious, but it will pay off when you are the first one in line to snatch up a coveted job. Keeping up with these listings is the best way to ensure you are up to date with options for your future. 

6. Through Us!

Truck Drivers Institute has a 80% placement after graduation because we love seeing our grads hitting the roads on new adventures. Over the course of these three phases, 

  1. Pre-Hire Screening: Every student we take on is pre-screened based on our employment partners requirements. We do this to make sure you qualify to work in the trucking industry. Because of this, we have an employment baseline before you walk through the door.
  2. During Training: One of our staff works with you to identify your career goals within the field and find the employer best suited to help you reach those goals. Many drivers receive offers before graduation.
  3. Postgraduate Support: We offer free, ongoing placement services for all TDI graduates. We support all students no matter when they graduated, so we can aid anyone in need of a new direction in their career.

Let TDI Help You Find Long Haul Driving Jobs

We’re one of the most reliable names in long haul driving, employers trust us to bring them the best people for the job. To access these features, go to the job placement section of our website, or just click here, and enter your campus and carrier information. While it’s no guarantee of employment, we’ll do our best to get you working out on the road ASAP. 

There are plenty of resources out there for long haul driving jobs. Truckers are one of the reasons everyday life runs so smoothly for many people. You’ve dedicated time, energy, and heart to learning your trade. Now you deserve to go out and experience the wonders this country has to offer and make money doing it. 

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