Choosing The Best Truck Driving School for Veterans

When choosing the best truck driving school for veterans, choose the school that can best honor, value, and support veteran needs. Whether you were active duty or reserve service member, your time in the military prepared you with the physical and mental skills that are necessary for a great commercial truck driving career. At Truck Driver Institute, we see you–these skills are the backbone of why veterans make great truck drivers.

How to Find the Best Truck Driving School for Veterans

To ensure that you are choosing the best truck driving school as a veteran, there are a few factors that are particularly important to check off your list. At TDI, we know that our veterans come in with the skills, strengths, and insights to be the best truck-driving candidates. 

A Comprehensive and Successful Education

When learning how to drive a truck, it’s important to have your larger career goals in mind–you not only want to pass your exams, but you also want to succeed in the workforce. Unlike other truck driving schools or online driving schools, TDI makes sure that you can do more than just pass your road test. 

Some online programs might boast completion in less than 24 hours and while this route might sound fast and efficient, an expedited process can be risky. Prioritizing quality over speed is key to becoming a safe, responsible, and employable driver. 

At TDI, in merely 3 weeks you can get the proper instruction and training you need to get your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Our 15-day CDL training program was developed by a seasoned and experienced truck driving professionals. Beyond mastering the information you’ll need to pass your exam, you’ll learn things like how to deal with a variety of motor accidents, how to engage with other vehicles on the road, and how to take good care of your truck. 

Comprehensive and successful education is important because it will get you to your goals in the fastest way possible. It will help you to avoid having to retake exams and running into issues on the road. There’s a reason TDI graduates are handpicked by industry-leading carriers!

Effective Job Placement

TDI offers free hiring services to all of our graduates with an 80% placement rate. Whether you’re new to the workforce or looking for a lasting career change, you’ve made the right decision to seek out a driving school with particularly strong prospects for veterans. When doing your research on the best driving school for you, investigate the support you will get with job placement. 

One of TDI’s top priorities is ensuring veterans and other graduates can find employment after graduation. From the very beginning, TDI will select a staff member who is dedicated to finding you a job after you successfully graduate. In fact, many of our students receive job offers before they even finish the program. 

TDI knows that with the nationwide shortage of truck drivers, truck driving is a career that isn’t going out of style anytime soon. With such a high demand for truck drivers, companies are offering their new drivers very profitable salaries in a competitive industry, along with attractive benefits that will pave the way for your family’s future. 

You want to find a place that can link you with your next company and TDI is more than willing to help you get hired.  

Affordability with the GI Bill®

Did you know that the GI Bill® can get you through driving school with little to no cost at all? To provide soldiers with post-return employment opportunities, we participate in many of the GI Bill® programs. The GI Bill® covers the cost of the Class A CDL test and also covers tuition for truck driving school. 

By paying for license tests, tuition costs, and associated stipends, GI benefits help veterans enter the workforce with ease. Additionally, some veterans receive a Monthly Housing Allowance on behalf of the government, covering not only living expenses like rent but also books and other study materials.

To access your benefits and apply them to schools like TDI, all you have to do is fill out a few forms. And with the help of TDI’s admissions office, paperwork is a breeze!

Start Your Trucking Career at the Best Driving School for Veterans

Let us work with you to establish and use those hard-earned veteran benefits. Your benefits could go toward your new career as a professional truck driver. Be sure to ask our VA Certifying Official for details on our veteran-specific programs.

If you’re an American military veteran looking to make the next move in your career, it’s time to take the first steps towards earning your commercial driver’s license. Fill out this brief form to learn more about enrolling in TDI and jumpstarting your trucking career!

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