Family Friendly Trucking Companies

If you’re a truck driver or looking to become one and have a family, we understand that family comes first. No career should ever come between you and your loved ones, and working with these family-friendly trucking companies will prevent that from happening. It’s important to do your research before joining the trucking industry so that you can find the right school and company that fits your needs as a professional truck driver. Truck Driver Institute has ten campuses throughout the United States and offers CDL courses that can be completed in just three weeks, minimizing the time you have to be away from your family.

Preparing to Work for Family Friendly Trucking Companies

If you’re looking to bring your family along for your trucking hauls, there are a few things you should consider beforehand. Certain companies have different policies, and it’s a good idea to understand what you’re going to need to make your family’s experience with your new career go as smoothly as possible. The first step in starting your family friendly career is obtaining your CDL.

Obtaining your CDL

A CDL, or commercial driver’s license, is required by most trucking companies if you wish to be a professional driver for them. A CDL allows you to drive vehicles designated as CMVs (Commercial Motor Vehicles) and will open up the possibility of starting your professional career. Truck Driver Institute offers courses that take just 3 weeks to obtain your CDL. In addition to the course, Truck Driver Institute partners with many different companies to place our drivers upon graduation from the program. Once you’re in our CDL program, speak with us about your priorities so we can find the company that’s best for you. 

Go In-Person

The idea of online trucking school can seem appealing, particularly when you have children or a family to keep an eye on. With the pandemic winding down, the reasons for online schools are becoming fewer and fewer. Online trucking schools bring certain disadvantages to their students. They offer a speedy education most of the time, but in many cases that education pales in comparison to the in-person alternatives, and the online school may not offer job placement assistance. Additionally, many online schools don’t offer on-the-road training; completing this training is essential for gaining experience in the truck before you set out on your first drive with your company. Read our blog to learn more about the dangers of online trucking schools.

Choosing the Right Company for You

While some companies have strict restrictions on passenger count and age, others offer more robust possibilities when it comes to your family accompanying you on your hauls. When you receive a quality CDL education from a reputable company like Truck Driver Institute, you will have the opportunity to choose between many different trucking companies looking to hire you. There’s currently a shortage of professional truck drivers in the industry, meaning that you will be highly sought after on the job market upon graduation. Because of this, you will most likely have your pick between several different companies. Here are a few family-friendly ones:

Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises is one of the largest trucking companies in the world, boasting over 8,000 trucks and 13,000 employees, serving the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Werner offers there driver a Passenger Permit, which allows family members over the age of 10 to ride in the passenger seat, or non-family members above the age of 18.


Schneider is a trucking giant, reaching a yearly revenue as high as $1.62 billion. Schneider allows their drivers to take one passenger, as long as that passenger is an immediate family member above the age of 10, or a friend above the age of 18.

Roehl Transport

Roehl Transport, founded in 1967, was started alone by Everett Roehl and his singular truck. Today, Roehl Transport approaches $500 million in yearly revenue, making it one of the top trucking companies in the world. Roehl allows one passenger above the age of 10 to ride along, but requires a minimal fee for rider insurance. They prohibit experienced drivers from taking passengers up to 30 days after they have been hired by the company, and new drivers must wait six months until taking a passenger along.

Crete Carrier

Crete carrier, founded in 1966, is a company that consists of over 4,000 trucks and 10,000 trailers. They have one of the most robust passenger policies out of all of the trucking companies. Crete allows one family member, immediate or otherwise, older than 5 to accompany you. If the child is younger than 5, they may be accompanied by the driver’s spouse or an adult at least 19 years of age. In addition to family members, Crete allows any adult 19 and over to accompany the driver. Crete’s passenger policy does not require the driver to pay a fee, or invest in rider insurance.

J.B. Hunt 

J.B. Hunt is one of the largest trucking companies in the country. This company offers various driving opportunities for drivers who have their CDL. One of their major benefits is a relatively flexible rider policy allowing immediate family members and friends over the age of 12 to ride along with the driver. 

TMC Transportation

TMC Transportation is known for its specialized, flatbed hauling and company commitment to safety. TMC Transportation also allows family members of the age of 12 to ride along with the driver, similar to J.B. Hunt, but with the exclusion of friends. Additionally, TMC provides spacious and well-equipped trucks to its drivers. 

KLLM Transport Services

KLLM Transport Services also has various driving opportunities for drivers and a passenger policy that allows both immediate family members and significant others to ride along with the driver. However, they do require a small fee for passenger insurance. 

Heartland Express

Heartland Express is a well-known trucking company that is known for its commitment to safety like many other trucking companies, as well as allowing family members over the age of 12 to ride along with the driver and the modern trucks provided to drivers. 

PAM Transport 

PAM Transport allows immediate family members, friends, and pets to ride along with the driver. This flexibility makes PAM Transport stand out and makes it easier for drivers to have their loved ones with them on the road. To learn more about the benefits of having a pet travel companion, read our blog

May Trucking Company

This family-owned and operated business prides itself on a strong work-life balance for its drivers. Their family-friendly policy is that immediate family members, including children and spouses, may accompany the driver on the road. 

Prime Inc. 

Prime Inc. is another family-friendly trucking company that allows spouses, children, and even grandchildren to accompany the driver as long as they are at least 10 years old. Prime Inc. trucks also have comfortable sleeper cabs to provide extra space for passengers. 

Millis Transfer

Millis Transfer permits immediate family members over the age of 10 to ride with drivers, which is a significant perk, along with their well-maintained trucks and competitive pay. 

Why Drive with Passengers

The open road can get lonely, but it doesn’t have to. Driving with your family can be a great way to spend time with them, or create a bond that will last a lifetime. Do you have a child that is truck-obsessed, and itching to get in the cab? Maybe your spouse has some free time, and you’re about to go on a haul- choosing from these family friendly trucking companies is a great way to incorporate your career into something that your entire family can experience and enjoy.

Other benefits that come with driving with passengers are having quality family time that can help not only build lasting memories but also create shared adventures and experiences you can look back on fondly with your loved ones. Having family members on board can also lead to a healthier overall lifestyle since you can prepare meals together, encourage physical activities, and create your meals together, something that further bonds you and is a special time off the road where you can talk about your day and make predictions about tomorrow! 

Earn your CDL with Truck Driver Institute

The most effective way to ensure you get your pick of family friendly trucking companies is to invest in a CDL training program respected within the industry, and one that will offer job placement assistance. Truck Driver Institute offers assistance in our students’ job search before they graduate- 80% of our students have found placements upon their graduation from the CDL program. Visit our website or call us at (800)848-7364 to learn more about earning your CDL and finding the trucking company that suits you best.

To learn more about the truck driving lifestyle or any difficulties about being a trucker with a family, check out our blog, which is full of expert tips and tricks to ensure you have the work-life balance that you need while thriving in your trucking career! 

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