Finding Jobs That Will Train You With No Experience

While it may be difficult to find jobs that will train you with no experience, truck driving is one of the most easily obtainable and profitable jobs that will train you with no experience. Applying for an entry-level position is a stressful process that sometimes leads you to discover that the employer is looking for candidates with a year or two of relevant experience for the position. 

Finding Jobs That Will Train You With No Experience

The transportation industry is filled with jobs that will train you with no experience. Truck drivers are in need now more than ever as e-commerce continues to change consumer’s buying behaviors. 

Luckily, there are rewarding truck driving jobs available across the United States that will train you without having previous experience and we’ll show you how to find them at Truck Driver Institute


How To Find Jobs That Will Train You With No Experience

If you’re trying to find jobs that will train you with no experience, you are probably just starting out, got laid off, or looking to follow a new career path. Regardless, you’ve most likely realized that entry-level positions can be misleading, requiring at least one year of experience for candidates to even be considered. 

You can’t get a job if you don’t have experience, but then again you can’t get experience if you don’t have a job. It’s a difficult situation that many people fall victim to. Although it may seem impossible to find jobs that will train you with no experience, we can help provide you with strategies to find the right ones. 


1. Address Your Lack of Experience

When you apply to prospective jobs, preface your resume with a cover letter explaining your lack of experience. A cover letter allows you to address any gaps in your resume, defend your work ethic and support your candidacy for the position before hiring managers view your resume. Usually, a well-written cover letter doesn’t get overlooked by employers. 

Employers and hiring managers will appreciate your honesty and integrity and may even find those traits about you to be more valuable to the company than the actual required experience. 


2. Focus on What You Do Have

Constantly applying for jobs and receiving minimal responses from employers is extremely difficult and tiring. Don’t let your lack of experience keep you from focusing on the things that you do have to offer to companies. Whether you have a versatile skill set or a willingness to learn, use those skills and traits to make your candidacy more attractive to employers. 

Carefully evaluate the job descriptions and requirements when you’re searching for a job so that you can include any related skills or experience within your application or resume. Before you decide that you don’t have the necessary experience or skills for a job, think about your previous jobs and try to correlate the skills and experience you need with the skills and experience you have. 


3. Keep an Optimistic Mindset

It’s easy to feel defeated if you’ve been searching for jobs that will train you with no experience for a long time and have yet to receive a phone call or email from employers. However, you might be selling yourself short because you’re not putting your best effort into each job application you submit. 

Think about each application you submit as a step towards improving your job search progress. Remain optimistic in your job search and put all of your effort into making your application stand out from the crowd by tailoring your cover letter and resume to the aspects of each job. 


4. Consider Attending Vocational School 

Vocational school is a great way for you to find jobs that will train you with no experience because you will develop the skills that are necessary for a job within an industry. For example, at Truck Driver Institute we educate and train students to become skillful truck drivers with our modern-day training facilities located throughout the United states. 

Previous experience is generally not required to attend vocational school since you’ll be gaining experience through education. After you complete your training, you will be certified in your specific industry and will be able to find gratifying jobs without having previous experience in your field. 

Finding jobs that will train you with no experience is easier than you think when you consider vocational school, maintain a positive attitude, inform employers about your lack of experience, and focus on the competencies that you do obtain. While the process might be challenging, the search for jobs that will train you with no experience can end at the truck driving industry.

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Jobs That Will Train You With No Experience at Truck Driver Institute

At Truck Driver Institute (TDI), we offer job seekers the chance to earn a career in the trucking industry with our affordable hands-on commercial driver’s license (CDL) training led by experienced drivers. If you enjoy travelling, meeting new people, and working within a supportive community, a truck driving career is waiting for you. 

No previous truck driving experience is required to train for a trucking career at TDI. With our 11 campuses located in seven states, TDI is conveniently available for anyone 18 years or older to receive their CDL in just three weeks. Our team of experts at TDI work closely with more than 20 major carriers who recruit TDI graduates for their companies and offer competitive compensation and great benefits. 

We provide our students with excellent financial aid options to fund their CDL training. Our CDL training program at Truck Driver Institute is well respected in the trucking industry for its quality and effectiveness. 

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