Gifts for Truck Driving Dads

What do you buy the man that has everything? Many of us are asking ourselves the same question this father’s day, but luckily gifts for truck driving dads are easy to come by. In case you’re still struggling to buy a gift for the dad in your life this father’s day, Truck Driver Institute has made a guide to get you started. 

12-Volt Cooler: Truck driving is a thirsty job, and hydration is key. Help your dad keep things cool with a truck-compatible mini-fridge! A cooler is the perfect way to keep food and beverages on the open road and will save any trucker some money when it comes to buying ice for a cooler, or cold drinks at a gas station. 

Orthopedic Seat Cushion: Sitting down for too long without a proper seat cushion can cause back pain, and have a negative effect on your posture and bone health. It’s been found that 86% of the population suffers from some kind of spinal issue, and the proper seat cushion will go a long way in preventing any pain caused by sitting for too long.

Gloves: Does the truck driving dad in your life often complain about wear and tear on his hands from gripping the steering wheel for too long? Maybe he often drives through colder areas and needs some gloves to keep his hands warm- whatever the case, any truck driver will appreciate a gift that protects their most valuable instruments: their hands. 

A Music Streaming Service Subscription: Truck driving trips last hours upon hours- sometimes they span several days. Being in a truck for that long is bound to get boring, even for the most devout trucking enthusiasts. This is why a subscription to a music streaming service is among the best gifts for truck driving dads, particularly those who find themselves getting bored on the open road. 

Cold-Weather Gear: Driving in the extreme cold can be tough. Why make it tougher? If your truck-driving dad has to regularly venture into the cold territory, you may want to consider helping him out with some warm clothing, a space heater, or other cold-weather gear. Any truck driver is sure to appreciate the help in staying warm and will make their long trips that much more enjoyable. 

Portable Safe: Any trucker transporting valuable personal items along with them should find a lot of use out of a portable safe. More than keeping your valuables safe, a portable safe provides peace of mind when leaving things in the cab of your truck while away from the vehicle. 

Sleepwear: The CDC has identified that drowsy driving can cause an increase of up to five times the normal risk of sleep-related automobile accidents. One of the best ways to ensure that your truck driving dad remains safe on the road is to supply them with sleeping essentials to help them get comfortable when away on their drives. 

Gift Cards: Let’s be real here- who doesn’t like gift cards? They might feel like a cop-out when you don’t know what to buy for a gift, but any truck driving dad will be thrilled to receive a gift card to his favorite rest stop or restaurant. Having your snacks and meals paid for on the road grants ease of mind that is sure to make any long haul much more fun. 

A CDL Training Course: If you’re searching for gifts for truck driving dads, chances are he already has a commercial driver’s license. What class of CDL does he have, though? CDL classes range from A to C, and each one provides its own unique benefits to the holder. Becoming certified to drive a more diverse set of machinery can lead to many different career opportunities opening up, as well as an increased salary at any place the CDL holder is employed. Truck Driver Institute provides a CDL training program that lasts just three weeks, and boasts an over 86% placement rate among our graduates!

A Hand-Written Letter: The best gifts come from the heart, and sometimes there are things easier said in written form. More than material possessions, oftentimes what dads want most is something that shows their family care for them. This letter may end up getting hung in the truck cab, kept in a wallet, or somewhere else that allows for easy access when your dad is away from his family for longer periods of time. 

Go for a Ride With Them

Still unsure about gifts for truck driving dads? Consider joining them on their next drive! Every trucking company is different, but many different companies have policies that allow their drivers to take passengers with them on their trips, creating a fun adventure for you and the truck driving dad in your life. Joining them on their drive is a sure way to strengthen the bond between you and your truck driving dad, and become an experience that neither of you will forget. 

Start your Driving Career with Truck Driver Institute

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