How Do Trucking Companies Background Check Applicants?

Most trucking companies background check applicants. If you have something in your past you’re worried about, though, there may not be any cause for concern. Different trucking companies have different standards, and you’re still likely to find one that suits your needs, as long as you have a CDL! Read on to learn more about what types of background checks matter, and what that means for you. 

When Trucking Companies Background Check, What Really Matters?

It can be tempting to panic when considering trucking companies and their background checking tendencies. You may not need to worry, however. Many companies have different standards when it comes to background checks. Whatever your situation, chances are that you can still find employment with a truck driving company. 

What is a Background Check?

A background check is a process that a person or company uses to verify the identity and history of another person, typically an incoming employee or new hire. This check provides information on employment history, past residences, criminal and driving records, and more. 

The purpose of a background check is primarily to confirm that an applicant is who they say they are during the application process. If an applicant is caught lying about their background or the check finds something undesirable about that person, then the employer may terminate the applicant’s hiring process. It should be noted that so long as you are honest about your background to your prospective employer, the check itself is no cause for concern.

Do I Need a Clean Driving Record?

Not necessarily. 77% of drivers have been in at least one accident.  Trucking companies understand that automobile accidents are just short of an eventuality, and won’t hold it against you if you’ve had a few. Typically if you’ve had less than two or three in the past 3 years, trucking companies won’t bat an eye. Even if you’ve had several personal automobile accidents in the past few years, truck driving candidates will still have a CDL to vouch for their driving ability. 

If you’re looking to get your CDL from a respected driving school and gain the trust and accountability that comes with it, consider Truck Driving Institute. Our course takes only 3 weeks, and our students have an over 80% placement rate upon graduation. A CDL is a testament to its owner’s driving ability, and it’s something that’s been earned– having a CDL can go a long way in making up for any past driving incidents.

Does My Work History Matter?

Typically work history matters during the hiring process, and will be something that employers pay special attention to when viewing an applicant’s background check. Mostly what employers look for when viewing an applicant’s work history on a background check is that the candidate was honest and that their work history seems to be stable.

A stable work history means that you don’t jump around from job to job, and you don’t quit without good reason, or haven’t been terminated for poor conduct. This is particularly important when judging the potential of a candidate, because their work history may be a predictor of how that potential driver performs within the employer’s company. 

Can I Become a Truck Driver if I Have a DUI? 

In most cases, yes. There are some intricacies that come with attempting to become a truck driver with a DUI or DWI, however. In most cases, for instance, companies will provide a designated time period (often 5 years or so) in which your driving record must be clear of any DUI offenses. Additionally, many trucking companies ask that you only have one offense on your entire record, or may provide another limit. 

Generally, it’s only the trucking giants that provide the harshest limits on DUI offenses in their candidate’s records. That being said, trucking companies still make their own rules These rules may change as their needs change- trucking companies may review these things on a case-by-case basis if they find a particularly good candidate, or they’re in dire need of more drivers. There’s no need to give up on your trucking career if you’re concerned about DUIs on your record.

Can I Become a Truck Driver With a Felony?

Your criminal record does not define who you are, and many trucking companies agree with this sentiment. As with DUIs, each company has its own set of standards for dealing with candidates that have felonies on their record and may treat them on a case-by-case basis. Added with the fact that felonies on their own are unique, and likely have their own context, felonies are by no means a prohibiting factor in your truck driving career. If you’re still concerned about becoming a truck driver with a felony conviction, check out our blog post on the subject to learn more.

The Best Thing You Can Do Is Be Honest

If you’re concerned about how trucking companies background check their applicants, then the best thing you can do is be honest with the companies you’re applying for. It’s been found that 92% of employers conduct background checks-  those checks are mostly conducted before employment. If you’re applying somewhere, it’s likely that you will have your background checked. Because of this, it’s not necessary that you try to hide anything from employers. You will likely receive merit for being honest about your past, and it will prevent any potential miscommunication or confusion in the future.

Get Your CDL With Truck Driver Institute

If you’re worried about how trucking companies background check their applicants, the best thing you can do is get your CDL. Some companies provide training to unlicensed candidates, but having your CDL prior to applying anywhere is a great way to improve the value of yourself as a worker. Additionally, Truck Driver Institute’s CDL course takes just 3 weeks! Upon completion over 80% of our students have found employment. Contact us today to see how getting your CDL with Truck Driver Institute can benefit you. 

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