The Best Gifts for Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Truck Driver Appreciation Week is here! That means it’s the perfect time to show some love and appreciation to a truck driver you know. This can be difficult. To most people, truckers drive all day long, and that doesn’t require very much gear.

Since we’re experts in the field,  this list of gift categories can help you choose the best gift for Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

 Best Gifts for Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Driving Gifts

These gifts are all considered almost essential in the truck driving profession. Unless the truck driver you know is new in the profession, there’s a high likelihood that the truck driver you’re thinking of already has these essentials, but depending on how worn out they are, they might still make a wonderful and welcome upgrade.

Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a gift that’s primarily a personal preference, but you shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out which kind of sunglasses your truck driver prefers. Polarized sunglasses are so important for long hours on the road, but they often need to be replaced. If they need an upgrade, have misplaced their old ones, or break them, this could be a great gift idea.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones come in many shapes, sizes, and levels of comfortability. Many of these are personal preferences, but if you know the person you’re buying a gift for well, you may be able to knock this one out of the park. Some people like traditional headsets, while others prefer small earbuds that are much lower profile. A recent popular choice has been bone conduction headphones that are a great middle-of-the-road option between large headphones and small earbuds. These keep drivers’ ears open, while still delivering incredible sound.


Quality gloves can really take care of a truck driver’s hands over the course of their career. Waterproof gloves that are thicker and insulated are usually best for most drivers, but that will also depend on where they primarily drive. In the southern states, a glove with more breathability in the top of the glove will be better, while an insulated glove is a must in the north.

Gel-Foam Seat Cushion

Modern big rigs have quite comfortable seating, but a high-quality seat cushion could really make the difference between your truck driver coming home quite sore from a long trip or them never wanting to sit on anything else ever again! A new seat cushion upgrade is likely to be on most peoples’ lists of best gifts for truck driver appreciation week because they’re that essential.


Boots, like gloves, are an essential item in truck driving. Your truck driver’s boots, unless they’re especially on top of their foot care, are probably in need of a welcome upgrade. Typically, leather boots that are waterproof are going to be ideal for most drivers. These won’t be too cumbersome, but they’ll still have the durability and quality that will satisfy all the needs of your truck driver. Depending on the job, they may need to have steel toes that better protect their feet depending on what they’re hauling, but that is only a requirement for certain jobs.


Quality of Life Gifts

These gifts are going to improve the quality of life your truck driver experiences on the road. These items are categorized below as things that would be a welcome addition to the road or luxuries that are not necessarily essential.

Audible Membership

An Audible membership is perfect for the truck driver that loves to listen to books. This gift can surely bring a smile to a trucker’s face. This is a practical gift that allows them to choose something they’re interested in without you having to do any guessing.

Insulated Travel Mug

A quality insulated travel mug is essential for most professions that have to leave the house, but many truck drivers could use an upgrade. New mug insulation is at the point where you have to take the lid off of your cup or your coffee will never cool off enough to drink! Buying your truck driver a travel mug that is going to last and handle the wear and tear of the road will keep their drinks enjoyable and their hearts happy.

Portable Refrigerator or Insulated Cooler

This is true luxury on the road. A portable refrigerator will keep food good just as long as your home refrigerator, and it definitely will be a welcome addition on longer trips. Some modern big rigs will have fridges in them, but other truck companies might not allow them. You’ll need to do your research and make sure this is something they would be able to carry with them on the job, but it can be a serious game-changer for the truck driver who can utilize this luxury.

Sleeping Gifts

This whole category is dedicated to just sleeping gifts. These gifts are perfect for truck drivers who often find themselves on the road for multiple days at a time. For those who might not know, when a trucker drives a regional configuration, where they’re on the road for more than a day, they typically drive a truck that has a sleeping compartment behind the cabin. These gifts might be a life-saver for those that need to sleep in the truck.

Sleeping Mask

A sleeping mask can drastically improve the quality of sleep for anybody, but it’s almost a necessity for truck drivers. If you pair these with some earplugs, you can create a great sleep kit for your truck driver when they’re on the road. Even a quality sleep mask doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, so sleeping masks can make great gifts for those that are on a smaller budget.

Memory Foam Pillow

Most of us could use a pillow upgrade, but it doesn’t always feel like something we should splurge on. Because of this, a quality pillow can make an incredible gift, especially for truck drivers. Pillows wear out quicker than most people replace them, and that makes these some of the best gifts for truck driver appreciation week.

Truck Mattress

Many trucks have sleeping compartments inside them, but those beds aren’t always the most comfortable. It may be helpful to know what exactly your trucker is working with, but a properly-sized truck mattress can really improve the quality of sleep for a truck driver. This will make those long trips just a little easier, and every truck driver will come home happier and healthier after sleeping on a quality mattress. Many companies make mattresses with custom dimensions to accommodate the truck requirements in the sleeping compartment.

Heated Blanket

The sleeping compartment can become quite cozy, but a heated blanket can really take the comfort of the truck to a whole new level. Especially in colder regions, a heated blanket that you’re able to throw in the washer will be a welcome addition to any truck driver who has to spend nights on the road.

Treat Your Truck Driver

Truck drivers, just like anybody else, love gifts that they can use every day. Whether it’s a welcome upgrade to an essential or a gift that provides just a little extra comfort, it’s always a good time to show your truck driver that you care about them and support their work.

Treat a truck driver you know to something from this list of the best gifts for truck driver appreciation week, and you won’t regret it after seeing the smile on their face!

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