Top 5 Perks of Being a Truck Driver

Being a commercial truck driver is a job that offers many benefits that most individuals may not be aware of. The truck driving industry is always looking for new drivers, and becoming a truck driver is not as long of a process as most people may think. Truck drivers are able to have flexibility in their schedules, security in their job, and a high and reliable salary. They are able to make a difference in the company they work for and those they deliver to. There are many perks of being a truck driver, and joining a field of hard-working and dedicated individuals gives you the chance to have these benefits as well.

Perks of Being a Truck Driver

The perks of being a truck driver are endless. The trucking industry offers a wide variety of options when it comes to being a commercial truck driver. A career in trucking can provide you with all of the perks of being a truck driver and more. 


What draws many individuals to the truck driving industry is the flexibility that drivers are able to have. They are able to choose their own hours, as well as work hours outside of the regular 9 to 5. This allows drivers to have independence in their careers since each assignment they receive will be different. In addition, they are able to take a vacation and sick days with ease. Trucking carriers understand that drivers need to be functioning to the best of their abilities, and maintaining their health is an important part of this. 

Drivers are also able to choose where they stop on their routes. Many of their jobs will allow them to drive through interesting locations that they may not have visited otherwise. They can make their rest stops in places they have never been to before, making their assignments much more enjoyable. Truck drivers are given a high level of independence in their careers. On top of the ability to choose their hours and stops, being a truck driver allows individuals to be more independent than more jobs would. Many drivers enjoy this time alone and find that it is extremely rewarding. 

Job Security

The trucking industry is always looking for more drivers. With the current national truck driver shortage, carriers are always offering jobs to drivers. Thousands of companies need truck drivers in order to keep business running smoothly which is why companies are always looking to hire drivers right out of graduation. Carriers are also looking to hire reliable drivers from reputable truck driver training schools like Truck Driver Institute. At TDI, we are partnered with over 20 carriers who know that we produce reliable, skilled drivers. Most of the time, driving schools will send their graduates to one or two carriers after graduation. However, at TDI, we want our graduates to have the option of going to the carrier of their choice. We also want there to be as much opportunity as possible for our graduates to have a job right after graduation. 

Salary and Benefits

The trucking industry is a much higher paying industry than most might think, especially right out of graduation. Truck drivers are able to make a reliable income, along with sustainable benefits. Most trucking companies pay $0.26 to $0.50 per mile which adds up quickly when drivers are traveling over 3,000 miles each week. At Truck Driver Institute, our graduates make between $40,000 and $78,000 per year. Additionally, many companies have begun to offer pay raises and additional benefits to drivers due to the shortage of truck drivers in America. Companies understand the importance of drivers and acknowledge this in their appreciation for their truck drivers. 

In addition to a high salary and benefits, TDI offers many ways in which drivers can receive assistance in paying for their truck driving school. Many commercial driver’s license training programs will require students to pay thousands of dollars upfront. At TDI, we allow students to start with as little as $225 out of pocket. Our Student Services Department is able to coordinate with our students in order to find a plan that works best for them and their needs. In addition, many carriers will provide drivers with employer tuition assistance. Once a driver is hired, their company will pay for their education, should they choose to pursue it. 

Making a Difference

Truck drivers are essential to almost every company. In a time where essential goods are needed now more than ever, truck drivers can know they are making a difference in people’s lives through their deliveries. Being a commercial truck driver is an extremely rewarding career, because, without drivers, many companies would not be able to operate. The national shortage of truck drivers has made drivers more valuable now than ever before, and companies are in need of the valuable assets that drivers can offer. 

Anyone Can Do It

Are you looking to take your career path in another direction? Consider truck driving. Anyone can sign up to earn their commercial driver’s license. At TDI, we are able to have graduates on the road in just three weeks. With classroom and behind-the-wheel training, our driving teachers are ready to train you to earn your license and begin your career in truck driving. Our program will ensure that you have the highest quality of training and prepare you to take on any assignment in your future career. 

Become a Truck Driver with TDI

TDI has been training future truck drivers for over 47 years. With 11 locations across the country, we are prepared to aid you in your next career endeavor. Truck driving is able to offer individuals the freedom, pay, and choices that no other career can. A career in truck driving allows drivers to break free from the stereotypical office job and try something new. Sign up at any one of our locations in Alabama, Mississippi, Indiana, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida. Get started today and discover what truck driving can do for you. 

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