Top CDL Jobs in Georgia

With the truck driver shortage still raging on and many jobs still in limbo due to COVID-19, CDL jobs in Georgia give those who are looking for work access to good pay, stable benefits, and many freedoms that aren’t available anywhere else.

Since obtaining a CDL can be done in as little as three weeks, we’ve compiled a list of different jobs that might interest Georgians who want to make a career pivot into a desirable and fulfilling industry.CDL Jobs in Georgia

Different Types of CDL Jobs in Georgia

Local Truck Driver

Truck driving is the most common career choice among CDL Class A holders, both new and experienced alike. This is because local companies are almost always hiring new drivers and most truck drivers like the benefit of being able to sleep in their own homes every night. For truckers with families or a particular connection to one place, driving a local route can be a great way to start gaining experience as a truck driver. You still have a lot of time on the road, and you’ll grow accustomed to driving similar routes in your area.

Regional Truck Driver

Regional truck driving is the longer-distance version of local truck driving, while still operating within a specific region of the country. If not being home as often is something that works for you, then driving regionally will usually net you a little higher pay than local driving. Most regional drivers can expect to be home around once a week, if not more than that, and you’ll still have the benefit of driving similar routes and communicating with the same dispatchers.

For truck drivers in Georgia, regional truck driving will place you in the middle of the southeast region, spanning from Mississippi up to Virginia.

Over-the-Road Truck Driving

You guessed it, over-the-road (OTR) trucking is the long-distance version of traditional truck driving! OTR trucking is definitely not for everyone, but if your lifestyle allows for OTR trucking, this can be a great way to jump into truck driving full-time. You can find yourself hauling freight for up to four weeks on the road, and you’ll have the opportunity to travel across the country. You could even find yourself driving outside of the country on specific routes.

Private Fleets

Driving for private fleets is a great way to standardize your route and increase your pay as a truck driver. Many large retail companies, such as Walmart or Sysco, that consistently need products shipped along similar routes to the same locations may employ their own private fleet instead of outsourcing to another business.

Private fleets often pay more to keep drivers for longer. Like local truck driving, you’ll have a very consistent route, and driving for a private fleet can sometimes earn you a signing bonus depending on the company. With the addition of company-specific benefits and additional benefits that trucking companies may not offer, driving for a private fleet may be a dream come true for the right trucker. The only downside is that private companies often require previous experience with a clean record, so this might be a CDL job in Georgia that you have to wait a few years for.

Transit Bus Driver

Transit and intercity bus driving is one of the best occupations for the driver that wants to stay close to home. Especially for Georgia residents living around major cities like Atlanta or Savannah, transit bus driving is an essential mode of public transportation that provides a truck driver with a more social experience. The job isn’t for everybody, but you do typically drive the exact same route every day, which has its perks. For those that like strict routines and staying close to home, transit bus driving might be a great way to utilize your Class A CDL.

CDL Driving Instructor

Not all CDL Jobs in Georgia require daily truck driving! There are many non-traditional CDL jobs that you can pursue after you obtain your license. While studying for your CDL exam, you may decide that instructing others would be a desirable career for you. Helping others obtain their CDL will provide you with steady work in one location, and you’ll have the opportunity to work with a consistent team.

Becoming a CDL driving instructor often requires at least a couple of years of experience, but you’ll benefit from usually having benefits and higher pay. Additionally, instructors are only able to teach at the school they are approved to teach at, and you’ll have to submit an application and pass a test for an instructor’s license. Instructing others is a great career choice for those who love both truck driving and instructing others.


Being a truck dispatcher is one of the best entry-level jobs for those with a CDL in Georgia. Truck dispatchers coordinate routes and assign truck drivers to specific freights. Dispatchers can be employed by many different companies, whether it be a shipping company, private fleet company, or freelance for many different clients. For those seeking a CDL job in Georgia that don’t want to drive a truck every day, being a dispatcher is a great opportunity.

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If you’re looking to make a change and pursue a meaningful career that doesn’t take years of education or training before you can qualify for an entry-level job, then truck driving is for you. There are many different career paths available for those with a CDL, and our Atlanta training location will set you up for success.

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