Top Trucking Companies with Pet Policies

The results are in: pets positively affect your mental health. This may seem obvious to any pet enthusiast, but some may be concerned about finding employment that will allow you to bring pets along. Fortunately, many trucking companies have pet policies that allow their drivers to include their companions on drives.  Driving with your pet can make for a positive experience for both you and them, and these trucking companies with pet policies should be considered when searching for pet-friendly employment. 

Choosing Between Trucking Companies with Pet Policies

CDL training with Truck Driver Institute can provide you with many options while receiving the training necessary to obtain your commercial driver’s license. Before training even begins, TDI’s students receive a pre-screening to begin matching them with their ideal trucking company. Truck Driver Institute holds an over 86% placement rate among our school’s attendees; that means that among these trucking companies with pet policies, a graduate of our school will have the ability to choose which company they work for with the assistance of our job placement program. 

Why You Should Drive With Your Pet

Pets love exploration! Seeing the entire country from their owner’s truck cab will surely be a positive experience for any pet that enjoys exploring its surroundings. The bond formed between owner and pet through hours on the open road will be an unforgettable experience for both pet and owner alike. That’s not to mention that the open roads can get lonely- that’s why any driver looking for companionship on their drives should look to work for trucking companies with pet policies. Some drivers are dog people and others prefer driving with their feline friends, but these transportation employers often have policies for both cats and dogs. After obtaining your CDL, the next step is to find which company is right for you. 

Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises is a transportation and logistics company founded in 1956 that spans 6 different continents. They allow their drivers to drive with one dog, and the size and weight of that dog do not matter. Werner Enterprises encourages riding with a dog, as it may deter potential robberies or theft.

Shaffer Trucking

Shaffer Trucking is a company that dates itself all the way back to 1937. Shaffer prides itself on being the premier provider of temperature-controlled transportation services and partner of the candy, confection, and beverage industries. Shaffer allows their drivers to drive with a dog or cat, so long as their weight is under 60 pounds. 

R.E. Garrison

R.E. Garrison is a trucking company founded over 60 years ago by Roy Garrison. Since its humble beginnings, R.E. Garrison has transformed into a mainstay of the industry, currently employing over 800 truck drivers and 250 non-driving employees. R.E. Garrison has a 2 dog policy, meaning that up to 2 dogs are allowed in the cab. They have no monetary deposit or restrictions on dog size.

Choose the Best Fit

These trucking companies with pet policies are just a few of the many employers you can find placement after obtaining your CDL license. Obtaining your CDL License with Truck Driver Institute is the best way to ensure that you have the option of picking between any of them. We offer job placement services free of charge to any student of our school in the process of obtaining their commercial driver’s license. 

Choosing the correct fit for you and your pet is essential to ensuring that you both have a positive experience with your new transportation employer. Any prospective employee of these companies should carefully consider the pros and cons of each one, and choose the one best for them and their companion. Some trucking companies encourage dogs and cats of any size to come along for the ride, while others have more restrictions on which pets may accompany their owners. Finding the balance between the employer’s benefits and the pet policies they hold is essential for determining the correct company. 

Preparation is Key

Pets can be messy. We advise that any driver looking to bring their co-pilot along for their trip ensure that their pet is thoroughly groomed and trained. While many of these trucking companies have no restrictions on bringing pets on drives, any trucker should look to avoid excessive mess and destruction in the cab. Some trucking companies may incur a fee if any excessive damage is done to the cab or any other company-owned equipment.

Pet training schools are relatively inexpensive and could prevent any potential consequences that result from bringing an untrained pet along for a drive. Investing in comprehensive training to ensure that your pet is ready for the long drives ahead is a good way to make sure that your co-pilot is prepared for the journey ahead.

You Can Drive With Your Pet

Taking care of your pet can feel like a full-time job. This is why we advise any truck driver looking to do so to invest in the proper training for your pet to make your job a little easier. That being said, pets can make great co-pilots and offer companionship on the long trips that drivers can often make. The friendship that a pet brings to the cab can be transformative for your trucking experience, and that’s why any trucker looking to drive with their pet should look into these trucking companies with pet policies. 

Truck Driver Institute has an extensive job placement program, and boasts an over 86% placement rating for drivers graduating from the CDL program- most of these graduates have found job placements before they even graduate with their commercial driver’s license. It only takes 3 weeks and is the first step in embarking on a life-changing journey for both pet and owner.

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