Truck Driver Benefits Package: What to Expect

Truck driving is a high-mileage career for the bold and adventurous, and the truck driver benefits package is yet another reason to get behind the wheel and see the countryside. With a full range of perks from health care to paid time off (in addition to the freedom of the open road), the truck driver benefits package gives you financial, physical, and retirement stability. When you know that your employer is looking out for you and your family,  you can drive across the country with the peace of mind that comes with financial freedom. 

Truck Driver Benefits Package: What You Can Expect

While every truck driver benefits package differs slightly from company to company, these are the baseline benefits you can expect during your career:

Health Care

1. Medical Insurance

Trucking giants like Schneider count medical insurance among their benefits. As a driver, you’ll receive premium incentives and a $10 copay for all telehealth visits, making it easy to get the medical help you need while on the road. And with prescription drug plans, short and long-term disability plans, and family programs covered by your employer, you don’t have to worry about paying medical expenses on your own. Many employers also promise an additional Health Reimbursement Account deposit, helping you fund your medical bills instead of paying out of pocket.

2. Dental Insurance

Lots of trucking companies also offer dental insurance, keeping your teeth pearly white and pain-free. Routine preventive dental care is 100% covered by many trucking employers, and this plan includes minor and major restorative work like crowns and fillings.

3. Vision Insurance

As a truck driver spending long hours on the road and relying heavily on your eyes, keeping your vision healthy is essential. That’s why many trucking companies provide you with complimentary vision insurance, including a job-sponsored yearly eye exam with a low $10 copay. Most plans also include a materials plan, covering the cost of your contacts or glasses.

4. Mental Health Insurance

Mental health is especially important for truckers spending long hours on the road by themselves, and many drivers suffer from untreated anxiety or depression as a result. So in addition to staying connected with loved ones, choosing healthy dinner options, getting enough sleep, and de-stressing, truckers should take advantage of their company’s mental healthcare services. From depression to anxiety, seeking professional help can make you a happier person and a better trucker as you learn coping techniques to manage your emotions. In addition to balancing your mood, proper mental healthcare can also help you drive safer, keeping yourself and other motorists protected.

5. Flexible Spending Options

With the flexible spending options offered by many trucking companies, you can earmark pre-tax money from your paycheck to cover the medical, dental, dependent, and mental health care expenses that aren’t reimbursed by your employer.

6. Life Insurance

Employers like Dot Transportation, Inc. also offer life insurance plans, ensuring that your family is protected in the event of a tragedy.

Paid Time Off

Though holiday pay policies differ from company to company, most truck driving organizations offer paid time off according to how long you’ve been driving for them. The longer you’ve driven, the more time off you’ll get, and Schneider PTO increases three days after six months, two weeks after one year, three weeks after seven years, and four weeks after fifteen years. They also offer at least six days worth of paid holidays and a generous PTO plan for jury duty, military service, and family emergencies.

401(k) With Company Match

Trucking companies not only provide for their employees in the present, but they also look out for their future with comprehensive retirement plans. These 401(k) plans offer retirement savings and investing plans with company match, meaning that your employer will contribute directly to your retirement fund. You can expect your employer to contribute about 50¢ for every dollar you save for at least the first 6% of your contribution.

Tuition Reimbursement

For new full-time employees who recently received their CDL, you can expect a full or partial tuition reimbursement from your employer. Ranging from partial repayment to $7,000, these reimbursements are often made monthly in order to help you pay back loans. While some employers will only reimburse tuition from pre-approved driving schools, TDI has secured a top spot on Dot’s list, making a TDI CDL an even better investment.

Lifestyle Benefits

And while all of these physical, mental, and financial benefits sure are sweet, the best part about trucking is the lifestyle benefits. Truck driving is a highly independent work environment, affording you both freedom and flexibility. As a trucker, you have the ability to be your own boss. There is no one micromanaging you or telling you what to do, giving you the mental and physical space to get your job done well. As long as you deliver your cargo on time and abide by industry regulations, you can rest assured that you’ll have the freedom to explore new places and experience new things while also earning a good living. And with unrivaled job security, you can rest assured that you’ll always have a place in the front seat.

Get the Truck Driver Benefits Package with the Help of TDI

Trucking can give you the financial benefits and job security you need while also satisfying your wanderlust, providing you with generous health care options, paid time off, a robust retirement plan, and tuition benefits. With a commercial driver’s license, you strike a healthy balance between good, honest work and adventure with job security to boot. If you want your experience and longevity to count for more, a trucking career may fit the bill!

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