Truck Drivers Guide to Summer in Orlando

Orlando, Florida, United States - July 02, 2011. Universal Studios globe sign at entrance.

When you think of summer, you probably think of sunshine, beaches, and vacation. What better place embodies all those things than Summer in Orlando, Florida? However, children on summer vacation and adults trying to find peace of mind aren’t the only ones relaxing in this sunny state. 

In the truck driving industry, Florida has one of the highest employment rates in the United States! Florida employs between 49,090 and 210,940 truck drivers. That’s a lot of truck drivers driving to and from the Sunshine State. But what’s a truck driver to do with summer in Orlando? If you’ve never been to Florida or are a regular visitor, below you’ll still find out all you’ll need to know about safely driving in Orlando, enjoying the sunshine, keeping you and your truck cab prepared for the unpredictable summer weather, and more. 

Orlando and the Truck Driving Industry

As a southern state, truck driving may not come to mind when considering Florida. But you’d be surprised to learn that along with being one of the largest truck-driving employers in the U.S., Florida also has the lowest percentage of large trucks involved in fatal crashes. There were less than 5,000 fatal crashes with any vehicles in Florida in 2020; of that, only 7.2% involved large trucks. Compared to states with higher numbers, such as California and Texas’s 5,000+ fatal crashes. 

Obviously, as a truck driver (and tourist!), you want to be as safe a driver and passenger as possible. While Florida doesn’t have the lowest number of fatal crashes–that number goes to the District of Columbia, with only 50 in 2020–it also doesn’t have the highest. As long as you’re alert and aware of your surroundings and fellow drivers, you should be as good as can be. 

Weather in Orlando

Most people already know that the weather in Florida is sunshine all the time, with the occasional hurricane! Florida is one of the warmest and most humid states in the continental United States, but how warm and wet does it actually get?

2021 was the fourth warmest year on record–a record that dates back over 100 years. While the average temperature in the contiguous United States is about 54.5 degrees Fahrenheit, the statewide average in Florida was 72.3 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s 20 degrees hotter than elsewhere! Moreover, 2021 is tied with 2018 being the record’s warmest year. A fun fact is that Florida is the most humid state in the U.S. It has a dew point of over 60 degrees! Like the regular temperature, the dew point is higher than the average across all the other states. 

With humidity comes the rain, too! Florida has a long history of being hit by hurricanes. Almost every year, Florida is hit by tropical storms and even large, destructive hurricanes. Luckily, hurricane season doesn’t last all year–just June through November, during the hottest and wettest season in this southern state. While this sadly means that summer vacations may get interrupted by rain or a hurricane, the cooler (yet still warm!) weather will most likely be free from rain. The last major hurricane to hit Florida was Hurricane Ike in 2008, the most recent being Hurricane Nicole in 2022. 

Things to do in Orlando, FL

What can truck drivers do with a summer in Orlando? The obvious first choice is to visit the many theme parks in Florida, including the Disney World theme parks, Universal Studios, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, water parks of all types and sizes, and smaller theme parks. If you have a day or more to spend in Orlando, these may be an excellent option. You can get single-day passes and multi-day passes, too. But what if you don’t have a whole day to spend in Orlando or even just want to explore smaller, lesser-known, or even less crowded spaces, where can you go?

A few things you can do in Orlando, Florida, are:

  • Orlando Kart Center
    • Although you may be tired of driving, you can try your hand at go-karting and go as fast as you want! 
  • Nature preserves
    • There are plenty of nature reserves in Orlando, including the Tibet-Butler Preserve, Wild Africa Trek, Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge, Lake Louisa State Park, Kelly Park, Rock Springs Run, Harry P. Leu Gardens, and more. 
  • Air Balloon rides
    • If you’re feeling adventurous, you could take an air balloon ride in the beautiful Floridian skies!
  • Paddleboarding
    • With so much water, there are tons of water-based activities to do, including paddleboarding, kayaking, and swimming!

Preparing your Cab for a summer in Orlando

With the hot weather, you can spend more time outside. However, staying cool is essential when you need to be in your truck cab! Even though you’ll be inside, the sun and heat will still be beaming through your windows. To keep yourself cool, drink lots of water, wear sunglasses, and roll your windows down! Don’t forget your air conditioning, too. 

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, wear your sunscreen! You should be applying your sunscreen every morning, even if you’re inside. UV rays can still get through most windows, so wearing sunscreen is vital for your health to protect your skin from skin cancer. Sunscreen also needs to be reapplied every two hours to remain effective. 

Orlando Truck Driving Regulations

While Florida has many of the same road laws and regulations, it’s important to note any differences between the states you typically drive in and any your truck driving company may have. One example is that the Floridian interstate laws allow for a 24-hour restart after 7-8 days–at least for drivers transporting construction materials. 

Another example is the amount of rest time. You’ll want to get as much rest as possible after driving long hours, so make sure that even while you’re enjoying the sights of summer in Orlando, you’re accumulating the requisite hours of rest. Most companies and states require a minimum of 8 hours of consecutive rest time after each stretch of work/driving time. 

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