What Do Truckers Do For Fun On The Road?

What Do Truckers Do For Fun On The Road?

Are you thinking about getting into the trucker lifestyle and stuck on the question: What do truckers do for fun on the road? When beginning or continuing your journey as a truck driver, there are so many things to consider. You want to make sure you’re getting a competitive rate, you want to make sure your CDL is up to date, and you have to figure out how you and your family can adjust to the trucker lifestyle. Entertainment might slip through the cracks and you don’t want to be stuck on the open road with nothing to keep your mind preoccupied. So, let’s get into it: What do truckers do for fun on the road? Here is a guide that will help you find fun and interesting activities to do when you’re away from home. 

What Do Truckers Do For Fun On The Road?

If you’re strapped into the trucking lifestyle, then you must know all about the long hours spent on the road. With a load on your 18-wheeler and miles of asphalt in front of you, it’s understandable if you’re interested in some entertainment. With a question like, “What do truckers do for fun on the road?” on your mind, you must have considered that what kind of person you are determines the kind of entertainment you’d enjoy. Whether you’re an avid reader or a rock music fan, or you enjoy any other activity under the sun, here are a few suggestions for you when you’re on the road. 

Fun and Fitness

Many may think it’s difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re always on the go, but that is not the case. If you’re asking, “What do truckers do for fun on the road?” you have to check out this great video on a few easy exercises designed for the health-conscious truckers. Even if you weren’t big into fitness before you became a trucker, it’s a good idea to add in some healthy habits now. The CDC lists quite a few health concerns that may hinder truck drivers over time. A great part of adapting to the trucking lifestyle is discovering ways you can live healthier while on the road. Exercising improves your ability to stay awake and concentrate while driving. Even though you’re on the road, there are so many ways to keep yourself active. If you need some motivation, the Truck Driving Institute has compiled the top 5 exercises you should incorporate into your route.  

Podcasts, Audiobooks, and Music

When asked, “What do truckers do for fun on the road,” the most common answer is one of the basics: podcasts, audiobooks, music, or a combination of all three. The best way to get through a long journey is to keep your mind occupied. Here are some of the benefits of each:

  • Podcasts – The great thing about podcasts is if you’re someone who needs human interaction, they can make sure that your solo drive isn’t lonely at all. A funny podcast goes a long way when you’ve got miles to cover. More and more podcasts are growing in popularity, and you’re bound to find one that suits your interests. Whether it’s a chapter by chapter review of Harry Potter with funny commentary, or accounts of suspenseful crime mysteries, podcasts can be an awesome way to enjoy your time on the road. 
  • Audiobooks – Don’t let your reading goals suffer just because you’re driving. Many truckers find that a good book to listen to will keep them focused and awake on the road. A useful audiobook subscription by a provider of your choice can get you reading in no time. 
  • Music – This one is probably the most obvious, but when looking at what do truckers do for fun on the road, you have to take music into consideration. Music is the key to setting the mood for your adventure. It will keep you up when driving at night or soothe your mind when you’re along the sunrise. The ultimate playlist for your journey is a great way to keep the fun in your ride.

Create Memories

One day, you might look back on your road adventures and desire something to remember them by. Your time on the road is a chance for intangible memories all across the U.S. If memories aren’t your thing, maybe you want something to share some of your time on the road with your loved ones. Here are some cool ways you can create memories:

  • Journaling – There’s nothing better than a firsthand account of a journey through the states. Write everything down! Keeping a journal will sharpen your memory and ability to concentrate. It is also a wonderful way to keep track of the cool things that happen while you’re on the road. 
  • Snap A Picture – Photography is a cool way to capture these amazing moments on the road. Trucking will take you on a journey that most can only dream about, so why not share some of the captivating sites? You could even use social media to keep up with these pictures by creating a photo album on Facebook or posting on an Instagram account. 
  • Souveigneering – Another great way to create memories is to keep track of them with items. Maybe it’s a keychain or a snowglobe from a local gas station. Whatever it is, beginning a collection of things you keep while on the road is an awesome way to keep and create memories. 

While there’s no such thing as the perfect trucking lifestyle, there are different paths to find what suits you best. What do truckers do for fun on the road? The answer to this question is entirely up to you and what you like to do for fun. 

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