Where to Get Your Class A CDL: Georgia

Long celebrated for its rolling hills, acres of peach orchards and laid back, Southern way of life, there is no better place to get your Class A CDL; Georgia is a commercial hub, long regarded as one of the economic powerhouses below the Mason-Dixon line. Drawn by diverse industries including hospitality and tourism, healthcare and manufacturing, Georgia, in particular Atlanta, draws its workforce from all over the USA. 

Class A CDL: GeorgiaOne of the strongest industries in the state however is trucking, with the Port of Savannah functioning as the third busiest seaport in the USA, drawing a wide range of goods from all over the world, all of which come through the Peach State on their way to be distributed nationally. As a result, a vast number of Georgia natives work in the lucrative and stable trucking industry, working long hours on America’s roads to bring food, machine parts, fuel, and construction materials all over the country. Beginning a career as a long-haul driver is a serious decision, and a vast number of Georgians want to know the best place to get their trucking license. Whatever your reason for wanting to get that Class A CDL, look no further than Georgia for a training center that will deliver what you need to kick-start your trucking career. 

Earning Your Class A CDL: Georgia

A Class A CDL is a well-respected qualification, and the gold standard for the trucking industry in the USA. As well as allowing you to find work as a truck driver for any one of Georgia’s multiple logistics and haulage firms, a Class A CDL from the right trucking school will also empower newly qualified drivers with the confidence they need to work long hours on the roads, in control of a multi-thousand-pound rig and trailer. 

The institution you choose to qualify for your Class A CDL: Georgia or elsewhere, ought to be a well-respected and long-established company, with a proven track record of finding good jobs for drivers, and the admiration of the trucking industry. Rather than opting for the cheapest or closest trucking school, it is well worth selecting an impressive institution with burnished credentials and a long track record of delivering high-quality training to truckers. 

What to Expect 

A lot of trucking students considering enrolling at our driving institute in Forsyth have a lot of questions about what to expect. Enrolling in truck driving school is not a decision to be taken lightly, and students are keen to establish exactly what to expect. We deliver a combination of classroom sessions and actual real-world behind-the-wheel training so that you can have confidence that by the time you leave the facility with a full Class A CDL license you have the technical know-how, experience, and confidence that you need to have a successful and rewarding career as a truck driver. 

The 3-week course incorporates both classroom hours as well as supervised time behind the wheel of a truck. You can expect comprehensive instruction on how to drive a large truck, sophisticated maneuvers and challenging turns, and general driving techniques. Taught classroom hours will bring you up to date on the FCMSA’s trucking rules, to ensure that you’re compliant with federal regulations governing the industry. 

The course covers the Department of Transport Physical Exam, as well as preparation for the written test. You’ll be coached on weight scales, map reading, maintaining a compliant logbook and pre-trip inspection, as well as more physical aspects of trucking including night driving and basic maintenance, ensuring that by the end of the 3-week course you’re entirely equipped to begin your career behind the wheel.

Since 1973 we’ve partnered with some of the most highly respected trucking companies in the country, so we know exactly how to meet their exacting standards in the rookie drivers they’re looking to hire. As well as pre-screening applicants to ensure that we don’t end up wasting applicants’ time and money, we work closely with every student to determine your specific career goals, so that we can select a carrier partner to place you with following graduation. 

Our training instructors have years of experience and have earned the trust and confidence of our nationwide partners in the industry. They are patient and professional, taking you through every element of trucking, and at the end of the course you’ll feel equipped to make a strong living conveying goods across America’s roads.

Why you Need our Georgia CDL Training

As a major training center with eleven individual campuses, TDI is proud of its status as the largest independent trucking academy East of the Rockies, and the numbers at our facility in Forsyth, Georgia speak for themselves. When it comes to placing graduates in the careers which work for them, we have an 86% success rate. 

The majority of TDI drivers are offered a highly competitive CDL job before they’ve even graduated from our training program, and go directly from qualifying straight into a job with an average starting wage of $700-$1000 per week. Our Georgia campus is based on a 15+ acre parcel of land, so drivers can get a real sense of the roads while remaining on a safe site. As the country’s premier trucking training company, we have 47 years of teaching and mentoring the finest truck drivers in America.

For Anybody Looking To Receive Their Class A CDL: Georgia Is the Place To Start

Whether you’re a Georgia resident who has long been mulling over taking a challenging, exciting, and lucrative career in the trucking industry or you’re from out of state and wondering the best place to become qualified to start driving trucks, Truck Driver Institute’s training center in Forsyth, Georgia is the place to be. With experienced instructors covering every technical, administrative and professional element of truck driving, 15 acres of purpose-maintained grounds, and proven relationships with multiple well-paying trucking companies, there is no better place than the peach capital of the USA to start this new and exciting chapter in your trucking career. 

Starting salary, safety training, value for money and confidence are all things TDI offers which is Truck Driving Institute’s Georgia training center is above the rest, consistently turning out well-trained truck drivers who go onto stable and illustrious careers. Rather than a single-company training academy that pumps every graduate into the same corporation, TDI has genuine connections with twenty-plus big companies, allowing you to select the logistics firm which works best for you. 

Get in touch today to begin being screened and learn about what awaits you at TDI’s Georgia campus. 

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