You’re Never Too Old for Back to School Training: Get Your Class A CDL from TDI

Are you worried about getting back to school training, and how your age affects it? Rest assured: it’s never too late to start a new career, learn a new skill, or even completely turn your life around. Truck driving is a lucrative and fulfilling career, and it’s one that is open to all ages, so long as you can get your commercial driver’s license. If you want to learn more about going back to school for your CDL, read on!

Back to School Training: Earning Your Way to a New Career

Training to start a new career can be daunting at first, but in actuality will only take you 3 weeks with Truck Driver Institute. Earning a commercial driver’s license means learning to operate vehicles of varying sizes, haul a variety of materials, and even learn about route management and best practices. 

The course itself is deceptively simple, however. Truck Driver Institute ensures that our classes are taught by qualified and experienced instructors. In addition to that, our students are supplied with hands-on truck driving training, ensuring that our CDL program graduates are as prepared for the workforce as possible upon their exit from our school.

Lastly, Truck Driver Institute provides career placement services. TDI boasts an over 80% placement rate with our students upon graduation. This means that before they even graduate, most students in Truck Driver Institute’s CDL program have a job lined up for graduation!

Demystifying CDL Training

There are many different misconceptions regarding CDL training and beginning a logistics career in general that could use some clearing up. 

Myth 1: CDL Training is Too Expensive

While CDL training is generally on the cheaper side of vocational training, we at Truck Driver Institute have made it our mission to provide the training necessary to begin a career in the logistics field at a price point that everyone can afford. At Truck Driver Institute, you can get back-to-school training for just $225 out of pocket. If you still find that vocational training puts too much of a strain on you financially, there are several financing options available.

Career-Paid Training

Occasionally when beginning vocational training like earning your CDL, you will encounter companies that will pay for you to receive training, provided that you work for them afterward. While this may limit your options upon graduation from the program, it’s a great way to get started in your new career while receiving free training.

Self-Paying Student Scholarship

As mentioned previously, Truck Driver Institute is dedicated to providing education that is accessible to everyone. In pursuit of this goal, we have decided to offer self-paying students a $1,000 scholarship to reward them for their hard work and initiative in earning their CDL.

Many Other Options

Are you still looking for more ways to save while pursuing a truck driving career? TDI provides even more ways to finance your training. If you’re interested in learning more about them, check out our blog post on the subject.

Myth 2: Truck Driving Isn’t a Lucrative Career

This is the myth that is the most wrong, and the easiest to dispel. According to Indeed, the average base salary for a truck driver in the United States is $71,599 per year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage in the United States was $58,260. This means that your career in trucking will put you comfortably over the average American wage, and proves that finding a job in the logistics field can be highly lucrative.

Myth 3: Becoming a Truck Driver Takes Too Much Time

Another easily dispellable myth: at Truck Driver Institute, completing your back-to-school training takes just 3 weeks. This means that if you decided to begin your CDL training today, you’d be on the road making money in less than a month. The rapid nature of our CDL training means that turning a corner on your career can be done quickly and without much financial investment. 

Myth 4: Being a Truck Driver Means Spending Nights on the Road

This differs from company to company. Most companies provide their drivers with the agency over whether they return home every night. If you’d prefer to have the opportunity to return home nightly, every other night, or something different, there will still be a position for you. In fact, this is why many truckers love the work they do- it’s flexible to fit your preferences. Some are more adventurous and want a chance to see the country, while others place a higher value on returning home to their families every day. The choice is yours!

Myth 5: Earning Your CDL Means You Have to be a Truck Driver

There are many different career opportunities for those that hold a CDL. While most of them do involve trucking, there are plenty of avenues for growth once you’ve earned some experience as one. For example, a truck driver dispatcher is someone that manages routes for their drivers, sends drivers on hauls, and even manages relationships between the trucking company and their clients. If you want to read more about this position and other careers available to CDL holders, check out our blog.

Furthering Your Career Once You’re a Trucker

Congratulations! Becoming a trucker is something to be proud of. Once you’re there, however, you may be interested in ways you can advance your career using the experience and knowledge you’ve gained throughout your education and career.

The most effective way to advance your career once you’ve become a truck driver is to continue gaining endorsements on top of your CDL. CDL endorsements are certifications ensuring that you are proficient in the area to which the endorsement pertains. There are many endorsements you can collect to become a more diversified driver, including the Hazmat endorsement, passenger transit endorsement, the school bus endorsement, and more. Earning different endorsements on top of your CDL greatly increases your job prospects, but also makes a case for your reliability and expertise as a driver.

Earn Your CDL With Truck Driver Institute

If you’re looking for back-to-school training, TDI is the place to be. We offer CDL courses that take just 3 weeks, with a dedication to providing an affordable program that will get our students jobs. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us or visit our website.

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