What are the Benefits of Becoming a CDL Driver?

With the shortage of CDL drivers in the industry, many people are turning to truck driving schools to take advantage of the large number of open CDL jobs and discovering there are many great benefits to being a CDL driver.

1 – Travel.

When people are polled about their dream jobs, often the majority say they want to be paid to travel. Welcome to one of the best benefits of having a truck driver job – you get paid to travel!

2 – Money.

Salary is another benefit for commercial truck drivers. In the first year of a CDL driver job the average driver will make approximately $40,000. Many trucking drivers also get bonuses for safety records, distances traveled, and more.

Truck Driver Institute has a reputation for graduating safe CDL drivers, and many employers recruit directly from us for that reason (among many others).

3 – Flexibility.

Is having to sit in an office cubicle every day, all week your idea of good time? Commercial truck driving jobs give you the freedom of the open road and flexible hours.

At some CDL schools you learn to drive through video games, but at the Truck Driver Institute we know the importance of teaching you using the same equipment you’ll be using on the job (and you’re not stuck in the classroom when you can be learning on the road).

4 – Job Security.

As long as there are goods to consume, there will be a need to deliver those goods and truck drivers ensure that delivery. Employers still want drivers to have qualified, hands-on training and attending leading schools like the Truck Driver Institute provides the beginning for a very successful, secure  trucking career. In an economy where many job holders don’t know if they’ll still have their job tomorrow, drivers enrolled at Truck Driver Institute are often recruited (and hired!) for truck driving jobs before they’ve even begun the CDL classes!

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