Best and Worst Places to Recruit Truck Drivers

A big shout out to a key member of our TDI recruiting team for sharing an excellent online article this morning. The blog post he forwarded provides some insight into the best and worst places in the USA to recruit truck drivers. Truck Driver Institute has an excellent record of job placement with a number of major carriers who actively recruit our students, so I was curious how this story might relate to us.

And you might also ask

It’s a fact, trucking companies do spend a lot of money on advertising in a never-ending effort to attract and recruit truck drivers. But what can these two things actually tell us? It turns out that one might be able to tell us quite a lot about the other. And, it is worth sharing with carriers, recruiters and drivers.

Competition Among Carriers to Recruit Truck Drivers Continues to Grow

During the past 90 days, there were more than 247,000 jobs available online for Drivers, an 8% year-over-year increase. With such high demand, it’s likely that Recruiters will compete heavily to attract the best candidates. That is potentially a good deal for drivers, but represents increased cost for trucking companies.

The 5 locations that are likely to find truck drivers jobs the hardest to fill:

  1. Hinesville-Fort Stewart, Georgia
  2. Lawrence, Kansas
  3. Warner Robbins, Georgia
  4. Muncie, Indiana
  5. Bismarck, North Dakota

In these areas, the demand by employers is higher in comparison to the available talent supply. Job ads here are online for an average of more than 7 weeks ñ longer than the national average.

In comparison, the 5 locations where truck driving jobs are likely to be least difficult to fill:

  1. Salisbury, Maryland
  2. Longview, Washington
  3. Morristown, Tennessee
  4. Sebastian-Vero Beach, Florida
  5. Bangor, Maine

These areas are currently experiencing less demand from employers. So, recruiters are likely to have more experienced candidates to source among and less competition to attract them from other employers. Online job postings stay online for just 3.7 weeks ñ more than 2 weeks shorter than the national average.

Truck Driver Institute allows you to complete your driver training and earn your Class A CDL license in 3 weeks, and new classes start Monday. Many of our students receive job offers from carriers before they graduate. We invite you to contact us for more information.

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