Fastest Way to Excellent Earnings For Truck Driving School Graduates

Ask truck driving students if they’d like to double their income potential, and you can guess the answer.  But, if you asked them how to do it, they probably wouldn’t realize how easy it can be.

A quick look at industry-wide salaries indicates that simply teaming up with another driver could fill their wallets about twice as fast!  On average, new solo drivers make $35,000 – $40,000 per year.  But, that figure jumps to up to $58,000 for HAZMAT endorsed team drivers at U.S. Xpress. Plus, U.S. Xpress is also currently offering HME team drivers a $2,500 bonus each, which brings that total over $60,000 each!  When you add in benefits, such as U.S. Xpress, low-cost insurance plus a 401k program, entry level drivers quickly begin to realize just how much team driving pays off.

Industry experts point out that one of the best places to find a teammate is in driving school.

Russ Moore, Vice-President of Recruiting at U.S. Xpress says, “We encourage students to team up while in school , because it positions them to earn more almost immediately after they graduate.  Plus, it lets them choose a partner that they’ve already spent time with, so they know they’ll enjoy traveling together.”

If a new driver feels more comfortable sharing a cab with a more experienced teammate, U.S. Xpress will make the process easy by providing a unique driver matching program.

Mr. Moore says, “We ask a lot of questions to get a feel for who they are, what they like, and what they don’t like. It goes a lot deeper than simply not matching up smokers and non-smokers.  We want to create teams that enjoy driving a lot of miles together and, hopefully, will stay together for a lot of years.”

Another benefit of team driving is the comfort and security of having a driver companion to help with unforeseen situations that you may be confronted with.

Jackie Riddly, a U.S. Xpress team driver agrees.  “At U.S. Xpress, I have a side-tracker camera to cover my blind spot and truck-specific GPS directions, so I already feel confident.  But when you add a partner to help keep an eye on things, I don’t think I could feel more safe.”

So if students are eager to make more money, feel more confident, and even have more fun on the road, they should consider team driving.

Original Post Courtesy: CVTA – Commercial Vehicle Training Association, Inc..

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