Where Are The Truck Driving Jobs In The United States? Nearly Everywhere.

truck driving jobs map

In more than half of states during 2014, truck driving jobs were the most common source of employment.

Those states are colored light blue in this map, part of a recent National Public Radio Planet Money report.

The jobs picture has changed profoundly since the 1970s. Truck driving jobs dominate the map for a few reasons.

  • Driving a truck is immune to two of the biggest trends affecting U.S. jobs: globalization and automation. A worker in China can’t drive a truck in Ohio, and machines can’t drive cars (yet).
  • Regional specialization has declined. So jobs that are needed everywhere – like truck drivers and schoolteachers – have moved up the list of most-common jobs.
  • The prominence of truck drivers is partly due to the way the government categorizes jobs. It lumps together all truck drivers and delivery people, creating a very large category. Other jobs are split more finely; for example, primary school teachers and secondary school teachers are in separate categories.

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  4. What About Driver Pay? Average pay is up 17% in less than two years, as freight haulers fight to meet hiring needs.
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