Are Truck Drivers in Demand? How You Can Get a Job in No Time

Are truck drivers in demand? Absolutely. Driving down the highway, you have probably seen a truck sign saying, “we’re hiring.” Lately, those signs show up more than usual. 

Keep reading to see why truck drivers are in demand, how this demand has increased their wages, and what to do if you want to join the truck driver ranks.

Are Truck Drivers in Demand? How You Can Get a Job in No Time

Why Are Truck Drivers in Demand

Between the pandemic and home-delivery services, more Americans are shipping things. As more people ship directly to their homes, big shipping companies must move more goods across the country. 

By far, trucking is the cheapest way to transport these goods across land. For example, trucking goods 1,000 miles costs $1,200. By rail, the cost is $500 more. Considering the average truck driver covers over 80,000 miles each year, the $500 difference adds up fast. 

Because of this, top companies are hiring or contracting truck drivers. To meet current shipping industry needs, the market needs about 50,000 new truck drivers. Experts worry that if this number is not met, prices and delivery time may both increase in the coming years. 

Avoiding these increases can only be done by hiring new truck drivers. 

Become a Truck Driver in No Time With These Steps:

1.Look Over the Requirements

The barriers to entry are low for truck driving. Only age and driving record can impact your ability to enter the profession. Only those 21 and older can drive across state lines. Local companies may be able to hire those between 18 and 21 as their requirements differ. Additionally, truckers cannot have major traffic violations such as DUIs. 

Though there are no demographic limits on truckers besides age, the community does tend to be older and predominantly male. However, new truck drivers are increasingly female and minority group members. 

2.Find a Truck Driving School

Many truck driving schools are scouting potential students since the profession is in such high demand. However, you want to make sure your truck driving school has good education practices and good prices. 

A good truck driving education comes from experience. Look for a company older than ten years old with accomplished staff. In terms of curriculum, make sure the school covers all facets of the Class A CDL. You should walk away with knowledge on driving any vehicle combination that exceeds that weight minimum of 26,001 pounds including tanker vehicles, livestock carriers, dump trucks, and passenger vans.

Also, a good truck driving school will have a substantial price but offer plenty of options for payment. You want a valuable education, but no payment plans that will leave you with high-interest rates. Reimbursement programs are a good option if you cannot pay tuition up-front. Be sure to look for tuition awards as well. 

3.Complete Truck Driving School and Pass Your Exams

Once enrolled at a driving school, your to-do list is short. First, you need to pay for truck driving school. If you enrolled at a school with scholarships or reimbursement programs, this step should be easy. Second, you must log classroom and driving hours. 

Next, you have to pass three exams. The first two are your state’s CDL written and skills tests. Requirements may be different from state to state, so we recommend visiting your local Department of Motor Vehicles

Beyond CDL exams, truck drivers must get a physical exam as well. Once cleared by a physician, you will be a Department of Transportation Medical Cardholder. 

4.Hit the road

Before you hit the road, you want to sign with a trucking company. As new drivers, working for a company ensures proper legal protections. Additionally, companies will provide you with needed supplies including a truck as well as a helpful community. 

Remember we asked are truck drivers in demand? The answer is still yes. So, finding a trucking company to work with, even at the entry level, is a breeze. 

The Benefits of Truck Driver Demand

Truck drivers across the country are seeing wage increases. In the industry, drivers get paid per mile. Since October 2020, the wage per mile has grown 10%. But more than payment per mile, truckers are driving additional miles. Meaning, both variables in wage calculations are increasing. 

The average annual salary for entry-level truckers depends on where you are. However, across the United States in 2021, truck drivers with less than one year of experience made $60,000 on average.

Certain trucking specialties make even more. Ice truckers make the annual trucking wage in just the winter months. Unless you live in Alaska, more realistic trucking specialties include oversized hauling and hazmat shipping which both make up to $90,000 a year. 

If you and a friend are both entering the truck driving business, team driving is another option. Working on opposite shifts that ensure maximum driving distance, team drivers report salaries up to $110,000 a year per person.

Enroll at TDI To Help Truck Driver Demand

Check off the list above by enrolling at Truck Driver Institute (TDI). At TDI, we offer job seekers the chance to earn a career in the trucking industry with our affordable hands-on commercial driver’s license (CDL) training led by experienced drivers. 

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Our team of experts at TDI works closely with more than 20 major carriers who recruit TDI graduates for their companies and offer competitive compensation and great benefits. Plus TDI offers grants and scholarships, meaning the up-front cost of tuition can be as little as $225. 

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