Are Truck Driving Jobs in Demand

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If you are considering a new career, you may be looking for a job in high demand and looking to stay that way. Are truck driving jobs in demand? The answer is yes – and there are several reasons the trucking industry is projected to remain stable for many years.

Are Truck Driving Jobs in Demand? Understanding Why

Truck driving is a job in serious demand and will likely remain that way for a while. The American Trucking Association figures that the industry is short around 80,000 drivers. These in-demand jobs range from freight transportation to retail items, as interstate trucking has become the most reliable and popular way to distribute items of all kinds.

The Aging Workforce

Many truckers are looking at retiring soon or have recently retired. This is a significant reason for the current driver shortage. Considering that the job comes with some serious security and a good paycheck, it is no wonder many choose to stay in this career until retirement age. 

Like any industry, there have been times when fewer people joined the workforce. In transportation, employment naturally rises with economic expansion and declines with slowdowns. In these times, the demand for goods and transportation to move those goods falls.  

In the trucking industry, that most recent low point was in 2010. Because only a few people were joining the trucking industry then, there is now an age gap in workers, leading to a shortage coupled with the current retirements. 

The Growing Industry

While retirement is a major factor in making truck driving jobs in high demand, there is also simply a need for more truckers because of the growing industry. With the consistent rise of having goods shipped right to an individual’s door, there is an increasing need to get those goods across state lines quickly and safely. 

UPS is the largest trucking company in the United States, employing over 100,000 drivers. They are also consistently growing, with a clear upward trend marked by the beginning of the 2020 pandemic when drivers became essential to help keep the country running. This trend can be seen across many different trucking companies that deliver goods of various kinds, and it shows no intention of slowing down in the next several years.

COVID Stoppages and Changes

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt. That included many driver’s training programs. Companies across the country had to pause or limit recruits. It affected the number of drivers that were coming into the industry.

At the same time, COVID-19 saw a rise in e-commerce sales, one that created a higher demand for hauled freight. This has since become the norm for many, affecting the overall need for drivers long-term.

Is Now A Good Time to Become a Truck Driver?

Because of the current demand in the truck driving industry, now is a great time to switch careers. However, for several other reasons, now is the time to join this exciting industry.

Truck Driving: The Business That Keeps Growing

Now that you know the answer to “are truck driving jobs in demand,” you may wonder, “Well, are truck driving jobs in demand forever?” For anyone considering changing careers, it is essential to understand the prospects for long-term employment in the industry. 

In short, the answer is: yes. As of right now, it is expected that the employment of truck drivers will grow by 4% from 2021 to 2031. As an essential industry, job stability is available to all truck drivers.

Traveling Made Easy

Truck driving has always attracted those that love to travel. For many, it is far preferable to be on the open road all day instead of staring at a computer screen for hours each day. 

At one time traveling for work meant staying in motel rooms and calling from payphones. However, it is easier to travel more comfortably now. Sleeper cabs are more comfortable than ever, and staying in touch with loved ones at home is much easier. 

Training Is Fast and Accessible

For those just becoming interested in becoming a truck driver, a variety of programs can help guide you through the process. Truck Driving Insititute has been helping individuals get their CDL training since 1973 and is consistently staying updated on the changing trends and laws that affect graduates. TDI teaches the literal ability to drive trucks as well as:

  • How to update log books
  • Servicing your vehicle
  • How to plan for a long-haul trip
  • Reading maps
  • Pre-trip inspection knowledge
  • And much more!

TDI has an over 86% success rate and works directly with more than 20 carriers to ensure graduates can go straight from school to work. As a result, many TDI grads get offers from companies such as Amazon, Werner, Schneider, and others before they complete the training.

The ease with which someone can go from wondering, “are truck driving jobs in demand?” to becoming a paid driver in as little as three weeks is one reason now is a good time to join the industry.

Better Highway Infrastructure

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration has been investing in highway bridges. This not only means more jobs for truckers but also means easier driving long-term.

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