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Not only is truck driving an exciting career with plenty of opportunities for travel, but it can also help you become financially stable! Truck driving schools help you achieve financial freedom from the get-go, offering extensive fiscal support from scholarships to military benefits. Trucking companies also contribute, offering tuition reimbursement, an extremely competitive salary, and robust benefits packages, helping you to save up money fast and retire early. Read more to find out how a career in trucking can help you become financially stable today!

How Truck Driving Helps You Become Financially Stable

When you become financially stable, you are able to meet your own needs (and the needs of your household) consistently, causing you to worry less and live more comfortably. However, making enough money to cover your expenses is not the only key component of financial stability – avoiding debt, eliminating unnecessary expenses, and investing in your future are also crucial. Read on to learn how trucking driving can help you become financially stable in four key ways:

Financial Assistance on the Front-End

When you apply to earn your commercial driver’s license (CDL) from a school like Truck Driver Institute, our admissions office will help you find the scholarships and military benefits that are right for you. These grants and benefits will help you avoid debt and become financially stable sooner.

1. Scholarships and Grants

Trucking school scholarships are available at the federal, state, and local levels, giving you plenty of options for funding your education. Special demographic scholarships are also available for female and minority students. While it may be hard to know which scholarships you are eligible for, that’s where TDI’s admissions team comes in! We’ll determine which grants are right for you and help you apply.

2.Military Benefits

Many trucking schools offer military benefits in accordance with the GI Bill ® , making it easier for veterans to fund their CDL training. The GI Bill ® covers the cost of the Class A CDL test and also covers tuition for truck driving school.

3. Tuition Reimbursement

When you land your first big job offer post-graduation, there’s a good chance your company will offer tuition reimbursement. Ranging from partial repayment to $7,000, these reimbursements help you pay back loans and become financially stable sooner. 

Competitive Salary

Truck driving is one of the best-paying jobs around, though it often flies under the radar. While the average base salary is around $78,000, experienced drivers can earn up to $132,000 per year. With an over 80% job placement rate, trucking can help you become financially stable in no time (with job security and travel benefits to boot!). To make the most of your salary, it’s important to eliminate unnecessary expenses on the road. Packing your own food, avoiding speeding tickets, and looking out for CDL discounts can help you save money on the job. When you make a travel budget and stick to it, you can maximize your salary and keep more money in your pocket!

Robust Benefits Package

When you’re not worried about health care or retirement, you can drive more and worry less, helping both you and your family become financially stable. While every trucking company’s benefits package is a little different, here are some of the perks you can expect: 

1. Medical Insurance

Once you get hired, your company will likely partially or fully fund your health insurance, making it easy to get the medical help you need at half the cost. With prescription drug plans, short and long-term disability plans, and family programs covered by your employer, you’ll eliminate the need for expensive healthcare and become financially stable faster.

2. Dental Insurance

With routine preventive dental care included in your benefits package, your teeth can be sparkly and pain-free without costing you a dime.

3. Vision Insurance 

As a driver, your eyes are your biggest asset on the road. Your employer will help you protect them with complimentary vision insurance, keeping your eyes (and your wallet) in tip-top shape.

4. Mental Health Insurance

Though it’s often overlooked, mental health care is a key component of any benefits package, keeping you emotionally stable as well as financially stable.  In addition to stabilizing your mood and your checkbook, mental healthcare helps you drive safer, protecting yourself, your cargo, and other motorists.

5. Life Insurance

Life insurance is an investment not only in your future but also in your family’s future, ensuring that they remain financially secure in the event of a tragedy. 

Early Retirement

Truck driving not only helps you become financially stable, but it also helps you stay financially stable. The major way companies invest in your future is through 401(k) plans with company matches. A 401(k) plan helps you save for your retirement, and a company match means that your employer will contribute directly to your retirement fund. Most employers contribute around 50 cents for every dollar you set aside, almost doubling your savings. 

Become Financially Stable with the Help of TDI

As a truck driver, you can become financially stable faster. Not only do truckers receive a highly competitive starting salary, but companies also offer a variety of reimbursement and savings programs to help you manage your money. And with the help of Truck Driver Institute’s hands-on financial aid programs, you can discover which scholarships, grants, and benefits you are eligible for. This saves you money on the front-end, allowing you to reap more benefits on the back-end. From comprehensive retirement plans to complimentary insurance, there’s a lot to love about trucking, and TDI is here to help you get your foot in the door.

Discover the benefits of trucking for yourself with the help of TDI. Whether you have previous driving experience or you’re just starting out, TDI is here to jumpstart your career with the best CDL training around. With eleven training centers in eight different states, finding a local campus near you is easier than ever. Contact us today to learn more about our three-week CDL training program, and you’ll become financially stable in no time!

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